1. HTML: Handles Internet with CSS and Javascript. Breaks the 4th wall on a daily basis. Literally a popstar. The gay is strong here.
  2. CSS: The one that does HTML’s wardrobe. Avid abstract artist. Bullies Javascript for eternity. Extremely one sided love for HTML.
  3. Javascript: Will do anything to keep HTML’s shit together. Has more than 10 toolboxes. Java’s happy sibling. Lowkey crush on Ruby.
  4. PHP: Confused 80% of the time. Oblivious to everything. ??????. No one knows she’s a great musician.
  5. SQL: Tsundere like no tomorrow. Cares a lot about PHP, but also consistently gets pissed at her. They live in the library. Robot arm because of a bookshelf accident.
  6. Python: Loves mountains and camping. Owns 2 bikes. Lowkey crush on the entire C family. Flaming bisexual.
  7. Ruby: Python’s hiking partner. Lives in a cave she renovated all on her own. Secretly wants to overthrow Python. Highkey crush on Javascript.
  8. C: Wildlife and nature. Exercises with tree trunks. The one who taught Python how to camp. Daddy.
  9. C++: The son of C. Always hangs out with Java at the arcade. Consistently wins online arguments. Has a crush on Python.
  10. Java: C++’s bestfriend. Owns 2 bookshelfs: One with video games, and one with actual books. Doesn’t know what sleep is. Absolute nerd.

As promised. Which ones should I do next?

Welcome to the Family (Avengers x young!reader)

Happy morning everyone! I hope your Monday is wonderful and that good things come your way. Now, that I’ve finished Battered and Bruised, I’m going to spend my time doing one-shots till I can collect my thoughts and ideas and throw it into one heck of an awesome series. I think I’ll stay away from the angst and pain with the next one and give it more of a cute and fluffy vibe. You’re all amazing and I love you guys. Feel free to message me, I’m always here if anybody needs someone to talk to. xoxo :)

This one was requested by anon. If you’re out there, I hope you enjoy this, love. 

Request: Avengers x young!reader?

Description: During the Battle of Sokovia, you come out of hiding to help the Avengers fight Ultron.

Warnings: Cursing


“Hey, Clint! I need a little help over here!” Natasha yelled through the comm system as she electrocuted one Ultron’s soldiers. There were about twenty more coming and she was all by herself. She wasn’t going to be able to do this alone. 

“Uh, I’m a little busy right now!” Clint was firing arrow after arrow at the spaces in between the metal plates of the robots, trying to hit their inner wiring. Wanda was with him, but she could only do so much. She was tearing them apart and throwing them at other soldiers, crashing them into walls. But, even with the two of them, they were beginning to be outnumbered. 

“Come on, anybody?” Natasha was out of breath and the sound of her huffing could be heard through everyone’s ear piece. 

“Nat, I’ll try to be there soon. I need to finish these guys off at the bridge.” Steve could be heard grunting, his words seething through his clenched teeth. 

“I don’t know if you’ll get here soon enough.” She realized that this could be the end of her, that she wouldn’t make it off of this floating rock. “But hey, I wouldn’t mind dying when this is the view I get to see.” More of Ultron’s robots were hurtling towards her and she was beginning to exert the last of her energy. She took one down, just to have another one topple her to the ground. She was trying to throw it off of her, but it was too heavy. All she could do was push against his weight and dodge his punches. “Sorry, guys.” She grunted out as her arms were about to give out. 

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