Darling, just hold on.

A little over a year ago I wrote a post about Louis and the work he (and by extension Jay) did for the Believe in Magic charity ball. In it I spoke about how to me, of all his achievements, this is where Louis shone brightest. In this space of love, in this beautiful thing. I don’t think anyone on that loveliest of days could have imagined this particular day coming to pass in such a way, and definitely not so very soon.

Johannah Darling. That’s one of my earliest memories of this bright, beautiful, funny and fierce woman. Be it posting about her never ending pride in her children, highlighting the plight of others and finding ways to help, of her joy as she found her own personal happiness, or sharing little bits of a lifetime with Louis with the fandom, all the small things only a parent would know, she was a darling indeed.

As time went on and the brighter Louis, and her other children began to shine, we could see how she dedicated herself to working with so many charities, organising meetings and events, and probably countless things we will never know of, in the name of doing what she could with where life had brought her. In the words of the son she loved so very well, to make someone happy today.

Darling, just hold on.

Jay, I didn’t know you. I never will. But like so very many right now, I feel like I did. You always felt like a bright, warm hug to the fandom, a mum to us all in some ways. There are so many fandom memories with you right at the centre. Reaching out with love and a smile, because that’s what you did. You didn’t just make someone happy for a day. You made so many someones happy for so very, very many of them.

There is so much I want to thank you for. Thank you for Louis. For all he is, and was, and will be. Thank you for sharing all your babies with us, your own, so special every one, and for those you helped others bring into the world. Thank you for Mutual Mummies, thank you for Boo Bear, thank for sharing six wild and wonderful years in this fandom with us, always with such love and understanding to strangers, all while being so very protective of those closest to you. Thank you for using your platform to help so many others in the time you could. I hope we all can carry on that legacy in some way, through even the smallest of things.

On that wonderful day late last summer, you and Louis did a beautiful thing. It will remain forever one of my favourite fandom memories, one of the proudest, filled with so much love. I’m sorry your time here was so short, but I’m happy that it was filled with such capacity for love and for giving. And best of all, you did the most beautiful thing you could. You raised a child who went out into the world and who in turn reached out to so many others. All that love. All that giving. In all your marvellous children. Each one bright and beautiful, I hope that love and giving lives on. I am proud to have known you, even just a little. I am proud to have learned how to give just a little bit more.

Darling, just hold on.

There are so many parts of you the world will never know. We are all of us made up of so many things, a tangle of atoms, one world into the next. To those who loved you best; be it as a wife, a mother, a daughter, or a friend, I send all that love you sent out into the world back to them. I hope it surrounds them now when they need it most. I hope they hold on to each other through the days and pain to come. The grief now is part of the love then.

Darlings, all of you, just hold on to the love she gave you. Just hold on.



tumblr is mad depressing, you are all so so negative.. all I see is “why did u leave” “you broke me” “lost myself while trying to find you” like DAMN. put a little smile to ya day, remember how much worse it could be and be thankful for what you got, I went to the city last week to give food to the homeless AKA people without homes, they haven’t eaten in days, weeks, maybe months… is your life really that bad? Take a second to look around, at the positive things and appreciate the world you live. Don’t even try to hit me with that “I can’t think of anything positive” because YOU’RE FUCKING BREATHING. There are people dying every day, and you’re complaining because a boy/girl doesn’t like u back.. BELIEVE ME, I know it’s hard, BUT GET OVER IT. Everything happens for a fucking reason. But damn. People take so much for granted now a days and I’m really sorry for the rant, and this isn’t towards anyone in specific… but by taking a break off social media recently, you realize how much people aren’t thankful for once you go back on. This is also me leaving again. I’ll stay on Instagram and YouTube, maybe Snapchat, but I really can’t continue to watch people take their lives for granted anymore. Ya’ll are making me feel depressed. Everyone has their own shit going on, but We as a whole are so god damn lucky. Stop wasting time and go do something with your life, go make something of yourself. Sorry again for the rant. Hope you guys have a good day.

