tbh the only evidence i need that harry’s a gryffindor is the fact that he kept going back to the forbidden forest after voldemort tried to kill him, aragog tried to eat him, lupin turned into a wolf and attacked him, the dementors tried to kiss him, barty crouch was murdered and turned into a bone, umbridge was kidnapped by centaurs,, boy had to die in that forest before he stopped going back

Slytherin girls who offer to wing each other’s eyeliner. Slytherin girls who stay up late in quiet groups in the common room and everyone thinks they’re plotting something but really they’re just studying because Ravenclaws aren’t the only ones with good grades. Slytherin girls who complete mock unbreakable vows that they’ll never share each other’s deepest darkest secrets. Slytherin girls who always have each other’s backs and aren’t afraid to go after anyone who disrespects them. Slytherin girls who act dark and mysterious but have lip synching battles in their underwear late at night.

Gryffindor girls who climb the trees on the edge of the forbidden forest and just talk for hours. Gryffindor girls who can and will take down the boys who sit in the common room and make sexist remarks. Gryffindor girls who all wear bright red lipstick and always braid their hair when there’s a Quidditch game. Gryffindor girls who don’t understand what’s up with all the attention Harry and his friends always get because any of them would be just as willing to stand up to Voldemort. Gryffindor girls who stay up all night, drinking smuggled fire whiskey and ranting in drunken slurs about how much they hate Slytherin house.

Ravenclaw girls who have struck fear into their enemies’ hearts because no one should be that intelligent. Ravenclaw girls who paint each other’s nails while discussing the new book they’ve all been reading. Ravenclaw girls who cover for each other when one of them forgot to do homework because they were too busy working on a brilliant idea they had for a new piece of music they were composing the night before. Ravenclaw girls who never go to the bathrooms alone because they’ve figured out that bad things happen. Ravenclaw girls who lay on each others’ beds and play with their hair while having deep 3am conversations on a school night.

Hufflepuff girls who vow to remain friends even after they’ve all graduated and gone their separate ways. Hufflepuff girls leaving random inspirational notes in each others’ school books. Hufflepuff girls who are usually well-tempered until someone from another house makes fun of them, then all hell breaks loose. Hufflepuff girls who come up with secret languages so that they can pass notes during potions class and giggle when Snape tries to decipher a note about how terrible his teaching is. Hufflepuff girls who always make plans of growing a giant garden full of magical plants together, but just end up eating their body weight in desserts they’ve swiped from the kitchen.

  • Lily: Remus?
  • Remus: Yeah?
  • Lily: I think I'm going crazy.
  • Remus: Why?
  • Lily: Do you see a dog riding a stag over there in the Forbidden Forest?
  • Remus: *looks outside*
  • Remus: *Sees Prongs running around in circles while Padfoot rides his back*
  • Remus:
  • Lily:
  • Remus:
  • Lily:
  • Remus: gOd dAmmIT nOt AgAIn

like do u ever think abt hagrid taking 11 year old james & sirius on a detention into the forbidden forest and they’re completely enamored and think it’s so wicked cool and hagrid just gets flustered because they keep wandering off from their root-gathering mission and they are just obviously thrilled and he’s like you’re supposed to be scared, can’t you just pretend? and they are just like nope. wicked cool. and he just sighs and leads them deeper into the forest.

Meanwhile at hogwarts

Everyone wakes up to find that Gryffindor has somehow gained 200 house points overnight, everyone is really confused because they don’t know what the Gryffindors have done to get that many points but the question on everyone’s mind is soon answered when dumbledore makes a speech at breakfast
“Last night Harry Potter and Ron Weasley snuck out of their beds under a very secret invisibly cloak to go on a giant goose chase in the forbidden forest, Mr Potter and Mr Weasley were very brave that night, when they realised there were indeed no geese in the forbidden forest they ran and ran as fast as they could, Harry tripped and cut his knee but do not fear Harry showed signs of a true Gryffindor, he was brave, courageous and he was daring and only cried for a minimum of five minutes, I therefore rewarded Mr Potter and Mr Weasley for their brave acts”
Everyone turns to the gryffindor table to see Harry and Ron smirking at each other, Hermione looking between them and dumbledore with a shocked expression on her face and on the other side of the hall is Draco Malfoy literally fuming


Hogwarts during Winter:

-Hot cocoa in the common room
-The Great Lake freezing over
-Owls working extra hard against the cold
-The Hogwarts express struggling in snow
-Stag sightings on campus
-A blanket of white covering the forest
-Festivities in Hogsmeade
-Snowball fights with friends
-Playing Quidditch in a blizzard
-Building snowmen in between classes

Everyone : Dumbledore is the best thing that ever happened to Hogwarts 

Dumbledore: *fails to realise that Tom Riddle opened the Chamber of Secrets* 

Dumbledore: * Brings a huge three headed dog to the school * 

Dumbledore : * Sends Harry and his friends to the Forbidden Forest even tho idk it is forbidden for a good reason 

Dumbledore : * Doesn’t close the school even tho kids are getting attacked by a giant snake right and left *

  Dumbledore : *Doesn’t realise that every teacher he hires is a murderer looking for Harry*

Dumbledore : *lets Rubeus Disaster Zone Hagrid handle Harry’s safety * 

Dumbledore: * Lets Harry and his friends cause trouble every single year* 

Dumbledore : *Gives Gryffindor house points because he plays favourites* 

Dumbledore : * Let’s Harry do every single dangerous thing ever but doesn’t let him go to Hogsmeade . because those candies could really hurt Harry you know * 

Dumbledore : * Let’s underage Harry compete in the Triwizard Tournament because a magical fire cup told him so * 

Dumbledore : *Ignores Harry in the fifth book which causes him to become a angsty little guy*

 Everyone: He is just the greatest of them all