I now present, a hypothetical situation;

RANDOM CUSTOMER: Excuse me, miss, but that sign says updog is in stock. What is updog-?
ENID: *slowly looks up from magazine in shock* Oh my go-RAD! GO GET MR. GAR IT HAPPENED!
RAD: AW MAN IT HAPPENED!!!! *runs away*
K.O: *pops out from behind counter* IT HAPPENED?!?!?
ENID: *throwing magazine to ground* YES IT HAPPENED!!!!
RANDOM CUSTOMER: I’m sorry but what-?
MR. GAR: *bursts through the wall with Rad under his arm, lands on the counter and points at the customer* NOT MUCH WHATS UP WITH YOU


Warnings: Partial nudity. It’s a long one, but a fluffy one.

You knew better, really, you did. But when Erik asked for you to see him you almost had to say yes.

It had been a year since Cuba and all the while you’ve been stuck in your head thinking about that day, and how you lost two of your dearest friends.

Charles had since been sinking more and more into a bitter state. He was still devastated by losing his ability to walk, moreover, the fact that he lost Raven to a racist cause. And then Erik, well, he had The Brotherhood, along with Raven.

He didn’t give you many clues as to where he was, but he knew you could find him without a hint. He was in the middle of Canada, of all places, he was hiding out in the wilderness of Canada. It somehow made sense, but you still found it kind of ridiculous. Also, Raven hated the cold. You chuckled at the thought of her shivering and complaining endlessly.

You told Charles that you needed to get away for a while, take a break and breath a little. Charles was suspicious but gave you his permission. Even if he wanted to know what you were doing, you were too headstrong to let Charles in. He’s always been concerned about you but this time around it felt especially wrong. Yet, he let you go knowing you would’ve gone regardless.

You flew into New York City and stayed there a day, though you didn’t take a chance to look around. You the flew into Toronto, then flew to Calgary, took a train to Edmonton then made your way into the forest by foot. Was it really worth all this hassle to him? Probably not.

You found yourself in front of a fallen tree, a very large fallen tree. So large, you couldn’t even climb over it. Out of the corner of your eye you saw a spark of red, then another spark on the other side. You were then pegged to the muddy ground you looked up and frowned. “Nice to see you too, Azaezel.”

“Azaezel, back off!” Looking over his shoulder you saw Angel. “C'mon we don’t have time for this.” “Azaezel shook his head and got up, not bothering to give you hand.

“Someone’s a little bitter,” you said.

“He’s just been cranky from the cold weather,” Angel shrugged. “Why are you here?”

Angel’s sudden change of tone caught you off gaurd. She’s always been a sort of back-talker but this was different. She had walls up and didn’t exactly scream friendly.

“Erik asked to seem,” you spoke plainly.

Angel and Azaezel looked at each other. You could see them debate with their eyes. “Okay, if Erik wants to see then he’ll see you,” Angel nodded.

“If you’re lying you’ll be sorry,” Azaezel growled.

Angel punched him in the arm, “shut up and take is back.”

With that, you grabbed onto Angel’s hand as she linked her own to Azaezel. A flash in your vision came before you only to find yourself in what seemed to be an underground shelter. You looked around to see a few tents full of cots and blankets, one of which you saw Banshee’s foot poking out, sleeping as always. A small fire pit with a lot hanging over it and a bunch of groceries in a cooler Azaezel probably stole from any market he could teleport to. There were stacks of bottled water and a small wooden table with chairs. The ground was scattered with magazines and playing cards, and the occasional empty shampoo bottle.

“Hmm,” you groaned.

“What?” Angel frowned at you.

“Filthy,” you said. Angel rolled her eyes,“dont I know it.”

“(Y/n)?” You heard a voice call. “(Y/n). Oh my god, you’re here!”

“Raven!” You ran to one another, hugging each other as if life depended on it.

“I’ve missed so much,” she sobbed into your shoulder.

“I’ve missed you too, I’ve missed you so much,” you said back.

“Erik’ s been waiting for you, come on.” Raven grabbed your wrist and led you further down the tunnel, the walls turning from clay and dirt to metal before coming to a metallic door. “Erik, open up, she’s here.” The door then creaked open into to a dark room.

Before you could take a step Raven gave your wrist a tug, “hey, before you go in there… how’s Charles?” You looked into her eyes, seeing pure greif, “He misses you. A lot.” You walked into the metal room leaving Raven both relieved and sad.

