Ringing the Bells for Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton’s funeral was held on Saturday, July 14, 1804 at Trinity Church. Thomas Collister, the sexton at Trinity, was tasked with tolling the bells for the late general. These documents, which would be routine if not for Hamilton’s prominence and tragic death, show the City of New York paying Mr. Collister nine dollars for his work.

Alexander Hamilton funeral accounts. 1804. New-York Historical Society

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OK i LOVE that there are still lgbt characters in your muslim au like you have no idea how happy that makes me everyone loves to forget that we exist but!!!!! we do!!!!!

thank you i totally agree! lgbt muslims should be respected and represented and not interrogated about our belief systems just by virtue of existing!!

also just for ref wrt to the au, alex and angie are bi, peggy and anita cosway are lesbians, herc and jack laurens are/were gay, teresa is trans and bi. also u all should ask me abt alex and eliza’s kids bc there are six of them - i combined a few and changed all their names to better fit with the au but yeah!!

here’s the list: rahim (rip), aamina, adil, kamal, ghadir, and rabi’a. 8 was too many i’m sorry


Recently added to the collection is an Atlas of Massachusetts from 1890. The atlas is a preliminary edition of the maps including the area of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which were prepared in 1884 by the United States Geological Survey in cooperation with the Commissioners of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. There are fifty-four maps, all on the scale of about one inch to one mile. 

The brown contour lines mean-tide level. They are at vertical intervals of twenty feet.The maps were done for the U.S. Geological Survey and therefore omitted are all detached country houses, as well as indication of the difference between forests and cleared fields, which are recorded on the original manuscript.