Will Be Back
Sun Hae Im
Will Be Back

I also protected 
what I wanted to protect
now I need to pay for it
I have no regrets

“If I had known someone would die because of me, I would not have been so greedy to live again. If only this was a dream… if only I could wake up without remembering any of this,” 

You attend the funeral. You grieve. Then you continue with your life. And at times the fact of her absence will hit you like a blow to the chest, and you will weep. But this will happen less and less as time goes on. She is dead. You are alive. So live.
—  Neil Gaiman, The Sandman, Vol. 6: Fables and Reflections

Princess Benedikte left a heart shaped wreath for her beloved late husband, Prince Richard of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, at his funeral on March 21st, 2017. 

The couple met at the wedding of Princess Beatrix and Prince Claus of the Netherlands in 1966. They were married in February 1968 after a brief engagement, and were married for 49 years. Together they had three children and four grandchildren. 

[BLOCK B OFFICIAL] Hello. This is Seven Seasons.

Pyo Jihoon(PO)’s mother has passed away from a chronic disease.

While Pyo Jihoon and his family were participating in her funeral with sadness in their hearts, and said his last farewells to his mother.

To the family of the deceased, the procedure of the funeral will be kept confidential to the media and to the fans and the coffin will be buried on the 29th in the morning. We won’t say anything else aside from that. All of the fans, please give us your understanding.

Please pray respectfully for the deceased.

Home at last

Author’s note: I have no shame in saying I cried and had to take several breaks writing this. It hurt like a bitch. However, this does conclude the ending of Something Peculiar, but who knows…I could possibly do more to this in the future with a separate series, if this is something you guys would like. I want to thank you all for your endless love for the series, reblogs, likes, asks, messages and silent support. Thank you <3
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It’s been a while’ Newt said, as he sat down.

*The day of Y/N’s funeral*
It had been arranged that she would be buried in a beautiful little cemetery in Oxford. She’d been born there and it only seemed fitting to bring her home to her birthplace.
In a small cottage, Newt was stood by the window, looking out at the weather. 
The sun was splitting the trees, shining down. 
Just like Y/N does. He thought. 
Did. He mentally corrected. 

 A week had passed since her death; Newt had buried himself into avoiding the idea that she wasn’t going to be there. But that became an impossibility.
Firstly, his creatures in the case could sense Newt’s sadness, Pickett would sit on his shoulder and ask for her. But he couldn’t bear to tell him that she wouldn’t be coming home. The Niffler which had been awfully fond of her, it had managed to rummage through his belongings, dragging a photo of him and her and plonking it on his lap. But all Newt could do was shake his head. 

Secondly, the sympathetic looks Queenie, Tina and Jacob would exchange with him. They were an ever constant reminder. 
Queenie had been the first one to rush to his aid at the MACUSA building upon seeing his fallen wife. She wrapped her arms around him and tried her best to soothe the pained noises he made. 

 Last of all was his last connection to her – their son. Queenie and Tina pitched in with him; but every time he looked at him, Newt saw her in his eyes and that only hurt the open wound he felt. 

‘We should get to the church’ Queenie’s voice said softly behind him, trying not to startle him. 
He turned and saw her with the baby in her arms and merely nodded. 

They disapparated.


One by one, Newt, Queenie, Tina, Jacob, fellow co-workers in The Ministry of Magic, wizards and witches from MACUSA, even Madame Picquery (much to Newt’s unhappiness) herself aligned themselves outside the church, waiting for her arrival.

The hearse arrived around the corner. Newt inhaled sharply – he wasn’t prepared for this. 
Through the window, he could see sunflowers laid upon the top of her coffin.
‘Sunflowers are the happiest of flowers! How can you not smile when you see them?’ She’d told him once upon a time.
The pallbearers pulled the coffin out slowly and gently, as if she wasn’t broken. 
They lead the way into the church, Newt followed and everyone else shadowed him. 

The Minister made it a charming service for her. He boasted about her like she was the rarest jewel in the world. Newt’s boss told a beautiful anecdote to emphasize just what a wonder she was. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room – but Newt’s. It was like he couldn’t comprehend she wasn’t coming back. It felt like a lie.

The Minister called on Newt to speak, he got up and stood by the podium, opening his mouth to speak.
‘Y/N…w-w-what can I-i-i say about her?’ He started nervously, eyes looking down onto the wooden podium, avoiding everyone’s pitiful eyes on him.

The words came hard and fast.

‘I met her just after I left New York, accidentally knocked her off her feet rushing into work’ He scoffed, eyebrows furrowing down, focusing intently on the podium. 
‘As soon as I looked at her, I was done for. I’ve never met a girl with prettier eyes than hers and her smile melts – melted my heart. I’d have done anything for her in that instant. I never wanted to let her go. I wanted to protect her’ 
His eyes welled with tears and he glanced at the coffin 
‘But I failed, I couldn’t keep her safe. I let her down’ His voice broke, as he remembered turning around and seeing her lifeless body crumpled in front of him. 
Queenie stood up and dashed to his side, clinging to her, he broke, the realisation his wife wasn’t returning hit him in full force.
‘I can’t do this without her. I can’t Queenie, I just can’t’ He pleaded, tears streaming down his face.
‘Ssssh, I know honey. I know’ She soothed, hugging him.

The ceremony was soon over, Queenie held Newt’s hand guiding him out behind Y/N’s coffin, leading him out to the cemetery where she was to be laid to rest. 
The burial was kept between Newt, Queenie, Tina, holding his son and Jacob. 
One after another, they left, until it was just him, Tina and his son.
‘I’m so sorry Newt’ Tina whispered, looking down at the hole in the ground.
Newt shook his head ‘It wasn’t your fault’ 
He looked up and their eyes met, he glanced at the bundle in her arms.
‘May I hold my son?’ He asked.
Tina nodded, gently placing him in Newt’s arms. She placed a hand on his shoulder, lightly squeezing it before departing, leaving Newt and his baby alone.

Newt, tearfully, started talking to the sleeping baby.
‘I’m sorry. I let your mummy down by not keeping her out of harms way and I’m letting you down by not being there for you. You’re the most wonderful thing to happen to me and I’m going to be there every step of the way for you. Your mummy was something special – she was my sparkle. You’re blessed with that sparkle and I’m going to keep it shining’ The baby stirred a little, before snuggling back into his blanket.
‘Now what can we name you; we can’t keep calling you baby forever, can we?’ He said, a small smile falling onto his lips.

Present Day.
The little boy came over and sat with his dad. 
‘Daddy, what are we doing here?’ He asked, innocently
Newt looked at him and replied ‘We’re here to see Mummy, we haven’t seen her in so long’
The little boy crawled into his lap ‘What was she like Daddy?’
His bright Y/E/C eyes gleaming in the sunlight.

‘Well, let me start from the beginning Rolf’ 

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