As you walked in the space around you got colder than it was before, so much so you lightly began to shiver. The lighting was dim. Honestly, you were impressed there was any light here. You must’ve been a few dozen feet under ground, at least. You looked around but Erik was no where to be found. You sat in a small chair in the corner, twiddling your thumbs in wait.

You waited for perhaps ten minutes or so before the tall, slender silhouette of a man crept through another door. He looked tired, maybe a little hungry, but as handsome as ever.

You stood up from your seat as he stalked his way to you, a smile slowly appearing from his lips. He comes to a calm stop, inches away from you.

“Erik,” you whispered.

“Darling,” he said.

He took your cheeks into his palms and softly kissed you, “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too, lovely.

“Come,” he said, intertwining his fingers into yours. He took you to a twin bed on the other side of the room. You sat down on the edge of the mattress. Erik followed suit. You rested your head on his shoulder as Erik wrapped his arms around your body and began to rock back and forth. You sat quietly together, soaking in one another’s warmth for the first time in almost three hundred and sixty-five days. You breathed in his earthy scent and nuzzled yourself deeper into his embrace.

“What took you so long?”

“There was a giant log in my way. I’ve given up my powers for a while.”

“Mmm.” Erik wasn’t one to argue when it came to your mutant abilities. He never wanted to cause any trouble with you, only love and hold you endlessly.

“You look tired, lovely.”

“Exhausted,” he sighed.

“But you look as good as ever.”

He chuckled to your comment, “you’ve never looked more beautiful.”

You blushed, “thank you.”

Erik paused for a moment and gulped, “how’s Charles?”

“He’s getting by, still hurting a little.”

Erik gulped again, “I see.”

“We don’t have to discuss it,” you assured.

“I know…”

Another silence fell between you. You sighed and nuzzled yourself even deeper, closing whatever space was left.

Erik kissed your forehead, trailed down your jawline and to your neck. You inhaled to his lips touching you there after such a long time. He guided you to lay on the bed, your whole body resting as he hovered over. He slowly kissed your collarbone, unbuttoned part of your shirt and kissed your chest, then trailed back up to your lips.

“Oh, darling, how I’ve missed you,” he murmured.

“I’ve been yearning for you, lovely.”

You flipped yourself over, sitting on top of him. Your fingers teasingly played with the hemline of his shirt. He peeled his shirt off. You lighly kissed your way from his chest to his nose. You then passionately pressed you lips against his. He was about to pull you in closer before you broke it apart. Looking into his eyes you caressed your fingers upon his face and through his hair, kissing him once more. 

Erik tugged on your sleeve, “I want to feel your skin, darling.”

Slowly, you unbuttoned and stripped yourself of your shirt and bra, then laid your head to his bare chest, feeling his heartbeat rise against your body. You were no longer cold, rather wrapped in the warmth of your true love’s arms. You laid there for what seemed like hours, reveling in the moment.

Erik became fidgety.

You looked to him, “what’s wrong?”

“I don’t want this to end.”

“I never want it to be over,” you sighed.

“When will you go back?”

“I said I’d be gone for a while.”

“Then stay a while, darling.”

“Of course, lovely.”

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Vincent Bauer x Reader - Feeling you Part 1[SMUT]

My first fanfiction’s about Norman Reedus’ character in Air (2015).

Maybe this won’t be the only one fic about him I’ll write.

Hope you like it babies ♥

WARNING: EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT (Oral [Reader receiving], a little bit of daddy kink because I’m an horrible person)


Originally posted by reedusnorman

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‘Wild Imagination’ - model: Anja Leuenberger - art direction & photography: Ryan Yoon - hair: Kiri Yoshiki - make-up: Aki Maekuboo - casting: Jorge Morales - The Ground Magazine S/S14

  • “Society has called her many names: girl-next-door, romantic, lucky, slut, whore, and opportunistic.  Nobody knew how much pain and suffering she had to endure to get where she is now.  Even the people closest to her would not understand and cannot be trusted.  In the end, which image of her would everyone see?

anonymous asked:

Any tips for writing guns + gun scenes ?

Guns are ranged weapons.

