get to know me meme: [3/10] tv shows » true detective (2014)
“Death created time to grow the things that it would kill.”  


Me on a date:     So, do you ever watch that show ‘Castle’?

Him:                    God no. That old rom-com rubbish just …

Me:                     *stares and stares*

Him:                    *sighs and hands me the breadsticks*

Oh my god damn god.

Homme is dragging the show out as some sort of extended foreplay, a buildup for a “SEXY” interview

Am i crazy to think that sounded like a hint of an announcement?

I can’t even watch TV!! Like every little emotion people are portraying on any show makes its way into me and uuuuugghhhhHh. Oh ur crying?? Lemme cry too!!! Oh ur nervous?? Lemme just get all shakey and sweaty and nervous too!!! I AM NOT GOING TO TODAY WATCH A MURDER SHOW GOD FORBID

how to make people go from “this show sucks dicks, why am i even watching this shit” to "omfg this show is the best thank god it got renewed please give me more” in less then a year: a novel by teen wolf

“haha youre dumb for pickin’ up this popular phrase from a show/movie/book/comic!!!”

?? most of my vocabulary was taught to me by sound and readin’ and when i read/hear a word enough it intigrates into my head and because part of my vocabulary

i dont get why this is so dumb to you

I’m so mad about frankston?? I didn’t even care about that ship but oh my god this show is so stupid. This further proves my point that the writers are no longer concerned about high school experiences and inspirational messages and they’re more interested in getting as many characters paired off and kissing as possible.
You know what we could’ve done with this ship instead of having them get back together?
• we could’ve gotten miles involved. He could’ve had to protect Frankie from his former best friend. This could’ve strengthened their relationship.
• We could’ve gotten Hunter involved too. Hunter could’ve made a scene at school bc he was so hurt by what Winston did to Frankie bc Frankie is such a good sister and was there for Hunter during the Arlene situation.
• we could’ve actually continued the “I don’t wanna forgive a cheater like my mom” plot WHICH I THOUGHT THEY WERE GOING TO and have her talk to her mom and have a seriously sad moment where the mom realizes that her daughter is going through the same pain she is and she’s her little baby girl.