Cutting Room Floor Analysis

Here’s the general analysis of the first encore at DDs concert. I can’t use the software on a video this far away and with this quality so this is mostly behavioural and the more pronounced facial stuff.

As GA walks on stage she’s genuinely happy, flashing some really good smiles. David is also happy, but he has more bashful smiles, glancing down and away from her and the audience, indicating that he is hiding his emotions and being very aware of his surroundings.

Now… the kiss. Gillian’s a kisser and she initiates this one. She’s kissed other XF people in the past, and based on it’s duration and their general happy affect during the kiss itself indicates intimacy and familiarity. That does not mean it’s an indicator of them doing it. It just means they are greeting someone they know very well, on a personal level - which makes sense. 

This is very typical of them. GA is pretty care-free and poking fun at David, and DD’s classic sense of humour is obvious, although he’s not so successful in keeping the deadpan and straight affect. Overall this is not unusual.

Since y’all are less interested in more of the beginning and ending I’ll keep the performance part short.

GA clearly becomes less comfortable with her singing abilities and shows some self-conscious posturing, while still trying to portray that she is having a good time. DD seems to pick up on this and does two interesting things.

1. He tries to draw attention to himself with some “interesting” dance moves.

2. He makes reassuring gestures and his focus regularly shifts towards her and he tries to engage her directly.

At the end he is definitely praising her a lot and she is clearly embarrassed as you can tell by the flushing of her face.

The interesting thing about the second kiss is that he initiates it, and she’s clearly more interested in getting off stage. the last hug is a bit more awkward probably because she is trying to leave, it’s more distant and they are more focussed on what they are saying to each other than any closeness or physical contact. My bet on this based on the amount of head shaking GA does and DD’s reaction is her being embarrassed or apologizing as he is reaffirming in the way his arms hover around her with minimal contact and his body being distant (this is what my boss called a crutch stance because both people are standing on their own, but one is in a more supportive position of the other). Because of the way she leaves I’m surprised that she came back, which is in and of itself pretty interesting.