I know that karasuno wins in this episode but let’s talk about shiratorizawa’s reactions to loosing

You just see exhaustion in tendou’s face and if you are wondering about the mysterious sentence “farewell, my paradise”, it gets explain later on the episode. 

The rage in semi’s face. And the shock! they can’t even process that

They are in a state were they can’t even feel anything due to the shock. 

But then it hits

Ant I mean, I’m happy that karasuno won, but this breaks my heart

To clarify tendou’s “farewell, my paradise”:


this was tendou satori’s last game. He was saying goodbye to volleyball, his paradise, his safe haven

(don’t cry) mission failed


Bones Farewell message to the cast and crew from Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz


After my wedding headcanon post i started thinking a lot about Yurio and Otabek’s wedding and really all i have to say about that is, yes, it’s boring as fuck, and yes it spurs Victor into having ANOTHER wedding with Yuri he’s so extra disappointed (he’s so extra in general), but what I failed to mention is that Yurio also wears a cheetah print thong under his white slacks. It’s so fuckin obvious. All night (ten minutes actually Yurio and Otabek don’t have time for the frilly shit) The Squad is asking, “Should we tell him?” No one tells him. His fashion sense still sucks at nineteen. Phichit takes pictures and selfies with his cheetah clad ass in the background. Posts them the next day, much to Seung-gil’s dismay. “Farewell,” he says, thinking about the future without Phichit. About how mad Yurio is going to be. And how weak his insta obsessed husband is. “I warned him.”

Yurio kicks Phichit’s ass. “So worth it,” Phichit whispers through tears. “It went viral…” His dying words.

(Phichit is a Drama King™ he’s not dying he just has a bloody nose)

Otabek apologizes and promises Seung-gil he’s working on teaching Yurio better manners. He’s really not. Lowkey high fives his angry Russian husband.

Goodbye, Miss Miyazaki 

Last year we celebrated the birthday of Miss Miyazaki, a Japanese Friendship Doll given to the Minneapolis Public Library in 1931. This year, we bid Miss Miyazaki farewell, as she embarks on a new stage of her life at the Minnesota Historical Society @mnhistory.

The Miss Miyazaki Doll is one of 58 “Dolls of Gratitude” created to foster goodwill between the United States and Japan and ease tensions related to the Immigration Act of 1924.Each doll was named after a city or region in Japan and had kimonos, and accessories like tea sets complete with cups, saucers and tea preparation bowls, that reflected a particular city or region.The dolls traveled to various schools throughout the United States. In that process, the dolls, clothing and other accessories became mixed up.

In 1931, the Miss Miyazaki doll came to  Minneapolis Central Library. The doll was on exhibit at the library possibly up into the 1980’s when the exhibit room it was housed in closed. The doll was transferred to locked storage in the stacks and was brought out infrequently for storytime. The doll has been in storage since 2002.

In 2011 the book The Friendship Doll by Kirby Larson brought renewed interest in the dolls. The University of Nebraska Museum is committed to locating each of the 58 dolls that were distributed to all 50 states. After reading the book in 2011, former Hennepin County librarian Maggie Snow, who is now director of Anoka County Library, contacted the University of Nebraska Museum to inform them that HCL had Miss Miyazaki.

In 2012, Japanese doll expert Alan Scott Pate visited HCL and affirmed that Miss Miyazaki is an authentic friendship doll. While the body of the doll is actually Miss Tokushima, the clothing is Miss Miyazaki’s.

Just like a well-used library book, the doll and its accessories have had some damage over the years. The clothing has faded and there is cracking in the porcelain head and hands. Initial estimates for repairs were in the $10’s of thousands of dollars. There are also many customs that accompany the doll – the doll must be repaired in Japan, local dignitaries are expected to travel with the doll and extravagant celebrations upon her arrival back in the US are expected. While our Special Collections and Preservation staff have great expertise in caring and repairing for antique books, a doll requires very different expertise.

