Yes, it is I. Shui Ta and Shen Te, I am both.

Your first decree

To be good and to live

Split me, like lightning, in two. I

Don’t know how it happened: to be good to others

And to myself was not possible for me,

to help others, and myself, was too hard.

Ah, your world is hard. Too much need, too much despair!

The hand you extend to the poor

is torn from your arm! Help the lost,

and you’re lost yourself. Who

Can long avoid evil, when people eat, and there’s no food?

Where could I find everything that was needed? Only

From out of myself! But in doing good, I died!

The burden was too much, it buried me alive.

Then when I did evil, I was respected, feared, I

Ate very well. Something is wrong with your world.

Oh, in me there’s a great yearning to be rich and spoiled.

But there’s a secret knowledge, too. My foster mother

Washed me with gutter water, and

From that I got my sharp eye. Pity hurt me so terribly,

I fell into ravening anger, the minute I saw misery.

Then I felt myself change, my lips curled back,

My teeth became fangs. The good word tasted

Like ash in my mouth. I would like to have been

The angel of the outskirts, very much. I lusted to give.

A pleasant face and I walked on air.

Condemn me: All my crimes

I did to help my neighbors

To love my lover and

To save my child from want.

For your great plans, oh Gods,

This person was too poor and too small.

—  Bertolt Brecht, The Good Person of Szechwan (trans. Kushner)

13th august 2015// after a quite stressful day (school was okay, but I had to help in the household) I was happy none of the homework I wrote on my little post-its and put on the “homework” page in my bullet journal has to be done for tomorrow! BUT I was in the gym again, so I am really proud of myself :) my bf did convince me, after 2 weeks of don’t feeling like lifting >-<~ you can see my new reading for my german class on the top, it sounds quite interesting, I’ll have to annotate it during next week. (The Good Person of Szechwan from Bracht)

I hope you have a great day!