No, really, people forget this one a lot. A gun, whether it’s a pistol, a rifle, or a gattling gun, is meant to be used at range. If the opposing person is within eight to ten feet from the person with the gun and the gun is still in its holster, they won’t have time to clear it before they’re reached. The advantage of the gun is distance. If your character is using their gun at close range, then they are making a mistake. If your character is pressing a semi-automatic pistol against another character’s body, then they are (usually) going to be disabling the pistol. On most semi-automatics, pressing the slide back will unseat the battery (the chamber that holds the bullet about to be fired), and it will temporarily disable the weapon.

This is actually one of the main issues with the gun as a self-defense weapon. Most self-defense situations happen within the eight foot range, usually within grabbing distance. Reaching for the gun first is a great way to get killed if they’re too close.

The gun is not some ultimate god weapon or instant win button. In all it’s types, they very effective and dangerous. However, like any weapon, they also come with disadvantages and situations where they don’t shine. This is the main reason for training with and carrying different kinds of guns, and also different kinds of weapons such as knives and training in hand to hand.

There are many different kinds of guns and they all come with their own quirks

“Guns” is a very broad term for a very large variety of weapons. When I say it, I usually think of semi-automatic pistols but really if you’re also thinking assault rifle, shotgun, black powder pistol, machine gun, or blunderbuss, you wouldn’t be wrong. This is long before we leave general categories and get into sub categories like compact, sub compact, automatic, semi-automatic, pump action, and different manufacturer. Many writers (including me when I’m lazy) will use terms like “gun”, “pistol”, or “rifle” to convey a general term and, you know, that works with characters how have no idea how to tell a Glock 17 from a Colt 1911 to a Smith & Wesson. However, if you’re writing a character who owns a gun, then they should probably know what it is.

There’s a wide range of variety amongst the different manufacturers. Not all pistols will carry the same amount of ammunition. Different manufacturers are popular in different areas of the country. While the Glocks are very popular amongst law enforcement groups in the United States, for example, each precinct has their own preferred standard. It varies, sometimes wildly.

So, do your homework.

You want to write about characters using guns, then you need to research them. Find out how they work, find out how to care for them, find out different scuttlebutt, research the different pistols you see characters using in movies and television shows. Research the history behind those weapons, see if the production staff has ever offered up any particular information on why they picked those particular ones and not others. You can use a character’s choice in their weapons to communicate character traits and their combat preferences. Source the real world information on it. That way, you can make executive decisions and you sound more like you know what you’re talking about. (You do!)

Besides, you’ll never know if you never look. One part of being a writer is the acceptance of being a student. Go through gun manuals at your library. Learn about the different kinds. Visit a gun range. Take a few lessons. You don’t ever have to like guns or approve of them, but you should make an effort to figure them out. (Yes, some handguns have a safety that’s a button, some have a switch, and some don’t have them at all.)

Never fire until it’s empty

Continuously firing until you run out of ammunition is a Hollywood trope and a mistake made by people who don’t know how guns work. You don’t drive your car until it runs out of gas. Don’t get caught trying to shoot someone with an empty gun. Also, save those magazines for later, don’t just toss them on the ground, bullets, and magazines, are expensive to replace.

Count your bullets

Your characters can’t really keep track of their enemy’s bullets (and if you’re writing from their perspective you shouldn’t either honestly, not having a full picture of what what the enemy is doing keeps them worrying and tension high), but they should try to keep in mind how many they have.

One bullet is not enough

If you’re going to shoot someone, then shoot them several times. This usually means three to five times to center mass, or until they stop moving. A single bullet is not a guarantee that they are out of the fight. People are durable, they can take quite a bit of punishment and keep going. Guns are not magic, neither are bullets. So, don’t get cocky.

The sign of skill is not in how few bullets a character needs to get their job done, it’s in how efficiently they work and how well they cover their ass. Their ability to close off alternate avenues, to lock their opponent into a predictable path, and finish them off at minimal risk to themselves. A character who is ignoring basic procedure because they think the rules don’t apply to them is an idiot. Yes, the rules still apply to them. Yes, they should probably shoot that guy or girl several times to make sure he’s/she’s down. If they aren’t doing that, then there should probably be consequences.

The bullets have to end up somewhere

So, where are they? Bullets will continue to travel until they hit something. A responsible shooter tries to ensure they don’t hit someone unintended in the process. Bullets go through walls, car doors, and plenty of other objects. Fire randomly into a crowd and you will hit someone, though probably not the one you wanted. Blow through and overpenetration are real issues. Shoot someone with the big ass hand cannon and you may end up hitting someone in the next room. It could be a friend, family member, or random stranger. Manslaughter is still manslaughter. If your character is going to shoot at a burglar, it’s best if they don’t accidentally murder the neighbor’s cat. (Or their neighbor.)

