My photo series #WhereWeDance is all about celebrating the fact that as dancers we never stop dancing, no matter where we are or what we are doing! 

When everyone else is walking we dance. Dancers cross the street in style!

The Pedestrian Dancer ft. Caitlin Riane Golding for Rince & Repeat’s #WhereWeDance.

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“The grass is so lush and green…”

“Oh, yeah! It reminds me of my old ghillie suit. Er- ah, I mean! My old grouch suit! You know! Oscar the Grouch! That’s totally a thing! I had a little Oscar costume when I was a kid, but this grass just made me remember it! …For some reason, being around you keeps making me drop my guard lower and lower.”

It looks to me like she had a really good time.


The Rust Queen, Of The London Court

Queen of the Fae Court hidden beneath muggle London, the London Court, and her home is buried further beneath the city even than the Ministry of Magic’s sub-levels, and relies almost entirely on bioluminescent fungi and illuminating potions for lighting. Fae of the court have an almost unique resistance to iron, much more powerful than that seen by some Unseelie Fae, and none match the degree of immunity present in their ruler, the Rust Queen, who is known for wearing rusted and partially rusted coils of iron wire, cable and rebar as jewellery, as well as iron nails and common jewellery. The Rust Queen herself has an interesting combination of Coblynau, Fire Fae, Earth Fae, Ljósálfar and Ghillie Dhu heritage which combine to give her her her particular curious skin tone - dark and metallic with visible gold and silver veins which catch the light. The influence of the protective Coblynau and the caring nature of Ghillie Dhu and Earth Fae also affect her nature, in that she is one of very few Fae to open her court to part Fae children in order to help those with conflicting heritages.

The Rust Court is found deep beneath London, but is accessible through a Fae Gate at the closed Aldwych Tube Station, should one touch the tube map there while holding a rowan twig. Despite the relative ease with which one my plausibly access the court its protections are great, as many of the Fae at the court have some degree of Earth Fae heritage, allowing them to tap into the rock and soil around them. For none is this more true than the Rust Queen herself, who has, according to the stories of her court, woven the metal veins of her skin through the caverns of the court in order to protect them. These magics, it is said, are in triplicate, which may explain the odd triple-asking the queen is known to do, often asking those who come to entreat the court for aid “Why do you come to us, what would you ask of us, what do you bring us, you who disturbs our peace?”

The court is largely peaceable, despite their strained relationships with the other courts who find their proximity to both humans and iron to be nonsensical and dangerous. Due to this the court gains a good deal of what it requires from the surface through trades with Goblins and wixes, usually exchanging their magical aid, or the metals the find in their caverns that they do not care for for sunlight potions, pieces of rusted iron, ways to rust iron, and plants be they fresh or dried, edible or poisonous or medicinal. The courts appreciation for the danger iron can bring is more accurately described as an appreciation of the strength required to withstand it, and on the rare occasions that the leaders of the various courts do meet the Rust Queen almost always arrives wearing her namesake, in defiance of the other courts. One of the few things the court does not operate in defiance of, however, is the protectiveness of names, however where most Fae royalty select a name to go by the Rust Queen remains solely that, the Rust Queen, answering only to the title. Her rigidity to certain Fae rules can seem bizarre when compared to others - she does not, for example, fear iron - but she has ruled her Court successfully for more than fifty years, and shows no sign of weakening or being beaten by a would-be successor.

(Image Source)

(The Rust Queen is utterly my invention, and one of the only posts on this blog I would like people to ask permission before referencing or using. Of all the creatures I do invent here, please do not use the Rust Queen without first asking me. Image commissioned from the wonderful @lyannamartells, along with the already posted Blibbering Humdinger and the soon-to-be-posted Double-Ended Newt. You may also see this image on their blog Here, and you may learn of @lyannamartells commission details Here. I hate that I have to include this but PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE IMAGE SOURCE OR MY CAPTION.) 


Colin and Gnollbard talk about your favorite monsters, spooks, and nasty guys that inhabit your fantasy settings. This week we talk about DRYADS!

- Most Fan Fiction is better than Greek Myth
- If you were a Treent wood you leaf your roots behind?
- Creepy Satanic Bush Goblins
- Castlevania
- Giant Chompy Mouth Plants

Join us next time for TENGU!

