Ben only barely registered the dull thump of Hux’s bag hitting the ground, the softer plop of the hat, before they collided, chest to chest, and long, lean arms curled firmly around his torso, sneaking under his jacket, fingers clutching at the back of his shirt…and then Hux’s mouth found his in a kiss that didn’t feel like a welcome treat but like a fucking necessity, as if Hux couldn’t live without doing that, without kissing Ben mid-stride, in the middle of the airport, for all the world to see.

a commission i did for @sinningsquire and @obsessions-and-dreams of a scene from their fic Thinking About You. go check it out!!

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You know what needs to be talked about more?

Fuckin dragon trainer Newt.

Newt working with the biggest dragons there are and giving them names like Harold, Tom and Sally.

Newt who becomes LEGENDARY among later dragon trainers. Using positive reinforcement, bonding with and getting to know them, having the healthiest and best trained dragons on the front and focusing on his scaly babies to try and forget what they’re being used for.

Even years later Charlie Weasley is telling stories about it like “no you don’t get it they say he slept in the dragon caves and the dragons LET HIM. He bonded with them in a way no one knows how to replicate!!”

A picture of Newt Scamander. With his hair cut short and his eyes shadowed and dark from lack of sleep, still grinning ear to ear with three massive dragons nearly bowling him over with affectionate headbutts.


Dragonmaster Newt


What Alyssa Edwards, Ginger Minj, and Katya would be like if they had their own knitting circle. 

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