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hello, first of all thank you for all the information about the musicals. i have a question - why do people name Furukawa Yuta as "yun"? is that a nickname? i saw other actors having nicknames like these aswell. why using these names? are the fans making them or the actors themselves?

Uhm, Japanese names can be very flexible when it comes to nicknames lol

The cast of Kuromyu also calls Fukuzaki Nayuta “Nayutan”. Adding the ん at the end of it makes the name sound more endearing and intimate.

And Furukawa Yuta’s “Yun” works in the same way.

And the reason why people have nicknames is too deep in the realm of common sense that I don’t think requires my explanation.

Usually the actors get their names from their fellow cast or even when they were students. Sasaki Yoshihide had been called “Hide” for many years before it evolved into “Hide-sama” in the mouths of fans and fellow actors. It is not uncommon for actors to reveal their school-age nicknames in their personal profiles so very often fans just continue to use those names in the present day. Although the circumstances of how Furukawa Yuta began to be called “Yun” is unclear to me, but his more hardcore fans might have a better idea.

I mean back in school, Teruma got called “Teru” but he definitely invented the “Shining Horse” nickname for his personal amusement, and now fans use both.

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