Storm chaser prepping for the 2017 season shared this magnificent video of a 2016 tornado they spotted in Kansas.


another meme i won’t finish: movies [10 of ∞] → the great gatsby
Stocks reached record peaks, and Wall Street boomed a steady golden roar. The parties were bigger, the shows were broader, the buildings were higher, the morals were looser, and the ban on alcohol had backfired. Making the liquor cheaper. Wall Street was luring the young and ambitious, and I was one of them.

Aaah gosh finally I got this done!!!

Drew @unu-nunu-art‘s Template and Pale, their version of Swap!Error and Swap!Ink receptively! And gosh I love these two! The design is a nice merge of who they were swapped with but also giving their own twist to it, and their personalities reflect that merge as well! 

Decided to do a single color cell shade since any more than that seemed to make it feel cluttered o-o


Slow motion wave, California Coastline