So, most of us have probably seen Dan literally buy running gear (x), not to mention his new year videos on ‘going to the gym’ (x) and 'hiring a personal trainer’ (x). Oh and the fact that if he doesn’t do any exercise we can send him dead babies in the post (x).

Now many many of us including myself lack motivation to get fit and just end up procrastinating until the sunrises and sets again (YouTube marathons and eatathons anyone!?) but together we can do something about it.  

This is my resolution - Why can’t all Phans virtually 'run alongside’ Dan to motivate not only him to start running, but each other as well? We can record our progress and share in our achievements because after all, we are one large Phansplosion community. 

So in conclusion, in 2015, I call all Phans, all Tiny planet explorers, all Crabstickz, to run for at least 10 minutes, twice a week (or more if you prefer). 

From there, follow these steps:

1. Take a selfie or a photo of you running 

2. Upload it to Tumblr for practical evidence along with information about how long you ran for

3. Include the tag #run with dan 

(The same can be done with Twitter, just use the hashtag #runwithdan

And hopefully doing this, Dan can join in and succeed in his continuous resolution, and we can all succeed together. 


So, starting January the 1st, good luck <3 


But why does KickThePj not have AT LEAST 1 million subscribers. I know that probably sounds silly, and that It should not be about numbers, but god damn it, Pj’s content is always so amazing and creative. I believe he is one of the most original youtubers, who always works so hard to put out the most magnificent content he can. Sometimes I just find it slightly annoying that he is not given the time of day that he deserves.