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All Ghillied Up

from “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare” (2007)

Probably one of the best chapter openings in the franchise. It establishes the setting, the role of the player and the nature of the mission subtly and directly.

The mission opens in a very unusually quiet fashion. Upon drawing their weapon, the player sees their character wearing a grass/ghillie suit for the first time. Then, Captain MacMillan is revealed by emerging from stealth just a few meters away, wearing a similar suit, giving the player an idea what it is capable of.

Stealth gameplay can feel forced and awkward, even in classics such as The Legend of Zelda franchise. Here, it feels much more natural despite its departure from the more frenetic run-and-gun gameplay in the previous chapters.

I will be posting studies of film or videogame design each day for a year. The study will focus primarily on cinematography and production design.

Shoe Trends for Spring 2016:

  1. Stilettos:
    As always, this year Stilettos will be the ‘’must have’’ in your closet if you’re a classy/chic typ’a girl! Stilettos can be paired with everything and they come in every colours, patterns and shapes. Try getting the basics: Black, white, khaki and olive green for this next season. 
    Here’s some cheap alternatives to those expensive Louboutin ones we all love: 
    Primark Olive Ghillie Heels  
    Zara Vinil Stilettos
    Zara Nude Stilettos

  2. Sneakers:
    Another must have this next season are sneakers! I mean, girl, i don’t know about you but I love me some white Adidas or Nikes. This year if you don’t own ones I recommend you run to a store and get yourself a pair of the new Nike Huaraches or some Yeezy Boost 350.
    Wear the sneakers with a classy/chic outfit to make it look more casual and/or with a sporty outfit to make it look like you actually work out ( at least that’s what I do).

    Here’s some cheap alternatives though:
    Zara White Adidas Inspired
    Zara Burgundy New Balance Inspired
    Bershka White Nike Roshe Inspired

  3. Oxfords:
    I personally hate them… Like seriously, I’m all about new trends and innovation bla bla bla but girl, I just can’t with these. However, in case you like them, I heard (lies, I saw) that they look really cute with some ‘’Mom Jeans’’ or ‘’Boyfriend Jeans’’. And, for a casual/trendy/lazy look, there’s nothing better than wearing them.
    So… Where can you get them for a fair price? Here:
    Bershka Black Oxfords
    Stradivarius Silver Oxfords

  4. Booties:
    And yes, even though booties have two meanings, I’m referring to boots!
    I love booties sooooo much, they’re so cute and gorgeous and can be in a stiletto shape and flat shape too!
    Go get some if you don’t own a pair already… I probably bought (not even exaggerating) 4 pairs this year LOL.
    No, but seriously, they’re the latest trend this next season!
    Get them:
    Forever 21 Black Laser-Cut Booties
    Forever 21 Black Grid Cut Out Booties

  5. Heel Long Boots:
    Have I said I love these enough? Cause I don’t feel like I did LMAO.
    These are the sexiest boots ever, and you can find them literally everywhere! They’re super comfy and, in my opinion, the cutest ones are the chunky heeled ones! Go get a pair girl:

‘Kay that’s it for today’s post! Hope you liked it! Love yall x
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Beast of Prey by Marines
Via Flickr:
A Marine undergoing the 2nd Marine Division Combat Skills Center’s Pre-Scout Sniper Course prepares to move during a stalking exercise at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Jan. 22, 2016. The exercise required students to traverse approximately 1,000 meters of high grass and fire on a target, all without being detected. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Paul S. Martinez/Released)


So I’ve been busy making camouflage! Why? Urrrm… well… yeah!

So I’ve had this old shirt which I’ve been slowly cutting up and using in various projects for a while now and I decided to use up the ready of it for camouflage but it was a little bit white so it needed dyeing. Unfortunately I only have acrylic paint to use as dye so I mixed up a blue and yellow and made some pretty nice olive colour. One problem though is that after it had dried it turned a bit… blue.

As you may be aware there are very few blue bushes around so I need to have another go at it and try and get it a bit greener. I made other ones of varying shades and they turned out great so I’m not exactly sure what happened. Anyway hopefully it’ll be a quick fix and I can get the finished article up here soon.