Someone sitting in your lap and their warm body pins you down and they have to go but you don’t let them off of you. Ocasionally you can see their legs fidgeting and their hands tapping where they sit.
Suddenly, their legs tighten around you and you feel something. You think to let them off but for some reason you can’t say it. They beg, saying they’re going to wet themselves and that it would be in your lap.

But even though you’re trapped under them, the real one trapped is them, for you won’t let them get up despite their pleas.

There are more spurts and you can hear it and feel it absorb into your pants as well and they tighten their legs. You trace your fingers on their shoulder and through their hair and down their neck telling them to relax and they give a faint moan and they sigh loudly in relief as their legs loosen and relax on either side of you. You can feel the strong warmth soaking the both of you, followed by their hands and legs trembling. Color comes to their face as they lean their head back relieved and embarrassed and drenched, wetting forcefully. You stare them in the eyes when they nervously look back at you, not letting them get up until they’re done. 

Clone Wars

Most of the recent retro RPGs I’ve seen are bits and pieces of early versions of D&D and AD&D stitched together with house rules and animated by the unholy power of 3rd Edition and the OGL.

Which is cool and all, but there were other RPGs in the 70’s.  Tunnels & Trolls, RuneQuest, Traveller and The Fantasy Trip, for example.

For legal reasons, people can’t clone those the way they clone D&D, but I don’t see why people couldn’t take inspiration from those games to produce something new.  You know, like people did back in the day.

So, does anyone know of any old-school or retro RPGs out there that aren’t based on d20 and the OGL?