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The sad part of teaching- can’t have the whole sticker set on my laptop cause middle schoolers

The best part- the fact that Cas is dabbing is LITERALLY DRIVING STUDENTS INSANE they need to understand but there is nothing. There is only REASONS and BECAUSE and they get so mad and it’s amazing.

Thanks, @vinnie-cha for the *~magical~* stickers!!

The Family Business







































(Always room for more. Want on the list? Send me an ask.)

The Family Business Masterlist

Summary: The year is 1925 and New York City is at its height of its glory. The reader has just moved there and is pulled into a world of glitz and glam. But underneath it all is a world of violence and war. Will the reader be pulled into a battle she can never escape, and will she lose her heart to a forbidden love?

Pairing: Gangster!Dean x Reader Mafia AU

Infernum: Part 1

Inquisition: Part 2

Family Feud: Part 3

Assignment: Part 4

“So these… are the accounts for the Pelopponese?”


“And this sigil is for Aunt Hestia, isn’t it? This is her region.”

“That would be correct.”

“I can see why you’re so good at this.”

In which Persephone sits on the lord of the dead for laughs and general annoying, then actually gets interested and turns to be good at the family business