Last night I was too distracted by the fact that Jesus is gonna die to really appreciate Nick. Now before anyone yells at me, I don’t appreciate the fact that he punched Jesus but a) Jesus was punching him too…they got into a fist fight, boys do that a lot. And b) I don’t believe he aimed for Jesus’s face intending to seriously hurt him. But before all that. He only left his house because Mariana was missing. He went looking for her and then when he found her he sat and talked to her and never once tried to hurt her even when she said things he didn’t like. And before that, Jesus had told him that Mariana didn’t want to be with him, he was visibly upset, but then what did he do? He went to his room and played video games. It’s clearly looking like Nick actually got help and is doing much better and I will be so pissed if the show doesn’t just leave him as getting better (which I know will probably not happen if Jesus gets seriously hurt because Nick will feel guilty) but can we just have one positive thing happen on this show? Please

Just gotta say,

We did get a kiss. Maybe not in the finale. Maybe not in the present. But we got Callie reminiscing about her first kiss with Brandon. I don’t know about you but that scene was everything to me. Brallie isn’t dead people. That’s all that matters.

After tonight’s mid season cliff hanger we all need to remember that Callie is smart. Thanks to the call from Aaron, she now knows she may be in danger and can figure out a game plan hopefully before anything crazy happens. She will be smart about whatever she does. This isn’t pretty little liars after all. But I can totally see her calling someone in the family discretely so they can listen to what’s going on or send her location. I mean whatever happens still won’t be pretty, but hopefully it will all end up ok in the end. If she were to be kidnaped or something you know this family would be all over it in a heart beat. I mean stef is a cop for crying out loud! And you know it won’t take long for someone to notice she is missing ( *cough cough ‘Brandon’ cough**) they will find her, don’t worry!

Side note: this would be the perfect opportunity for a brallie reunion hug, just saying. If he were the one to find her or he was there, realistically they would hold onto each other for an eternity because he would have been so afraid of loosing her and just so relieved that she would be safe now

Some thoughts on 4x10

1. The acting was A+ (esp. Mariana, Brandon, and Nick).

2. Jesus isn’t going to die (I read that some people are scared about that)! This is the Fosters, not PLL or The 100 or whatever. He might lose his memory - who knows. Or not even, we’ll see. Just chillll…

3. Callie may be a specialist for doing stupid things, but in the end she is a smart girl. She’s going to be okay ;) Justina may cause some problems though…(i. e material for 4b)
Also I loved that scene with her, Aaron, AJ, and Mike. You go girl, tell them! And now, please be single for a while, do more with you best friend (= Brandon) (again), fall in love all over again, turn 18, too, and be together - thanks!^^

4. Speaking of Brandon: I’m sorry for him (that scene with him and Lena though :(), but on the other hand it was just a stupid move to take those SATs for that guy (only to get some extra money to help his ex-gf; that being said, I really hope they are done for good, that he realized it was stupid and that he took a step too far). I kind of knew it would bite him in the ass.
Well, this may be hard for him at the moment, but personally, I think it’s not the end of the world. Another chance will come and they don’t really have the money anyway right now - both the family and freeeform (to shoot in NY ;)) -, so…

5. Jesus christ, Jude! What are you doing, dude…

6. Same goes for Mariana. Is it bad that I’m only tiny little bit sorry for her? Jesus mentioned at the kitchen table that some of his pills are missing, but she kept taking them. Thought she is smarter. Well, ‘in too deep’, I guess - Like almost everyone else…

7. Sophia! Finally back again and I hope for a bit longer. I can totally see Robert (and the Quinns) coming back, too, since we don’t know what happened to her. Hopefully nothing, but I guess the Quinns will find out about the guy, who followed her, because he thought she was Callie. Trouble, drama, but also chances - for (more) interesting storylines, which this show needs, tbh (half of this season was pretty lame imo)…

It kind of makes me upset that Callie would pull the trans card with AJ, then try to call him out on it when she victimized Aaron first. First of all, she can’t blame AJ for saying he wouldn’t have been angry if she had told him before. That obviously was her intention for bringing it up to begin with (not to mention she outed Aaron without his permission). Then, how was AJ supposed to know Aaron is sensitive about his height? Come to think of it, when did Aaron ever say that?

Sorry for the rant. I just see people calling AJ transphobic, but Callie’s the one with the preconceived notion that she has to protect Aaron for some reason. Meaning she’s the one who sees him differently. There was no need to bring the fact that he’s transgender into the conversation. AJ already saw Aaron as just another guy hitting on his girlfriend. He had a right to be angry.