Some sad news.

Hi everyone, Dil here with some very sad news. You should all be aware that I have a friend and partner who helps me create both Southern Belle AJ and Meet The Pones by the name of Trevor Rain (his screenname, not real name btw). Trev helps me with writing and inspiration, he does quality assurance and also provides shading for both webcomics.

Some of you might also be aware that his mother passed away back in June. I have the very sorry duty of informing you that his father also died a few days ago from a heart attack. In Trev’s own words his father seemed to have lost the will to live after her death, and it appears the heart attack was due to complications with medicine he was taking for a recent outbreak of poor health.

Now I can only imagine what my friend is going through having lost both his parents in just over three months. He’s been a very strong individual, arranging their funerals and meeting with lawyers etc. and my heart goes out to him all the way from across the Atlantic. If it were possible for me to be with him right now I’d be there.

Whilst I’m sure Trev still intends to collaborate with me in the future he obviously needs time to grieve, so you can expect some major delays on the blogs. This doesn’t mean I will stop working, but The Best of Intentions Epilogue was a series we embarked upon together, and I wouldn’t feel right without him there when we complete it. Meet The Pones has already suffered due to Southern Belle AJ needing an overhaul behind the scenes, but I shall try to update it at least once a week with more canon strips.

My apologies for the interruptions the blogs will be seeing, I’m ill right now and have coursework for my new comics course but I will do my best to keep the blogs ticking over for as long as it takes. In light of the fact that TBOI’s Epilogue will be on pause, I have decided to fill in the gap on SBAJ with a mini-comic about Twilight as a young filly, so expect to see the first page of that solo project in the next few days.