1. HTML: Handles Internet with CSS and Javascript. Breaks the 4th wall on a daily basis. Literally a popstar. The gay is strong here.
  2. CSS: The one that does HTML’s wardrobe. Avid abstract artist. Bullies Javascript for eternity. Extremely one sided love for HTML.
  3. Javascript: Will do anything to keep HTML’s shit together. Has more than 10 toolboxes. Java’s happy sibling. Lowkey crush on Ruby.
  4. PHP: Confused 80% of the time. Oblivious to everything. ??????. No one knows she’s a great musician.
  5. SQL: Tsundere like no tomorrow. Cares a lot about PHP, but also consistently gets pissed at her. They live in the library. Robot arm because of a bookshelf accident.
  6. Python: Loves mountains and camping. Owns 2 bikes. Lowkey crush on the entire C family. Flaming bisexual.
  7. Ruby: Python’s hiking partner. Lives in a cave she renovated all on her own. Secretly wants to overthrow Python. Highkey crush on Javascript.
  8. C: Wildlife and nature. Exercises with tree trunks. The one who taught Python how to camp. Daddy.
  9. C++: The son of C. Always hangs out with Java at the arcade. Consistently wins online arguments. Has a crush on Python.
  10. Java: C++’s bestfriend. Owns 2 bookshelfs: One with video games, and one with actual books. Doesn’t know what sleep is. Absolute nerd.

As promised. Which ones should I do next?


“Show me.” Mick grunted with a slow smirk curling over his mouth. “One quick flame. C’mon, kid…”

There was a second of hesitation as you stared right into Mick’s wild eyes, unsure if you could actually trust him or if showing him your fire was about to be one big mistake, especially since you’d been burned in the past. Usually it just scared people but with Mick… There was something about him that made you feel like you weren’t just another meta-human freak that didn’t belong in this city. So, with a flash of bravery puffing through your chest, you bit down on your bottom lip and snapped your fingers to summon your flame. And just like that, Mick’s mouth dropped open as he watched your fire spread and dance across your palm until at length, you clapped your hands together to extinguish the flicker into smoke and chance a quick glance at him. 

Mick’s eyes snapped back to your face before he huffed a small chuckle and said, “That was beautiful…”

“Yeah?” You asked, grinning from ear to ear. “I’ve got a twin who can do the same thing with ice.”

“You know, a buddy of mine wouldn’t mind havin’ that sort of thing around…” Mick laughed, letting his eyes travel up and down your form before pinning you with a heated stare. “Sweetheart, this is gonna work out just fine.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Grabbing Mick’s Attention because You have the Ability to Control Fire*

Request: Imagine heat wave (legends of tomorrow) being in love with you because you have pyrokinyses (spell?) And extra idea/continuation… Capital cold being in love with my twin sister(t/s) because she has ice powers and captain cold, heatwave, me(fire power) and t/s (ice powers) were the original rouges… I don’t really know where I was going with this but thanks in advance if you do these ;)