In discussing the matter with the community (specifically, the Minnesota Doll Jamboree group), with library staff and with other stakeholders, it was agreed that the organization in the best position to house Miss Miyazaki and take lead in restoring her would be the Minnesota Historical Society. In October, Miss Miyazaki was brought to MHS for review. MHS has committed to repairing Miss Miyazaki and placing her on display for all Minnesotans to enjoy. They officially accepted the doll on November 10.

KSP Weekly: Farewell John Glenn...

Welcome to KSP Weekly, everyone! Yesterday we heard the sad news of John Glenn’s passing, a true hero that inspired generations and continues to do so with his legacy and achievements. Here at the KSP HQ we mourn and honour him. But despite the sad news, we also released our latest patch this week, which always means a lot of work. Without further ado, let’s begin!

As we’ve mentioned in previous editions of KSP weekly, we have been working on some awesome new things which are still in the design phase. We’re sure you’ll really enjoy it, but we are unable to say much publicly about it, yet… You all just have to be patient. But we think that patience will pay off!

This week the QA team had a quite a lot on their plate, testing, cleaning up and verifying fixes for the successful 1.2.2 release. Aside from that, localization testing continues at a frantic pace to ensure that all characters fit properly and that the keyboard layouts work properly for all languages.

To wrap the QA activity log, Sal vager, one of our dear colleagues, wrote this small poem, what does he mean, I wonder?

Testing of secrets
New things and old
Things of a nature
That cannot be told
Changes are coming
Something that might
For most of us be
An interesting sight

Likewise on the programming front, the team spent this week polishing up the fixes in 1.2.2 as well as on localization efforts. As you can imagine there are more than a few strings in the game that need translation ;)

Some of these efforts include finishing up the contract backstory tweaks and working on the name generator for kerbals in other languages. This consisted of parsing a text file to create probability tables in each language - these indicate the probability of a letter following another letter. Something that says the letter A has 50% chance of being followed by E and 50% of being followed by F, and so forth, which is then used to build names that suit the language style. We are trying to make it work with all languages using different alphabets, and can then get these lists looked at for feedback from the translators helping us with the other texts. Additionally we have been working on some visual issues regarding struts and a few minor things on the tracker.

The art team has been very busy too, creating images for the various winter sales KSP is going to have, fun things like wallpapers and papercrafts, which we hope you’re collecting, and there was work on some other things, that we can’t talk about publicly yet.

Remember the Kerbals Around The World Contest? These were the 5 most voted entries. Congratulations to the winners! Your rewards are coming your way!

On another note, next week we celebrate our 5th anniversary and Christmas is coming up, so we decided to do something special as a way to say “Thank You!” to all KSP players.On December 12th at 17:00 UTC we will be launching the “KriSPmas Present Delivery” Event! Learn more about it here!

Finally, we to remind you that the Kerbal Kalendar initiative goes on, where we will be uploading little collectibles in our forum. You can learn learn more about it here and there will be great giveaways for you as well! We will make all the collectibles available again after the contest is over.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to join us on our official forums, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned for more exciting and upcoming news!

Happy launchings!

Why didnt they didn’t show the part with shiratorizawa where ushijima spoke to each non-third year member individually and basically bid them farewell by advising them on what they could improve on so they could continue being a strong team??

Like. That part cemented that he’s a decent guy. A reminder that ushiwaka -the monsterous volleyball idiot- is the captain of a high school volleyball club who loves the sport with his whole damn heart. That part cemented that, yeah shiratorizawa are the antagonists, but they are also still another volleyball team that wants to win -just like everyone else. And to do that, they’re gonna keep working hard. Just like everyone else.

The last we got of any glimpse of shiratorizawa was ushiwaka confronting kageyama and hinata and that’s it. Them boom award ceremony and victury dinner. They even went as far as to introduce the youth training camps too. We’ll be seeing some shiratorizawa members in the training camp, sure. But to have the season end like this without showing that aspect of shiratorizawa is… unfair.

I was thinking that maybe they’d put that scene in somewhere in the future. (Like as a flashback for goshiki during the camp or whatever). But that’d be kind of odd tbh. Loved the episode but shiratorizawa deserved better than this.