Weekly Brallie Post: You Wouldn’t Have To Change For Me

It’s clear that Grace is having a huge effect on Brandon, but is it actually that profound, meaning if they were to break up for some reason would B still be singing folk songs in bagel shops with a ridiculous name like Grandon Ol Opry and poor B quickly covering by saying still working on the name. This is just not the Brandon we have come to adore and I’m all for him spreading his wings and growing into himself, but his real self, not a version he thinks he needs to be for someone else. It seems like Brandon is so wrapt up in this relationship with Grace and maybe even a little smitten, but can you blame the boy he’s had his a heart ripped out, ran over, and stomped on repeatedly. It would appear he’s throwing himself in this relationship and this new persona to distance himself from all of that recent pain. I actually do want B to find that pure happiness, but as delusional as it may sound that’s only going to be with Callie, because with her all he’s ever had to do was be himself. When they sing they could be in their pjs and it would still sound amazing and of course Brandon would finally be able to be truly honest with himself and his heart. As for Callie, she’s kind of going through the same thing and has been with every guy since Brandon. She brought up another great point when she said that both Kyle and Diamond were better off for her sacrifice and she was right, because when it comes to Callie, theirs no changing her warrior like nature. When it comes to Brandon and Callie they would never expect either to be anyone other then themselves. When Brandon said you don’t always get to have your one true love, I disagree, I just think that for some it may take a little longer, but then again aren’t those the best kind.

Sorry so late guys, this week was emotional for me and a tough one, but I never quit especially on my Beautiful Brallie Family.

Freeform’s out there with The Fosters, The Bold Type and Shadowhunters not only letting its main characters be in healthy gay interracial relationships while giving them fair amount of screentime and storylines but also currently having a transgender romance between a cisgender woman (the lead heroine of the show) and a trans man.

When you realize your type is lady lover with gun

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