This is all a really fun way of saying: not only do accidents happen, there’s a element of random chance at play no matter who you are. As the writer try to keep track of ammunition spent and where it landed.

Don’t shoot into the sky

What goes up, must come down. Falling bullets can still kill you, protagonist or not, or anyone close to you. This is a real problem that affect real (stupid) gun owners in real life who have watched too many action movies.

If you must fire a warning shot then, please, aim at the ground. It’s safer. Shrapnel will still be a problem and the bullet could bounce, but at least your character has some idea of which direction it went.

Go to a gun range

I didn’t really become comfortable with writing guns until Starke took me shooting. Not until I actually held one (several, actually) in my hands. Practicing on different ones really hammers in the idea that they don’t all feel the same or fire the same, and how loud they are.

In the end, the best teacher is experience. Now, there may be extenuating circumstances for why you personally can’t do this but it’s something everyone should consider.

The best way to develop skill at writing about anything is to learn about it and go in with an open mind. Make an effort. You will be rewarded with knowledge.


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i loved the kandriel rivalry!! do you think you could do a continuation with everyone's reaction to kevin's tweet?

yes ofc!! i realised after i’d posted the original post that i’d done pretty much everything except what the other anon had asked,, so here’s the actual answer to the press’ & the world in general’s response to kandreil going public :^)

  • honestly when kevin first sends the picture and christmas tweet no one “official” really thinks anything of it
  • (and the ones who do are quickly shut up by their editors)
  • heteronormativity is still The Thing
  • and polyamory?? just doesn’t exist at all really
  • at least in the public eye

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Ajin Week Day One

Day 1: The Fool / favourite character / Lily

Upright, The Fool can mean beginnings, innocence, spontaneity, a free spirit
Yellow lilies symbolize thankfulness and desire for enjoyment.

Ever wonder why Satou likes Speedrunner so much? (Takes place before the events of the third OVA)

Hope you enjoy whatever I just made, hopefully tomorrow will be slightly better quality wise and publishinng time wise.

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The Sakamaki, Mukami react to their S/o finding their porn

Mia: pls give credit to @ask-ayato-sama she is really good with scenario ^_^


You decided to tidy up Shu room since he was busy with something. As you was cleaning his room you notice a yellow box and without thinking you open the box and saw porn magazines and picture of naked women. You felt mad that Shu have porn

“What are you doing?” You turn and saw Shu with a blank face and he look at what your holding before smirking and he took out of something from his pocket before showing to you. It was a picture of you….. naked…

“Such a lewd women” he walk over to you and whisper in your ear

“Let take more picture~”

Reiji pov

You was helping Reiji with a chemistry project and Reiji ask you to go get something in his room. You went into his room and try to look for the item he ask until you check under his bed and notice a medium size black box. You knew that Reiji keep secret and you wanted to know what is his secret. You open the box and saw… lot of porn magazines….. before you could do anything Reiji appear next to you and grab the box from your hand

“Who told you that you can open it?”

“Why do you have porn magazines Reiji?” His face turn red and he look away

“T-this is for experiment I was planning to burned these magazines”

“So you brought them?”

“No I got this from a student” he grab your hand before dragging you to his experiment room to get rid of evidence


You was walking toward Ayato room when Ayato bump into you. You two both fell to the ground

“Oi watch where you going Chichinashi!?” You look at the ground and notice porn magazines around you. You must have knock the magazines out of his hand on accident

“Hey Ayato what with the porn magazines?” Ayato face turn red before gathering up the magazines

“These our Laito not mine!” Ayato disappear and you shrug before going back to your room


You never though Kanato would have porn magazines of women naked… You was in his room cleaning up the toys when you check the drawer and saw dirty magazines.

“What are you doing?” Kanato look at you and porn magazines before grabbing them from your hand

“WHO TOLD YOU TO LOOK AT MY STUFF!?” Kanato push you on the ground and stare at you with a smile

“Maybe [Name]-chan want to be punish”

Laito- you should know that Laito watch porn and he would show you porn


You decided to take a walk around the mansion when you passed by Subaru room you hearing moaning? You snuck in Subaru room and saw him watching porn……… Subaru turn and look at you his face turn red

“L-laito is making me watch this!” That was definitely a lie. Subaru stood up and push you against a wall

“You should of stay out of my room” Subaru bit your neck after he say that


Ruki eyes twitch as he saw you holding up his porn magazine. Ruki snatch the magazine from you

“Don’t touch my things livestock” Ruki walk away and headed toward the fire place to burned the evidence


You stare at the women in magazine who was naked but wearing cat ear while Kou watch you.

