Anonymous asked: Bad boy au / Jimin + 22 Love your writing btw!

;pairing — Jimin x reader

;warnings — smut (I couldn’t contain myself)

;word count — 3k

;Prompt  “You can’t just say that and then disappear!” 

A/N: I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you imagined anon, It’s hard for me to picture Jimin as a bad boy, I think he was more just like a fuckboy here, anyways I hope you like it :) Also, the ending is cheesy af I know!! lol

Before starting your freshman year of college you had one thing clear in your head; no fuckboys. You were gonna study, pass your exams, make new friends, and live an easy and relaxed student life, well as relaxed as being an architecture major at college could be.

You didn’t want to be one of those persons who start college and the only thing they do is go to parties, get high and fuck every guy they see, because you were here to mainly study and get your diploma and you knew that getting involved with guys would mean losing track of your original plan of living a calm student experience.

But you would see that exact plan be thrown down in the form of a sturdy, cocky, obnoxious but beautiful fuckboy.

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Dicking Down to Wifing Up

“Horan! Hurry the fuck up!” Harry yells through the door. “People are starting to show up!”

Niall looks in the mirror and adjusts his quiff a bit, “Coming!”  He just had the blonde redone and was more than ready for their house party.

Harry snorts from the other side, “Sure thing. Just don’t leave a mess.” He jokes and Niall hears him go down the hall.

He rolls his eyes and leaves the room. You said you were going to be coming to the party and he was looking forward to that. He had been trying to convince you for the entire semester to attend a variety of the parties that his frat put on.

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Our Song

Summary: School playboy, and jock Jungkook is the last person you’d expect to be a soulful musician, but everybody has their secrets.

Jungkook x Reader, fluff, maybe a little smutty later on if you want??

masterlist here

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alone | one

⇢ In a world where time traveling exists, Y/N and Taehyung fall in love with time as their only obstacle.

Pairing: Taehyung | reader

◦ Genre: light angst, time traveler au

◦ Word count: 11k

◦ Warnings: none

| one | two


“Lost in your mind, I want to know. Am I losing mi mind? Never let me go. If this night is not forever, at least we are together. Apart, but still together…”

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lvynch  asked:

what are the dream pack's full names? i mean i know they're background characters but i was just wondering

Dear lvynch,

The “dream pack,” as fandom uses it, exists quite apart from canon. There is such a mismatch between how I characterize those boys (they exist in text because of my observation of frat packs) and how they are used by fandom that I think it would probably be jarring for me to expand much on the background material I have jotted for them in my notes. It feels like it would be counterproductive to sully fandom’s toys in such a cavalier way — particularly in this case, as I’m not intending on expanding the dream pack’s stories further and so they really do live on only in fandom space.

That said, if you’re looking for some names, here are some:




Glory Days



Frat Party || Calum

Hi hello remember that time I made this post about Cal and got so many feels that I had to actually write a whole one shot for it that ended up being like a million words too long

Because I do

Also it ends awkwardly but that’s life I guess

Requests and feedback are always cool so there’s that


This was not the way you intended to spend your Friday night. You would much rather be in your room, eating ramen and reading a book, or getting started on the pile of homework your professors had assigned throughout the week. Maybe you would’ve done your laundry or cleaned up your side of the room so your roommate would stop passive aggressively making comments about the way you kept your side organized. Or maybe realistically, you would have just put on your favorite pajamas and crawled into bed for the next fourteen hours. You weren’t in the mood to go out but there you were, all dressed up and walking across campus because you let that cheeky Calum Hood talk you into attending his stupid frat party.

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could be the thing you reach for in the middle of the night

summary: The most peculiar customer Clarke’s ever served comes into The Arker at the same time every Thursday night—8:40—like clockwork.
written for clexa week day 7: a song that you associate with them.
word count: 10,545
disclaimer: I do not own these characters or the universe, just having fun with them.
a/n: This is unbeta’d, so please excuse any errors.
Last Person by Jenny Owen Youngs has always reminded me of modern AU clexa, so I wrote this fic loosely based on the lyrics. This is a day late, but it takes a lot of time to write 10,000+ words. Plus, it’s technically still clexa week. So good on me. I hope you guys enjoy!


The most peculiar customer Clarke’s ever served comes into The Arker at the same time every Thursday night—8:40—like clockwork. She always has a book with her, and she always orders a coke.

No alcohol. Just a coke.

She sits alone at the same torn booth in the corner of the bar and reads until 10:15.

Then she leaves.

Clarke doesn’t even know her name.

So when she marches up to the counter and hops onto the last remaining stool—squeezing in between a group of women dressed in matching shirts and a pack of frat boys—Clarke is surprised.

“Can I help you?” she asks after setting down two pitchers of beer in front of the guys.

“Yes. I’d like an Old Fashioned, please,” the girls says, raising her voice just enough to be heard over the din.

Clarke’s eyebrows shoot up. “You know there’s alcohol in that, right?”

The girl jerks her chin up and studies Clarke with piercing green eyes. “I do. That’s why I ordered it.”

“Fair enough. Got some ID?”

She reaches into the back pocket of her black jeans and pulls out a simple, sensible leather wallet before sliding a driver’s license across the sticky counter.

It’s silly, but Clarke closes her eyes as she picks it up, taking her time to appreciate the gravity of the moment. She’s been wondering about this girl’s name since the new semester started and she became a regular, after all.

Once the significance has been appropriately savored, she peeks.

Lexa Woods.

It’s strangely fitting.

With a smirk, Clarke hands the ID back and fixes the girl her drink.

“There you are, Lexa,” she says, letting the name drip off her tongue like thick molasses.

Lexa cocks a single, shapely eyebrow at Clarke but otherwise remains stoic as she tips back the contents of her glass, downing most of it in a single swallow.

The room suddenly feels too hot, Clarke’s skin too tight.

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