STALKER 2 - Concept Art Part 2 “Stalkers”
This is leaked concept art for the sadly cancelled game STALKER 2, a sequel to the STALKER series by the GSC game devs. Now with the return of GSC , we may indeed see the game finished but don’t hold your breath.

Early Style Camping Gear

Starting in the upper left and moving more-or-less clockwise: small tomahawk, portmanteau, stoneware jug, braided buckskin cord, patch knife, buckskin bag for brass sundial compass, wool bonnet (tam o'shanter), trade bead necklace, small gourd for salt, pewter beer mug (could possibly hold water too), canteen gourd, Knife River flint blades, needle case and bone needles, strike-a-light and char-cloth box, wooden bowl and spoon, buckskin bag, bone handled eating knife, waterproofed leather bag, bark tanned belt pouch, buckskin neck bag containing spare fire kit, net shuttle holding hemp line, sewing kit in buckskin bag, wooden needle case with needles, argillite pipe with buckskin bag, fine hemp line, extra blanket pin, belt, pampooties (ghillie shoes), bamboo container containing larger bone awls and other bone tools, in the center, shoulder bag.

I finished my medieval leather shoes! They’re called “bog shoes” because archaeologists found them preserved in bogs. They’re also called “ghillies”. Each shoe is made of a single piece of leather that I cut into tabs all around and punched holes to pull the leather thong through to lace it up. Much thanks to my SCA Arts and Sciences group for holding the shoe workshops :D #SCA #societyforcreativeanachronism #bogshoes #ghillies #medieval #medievalshoes #leathershoes

        “Sometimes I wonder if shem’lens even realize the
        poisons that live within their very veins. I’ve attempted
        to study it but the exact cause is so elusive. They
        leach the life of lesser People and even creatures of
        the wild as they misshape them into imperfect beings
        to do their bidding. So distasteful.”


The Ghillie Dhu wasn’t one to be fond of oceans. To be honest, he was terrified by the sea and what it held inside its large, open, hard waters. Every since his first oversea voyage from Scotland to Canada, he disliked the cold waters and found himself shaking like a leaf most times he was brought to the ocean. Today either Jamie wasn’t as fearful as usual or he just didn’t care. Standing about knee high in the open water, Jamie stared out at the dark sea with little interest shining in his eyes. Another fight had erupted back at the apartment with Willow and he just wanted to be out of there and somewhere else he hasn’t been before. As of late the mythical creature has been more anxious and jumpy and he didn’t have any idea why. Something in his gut told him something was brewing and it definitely wasn’t a good thing that was about to come into his life. He was scared.

Looking dowards to stare at the small waves splashing against his bare legs, the ghillie dhu sighed and picked his hair up once he noticed the ends of it reaching the water and getting wet. Taking an elastic he had around his wrist, he fixed his hair into a high bun before fixing his sweatshirt and looking out at the ocean again. It was a cool day and Jamie’s toes were starting to go numb but he really didn’t care. Noticing a movement in the water a ways away from him, Jamie squinted his eyes and tried to get a better look at what had been moving in the water. Sadly the water was too dark for him to make out what he had saw.


Griznos sat crouched in an alien tree, his ghillie suit giving him perfect cover among the blue foliage. He peered through the scope of his rifle, looking down onto the Legion encampment. His cross hairs focused on his target, an Eredar woman in charge of this camp. By her orders the lesser demons, gan’arg they were called, began construction of fel portal that would allow the Legion to arrive in numbers beyond comprehension.

I knew this one.

She was Chief Architect Li’neera once. On Argus she and her fellows created wondrous creations out of stone and metal, crystal and magic. But she succumbed to the Legions temptations of power beyond imagining, twisting her talents into something terrible.

Griznos watched her carefully as she stood over a holo-graphic display and barked orders to her underlings. He remembered her from years ago, her skin as blue as the ocean, not the sickly red it was now. Eyes that sparkled white, glowing brighter when she was excited. Not burning with fel-green fire, twisted and sinister.

How did it come to this?

There was no time for mournful reminiscing now. She made her choice and Griznos made his. She turned from the display giving him an opening. He squeezed the trigger, his crystalline rifle firing silently into the night. Li’neera’s once beautiful visage turned into a spray of blackened ichor as her body slumped to the ground. The lesser demons stared in shock as their leader bled out onto the holo-console before erupting into a panic.

They were too distracted to notice where the shot came from. Securing his rifle, Griznos climbed down to make his silent escape as he had countless times before. He had given his people time enough to fully evacuate the planet, yet he felt nothing about this success. Only a grim resolution steeling in his heart as another friend fell the Legion.

When did this become so easy?