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more fishing!
Final Fantasy XV
more fishing!

Prompto: I can’t get over last night’s fish! So flaky and moist…  (˶ॢ‾᷄﹃‾᷅˵ॢ)

Ignis: The freshness made all the difference. ( ・ㅂ・)

Noctis: That settles it, MORE FISHING!  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Prompto: If only you had the same passion for other things.  (;¬_¬)


Similarities Between Dennis Nilsen and Jeffrey Dahmer

• Both were gay serial killers

• Both frequented gay bars

• Both were in the army. Dahmer was a combat medic and Nilsen was a cook.

• Both had alcohol problems

• Both were in denial of their homosexuality. Nilsen tried to reassure himself that he was bisexual and dated a woman to prove this. Dahmer dated a woman as well, and his murders were seen as a way to rid himself of his homosexuality.

• Both killed because they wanted companions that would not leave them

• Both craved control over their victims

• Both were fond of animals. Dahmer had a dog and a cat as a child and fish as an adult, and was horrified after seeing a classmate run over a dog with his car. Nilsen had pet pigeons as a child and was extremely upset when a vandal killed them. As an adult, Nilsen had a dog that eventually became his only companion. 

• Both performed sexual acts on corpses

• Both cooked parts of their victims

• Both had close relationships with one of their grandparents. Dahmer was close to his grandmother and Nilsen was close to his grandfather.

• Both stored their victims’ bodies in their apartments and had neighbors that became suspicious of the smell emitting from their homes

• Both were almost caught by the police. Dahmer was almost caught when victim Konerak Sinthomphone was able to escape his apartment and run into two girls who called the police. Dahmer was able to convince the police that they were lovers just having a disagreement.  One of Nilsen’s victims woke up while being strangled and called the police, but the police did nothing, thinking it was a domestic disagreement as well.

• Both depersonalized their victims

• Both were cooperative with police

• Both appeared distant to those around them

Zoë’s film recs

I decided that I would make a film recs list because I watch a lot of movies and thought that it would be nice to share them. Some are a bit obscure, whereas others are well-known. There are 70+ films, categorized by genre and alphabetically. Enjoy!






bts as studio ghibli films; ponyo // taehyung as sōsuke

You’re not dead, are you…?” Taehyung murmurs, concerned as he gently nudges the goldfish floating in the bucket. Its scales gleam bright red, fins kelp-soft against his fingers. The outdoor faucet drips, leaky, and Taehyung wonders briefly whether he should have gotten seawater instead. But at that moment, he feels movement flick across his skin and peers back down. The goldfish has awoken and is wriggling around. It swims a lap before poking its head above the water to peek at Taehyung. He grins in relief, then laughs outright when it spews a tiny arch of water at his hand.

HYUNG!” he shouts. He leaps to his feet with the bucket clutched against his chest, and in his excitement water sloshes over the plastic rim. “Come look at what I just found!

Noragami Fandom Guide: Characters
  • Yato: Sweaty blue-eyed garbage man (and homeless)
  • Yukine: Smoll ray of sunshine pumpkin son
  • Suzuha: The other ray of sunshine
  • Kazuma: Awkward ear ring man
  • Bishamon: Constantly ill and sad but actually really cool
  • Ebisu: Innocent fish child
  • Kofuku: We are all secretly married to her
  • Daikoku: NO YOURE NOT!!!
  • Nora: Jealous shit from hell :)
  • The dad: Croc-wearing trash daddy