Nihilist Surfin' Group

Nihilist Surfin’ Group // 1981 // Garbage Sandwich

Nihilist Surfin’ Group was a side project of Juntaro Yamanouchi, the primary force behind The Gerogerigegege. Garbage Sandwich was a massive cassette compilation released by Japanese label Beast 666 Tapes in 1992 containing a bunch of stuff by (at the time) nobodies for no real audience, including early experiments from Suckdog and Smog, a bunch of tracks by Yamatsuka Eye using various aliases, a phone call GG Allin made from prison with noises played over it, and a Jello Biafra track that sure sounds like it could at least partially be a recording of someone peeing, among other things. From the liner notes:  “This double cassette compilation ‘Garbage Sandwich’, is only mere 'garbage’ which musicians, non-musicians, artists, non-artists, who exist, live, work or have already disappeared in mainly Japan, U.S.A. or all over the world, play, which only lunatics or perverts play, whcih is the worst and the lowest one like real garbage and normal person cannot find out any necessity, meaning and value to listen to and it has spent about three years from the end of 1989 to the end of 1992 and comes to waste and which becomes only 'garbage’ after collecting, compiling, producing, decomposing, and at last breaking completely and after all, it does not have any meaning and does not bear anything and everything comes to nothing.”


My albums selection for the next week :

- Bauhaus  :  The Sky’s Gone Out

- Former Ghosts  :  Fleurs

- The Gerogerigegege  :  Moenai Hai

- Lith  :  Pylon

- Merzbow  :  Aodron

- V.A  :  Meine Heimat Der Osten Vol. 2

- Plastic :  S/T

- Throbbing Gristle  :  20 Jazz Funk Greats

- Chippendale - Gustafsson - Pupillo  :  Melt

- William Basinski  :  The River

The Gerogerigegege, Ai-Jin (Love), burning/performance, 1988. (Fool’s Mate, no.84) / 7" single, flexi-disc, track: Cover Song Of Teresa Teng (鄧麗君).

Interview excerpt from Life Without Sex magazine 2001 :

“2000 flexi discs were made to be burned out in live from the beginning. So I had advertised it, on any kinds of musical magazines, as "Release Memorial Performance”. Many many people came on that day. Of course, they expected some performance, but all they could see was that I burned out all the discs in front of them. The remained discs were simply forgotten there to be brought. Well, I cannot answer your question “Why?” but can only say that this is THE GEROGERIGEGEGE! While I was burning out them, GERO 30 was having fun with his masturbation. Teresa Teng is a Taiwanese singer who once hits explosively the numbers in Japan.“ (Juntaro Yamanouchi)