“Ummm” Kou smile wide before taking the magazine from you

“M neko-chan is naughty to be looking at something like that~” Kou pin you to the floor

“Let play M neko-chan~”


You was in Yuma room messing around when you saw a magazine sitting on top of his shelf. You grab it and saw lot of naked women

“Oi sow I made some salad with our vegetable I grew” Yuma notice you with magazine and he drop his plate before snatching the magazine out of your hand. His face was red and he threw the magazine in garbage

“Oi d-don’t go through people things”

“Sorry” Yuma smirk before pulling you close to me

“If you want to look through people things than I will make sure I look through you”


“Eve what this?” Azusa show you a porn magazine and your face turn red before throwing it in trash

“Is it bad….?”

“Yes very bad Azusa”

  • [Fudou’s laying on the ground, lazily reading a magazine when Yagen stomps in]
  • Yagen: Fudou, could you tell me why there’s a half-empty cup of amazake on my futon?
  • Fudou: Cuz’ I’m not done drinking that. [Takes the cup]
  • Yagen: And look at what I found in the dojo, not the hamper. Someone’s “I <3 Oda Nobunaga” panties.
  • Fudou: I hate that word!
  • Yagen: PANTIES!
  • Fudou: AAAAGH! [Covers ears]

byaakko  asked:

nerd kagami (with cute ass glasses) is just strolling along lost in thought when he bumps into punk aomine and his punk (gom) friends and kagami's glasses fall off from the impact, and when he realized he bumped into someone apologizes profusely and aomine is like oh shit this guy is really cute and apparently so does all his friends and so aomine is like shit i gotta get this boy first and picks up his glasses and is like no problem i havent seen u before wanna hang out?

The chatter of the university grounds was a dim in Kagami’s mind, his thoughts straying to the contents of his fridge as he idly skimmed through the cooking magazine in his hand, pushing up his glasses with the other.

Hmm…I know I have garlic, but do I have onions? Do I even need onions to make pasta?

He was so deep in his culinary thinking he missed when a particular group of students ambled near him. He missed their playful squabbling and one of them happily shoving another, until he stumbled just in front of Kagami and the redhead rammed into him head on.

It was like hitting a telephone pole. Kagami stumbled back and landed hard on his ass, his glasses clattering to the ground and his magazine skittering away.

He blinked up to see the last person he was expecting to see. A man with sharp navy eyes looked down at him and a pierced eyebrow raised in surprise. His friends looked on curiously, their multi-coloured hair not very hard to miss.

Aomine Daiki. Only one of the most troublemaking students on campus. And Kagami had slammed right into him. Kagami swallowed, but it was his fault. He hadn’t been looking where he was going. He wasn’t going to cower though. He’d apologise, and be on his way. And hopefully not get beaten up. “Sorry, that was totally my bad-”

Aomine blinked, and to Kagami’s surprise, got down on his knees and picked up Kagami’s glasses. “…ah, no…s-sorry… I should’ve been looking too.”

Kagami wasn’t the only one shocked at the apology. Aomine’s blonde friend nudged a short boy with blue hair. “Did Aominecchi just…apologise?”

Aomine had, in fact, apologised. He couldn’t believe it himself. The moment he had laid eyes on that face, the moment he had seen those deep red eyes and smelt a faint trace of sandalwood soap, he knew something had happened.

And now he was looking right into those bewitching eyes, and those forked eyebrows raised in astonishment.

Ahh…he’s really cute…

Aomine spotted the cooking magazine and handed it over. “You cook?”

Kagami stared back, unsure what to make of the situation. “Um, yes…” Is he going to make fun of me?

“Cool,” Aomine stood up and held out his hand. Dark tattoos peeked out from the sleeve of his jacket. “I haven’t seen you around before. Wanna hang out?”

Kagami took the offered hand. The grip was warm, strong. He didn’t know what he was getting himself into, but he was pretty new to the area and although Aomine didn’t look like good company, he sure seemed like a nice and decent guy. “Uh, why not?”

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