Frostbitten - Epilogue

TITLE OF STORY: Frostbitten
AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Drama/Erotica
FIC SUMMARY: King Loki of Jötunheim is in negotiations with the Allfather to broker an uneasy peace between the two realms. His last request, a request made simply to offend the proud Asgardian, is for the Allfather to offer up one of his citizens to be the Frost Giant’s bride.
FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: Beta’d by ladyaudiophile. Here we are, at the end of the story… Thank you so much for reading and sending me your feedback. I appreciate it so much. xoxox

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The blinding flash of the Bifrost illuminated the rocky outcrops of Jotunheim, depositing the Allfather and a few of his delegates on the outskirts of Utgard. The Asgardian contingent travelled unheeded to the shining citadel, looking about them curiously at the lack of snow on the ground, finding themselves overdressed in the muggy warmth of the Jotunheim summer.

“Allfather, to what do I own this honour?” Loki welcomed his visitors from his throne, his white haired Jotun queen to his right.

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Really quick update, then I have to study and sleep!

  • Just came back from the announcement viewing with a bunch of the guys. We get along so well, and I’m extremely relieved there’s no weirdness or pressure in that type of situation. They’re all amazing, really down to earth, and I just feel free to say whatever pops in my mind in that environment. Love it there, even though none of them touched my paleo brownies. #offended (Little do they know I saran-wrapped the leftovers in the fridge, muahaha.)
  • I posted an ironic ab shot on insta yesterday and a couple guys who I normally don’t keep in touch with pounced. And I just got a shirtless snapchat from one that I resisted opening for 24 hours. Oh boy. Please nothing more graphic. Let’s keep it pg, friends.
  • My other guy friend (not an athlete) and I decided we were studying together today. He definitely read more into it than my oblivious self and when he suggested we move somewhere quieter, I went along without sensing where those intentions were. Needless to say as I was complaining about being sore, he offered a massage and I froze up and said something stupid about how much work I had left very nonchalantly. Handled it well in the moment- and so did he- but I felt so dumb. Ugh. He’s one of those guys who needs a really, really nice girlfriend, because I’d squash him like a bug and probably resent his niceness in the future. I need someone- when I need someone- it’s going to be someone who isn’t afraid to push back. Yet the only type of guys who like me seem to be the crushable ones.
  • This being said, I don’t want a relationship. No no no no no. That all looks way too complicated from where I’m sitting right now. How do people even start to bounce from one to the next? Not that I’m judging, I just can’t relate. Ah, crazy.
  • We had a pediatric oncologist come in today for bioethics and she was the coolest person ever. Went to Australia to pick up a Masters in Bioethics before going for her residency, and is now finishing a fellowship further specifying in blood and bone cancers. Her stories were wild- definitely Grey’s plot-line worthy- and definitely opened up my eyes to different aspects of pediatrics, not just neonatology. I’m excited! Definitely going to shoot her an e-mail just to keep in touch because I love fascinating people.
  • 15.2 tomorra! I think my score on this last year sucked immensely, so no pressure going in. J and I were talking about how we’d love to get into round 14, but we’ll see how our C2Bs hold up. He can butterfly, whereas I’ll just be swinging on the bar hoping for the best. 50’s a lot, period. Good luck, guys! And for those this workout doesn’t favor, hang in there. <33

The X-Files + Polaroids


I have waited half my life.


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Fancast meme: Firefly → 1 of 8 alternate universe premises

1920s - “So, what are we doing?” “Crime!”

After fighting in the trenches of the Great War, Malcolm Reynolds and Zoe Washburne open a restaurant in Manhattan. Serenity’s a bit dingy and a lot disreputable-looking, but it is a front for a speakeasy and other not-so-legal enterprises. Jayne Cobb’s intimidatin’ person makes public relations a breeze, and no one on the East Coast is half the getaway driver Hoban “Wash” Washburne is. Kaylee Frye’s young, but she’s a genius when comes to keeping Serenity running. Good thing too, no one else has a clue how restaurants and speakeasies work. Inara Serra lends the operation some respectability. Can’t be too bad a place if you’ve got a talented jazz singer, right? Things get a little complicated when the Tam siblings come crashing through with the Bureau of Investigation hot on their heels. Simon gave up a glittering surgical career to break River out of a fancy government-funded boarding school upstate. He says they were messing with her mind. Whether or not that’s true, she’s definitely a bit in the way of Zelda Fitzgerald. It’s a heap of trouble, but the crew doesn’t have to explain gunshot wounds to nosy nurses anymore. For some reason, Derrial Book’s hanging around, and he knows an awful lot about shady folk and their ways for a pastor. Not much they can do about that: the guy’s a real help. Still, it ain’t easy. Plans never go smooth and it’s a bit too easy to catch a bullet between the eyes, especially when everyone in town thinks you’re a man of honor in a den of thieves. But at the end of the day, after they’ve outrun cops and outgunned competition, they still got Serenity. It ain’t much, but it’s enough.