The Factions of Entropic Horizons

NOTE - in both the canon Dragon Age and Entropic Horizons universes, religion is inherently political and politics are inherently religious. We are unable to separate the two and to try is to misunderstand how these societies work.

The Inquisition

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Technically founded as a heretical organization, the Inquisition has now been legitimized by the Chantry and is considered an arm of the Chantry much as the Templars and Seekers are.

The Inquisition has become powerful in a short period of time, with alliances from Ferelden and the Rebel Mages bolstering it’s numbers. As the efforts to close the breach and the Rifts in spacetime became known in the System, individuals have flocked to the Inquisition to pledge their service.

Style of Worship

As a result of the Heralds of Andraste, and the Inquisitor’s actions, the Inquisition has developed somewhat of a Cult following with small shrines appearing to the Heralds and Inquisitor herself. Gifts of green items are left there, and the shrines are often styled after Andrastian shrines, only with green candles instead of red, and fire surrounding a hand instead of the Bride of the Maker herself. The Chantry has yet to comment on this development, but the Inquisition knows that once Corypheus is defeated, the Chantry will not suffer a rival, even an unwilling one.


  • To protect the people of the Thedan system from the holds being torn in reality, no matter which nation, which race or which religion 
  • To defeat Corypheus and prevent the destruction of the system
  • To root out Corypheus’s agents and prevent them from forcing the System into chaos
  • To do what must be done, no matter how dire the circumstances

Key Actors

  • The Inquisitor - Milliara Lavellan. Reluctantly. An Atheist herself, Milliara is deeply uncomfortable with the growing worship of her role.
  • The Heralds of Andraste - Maeve Trevelyan and Milliara Lavellan, both survived the conclave and for a time shared the Anchor between them in a quantum entanglement that had the Anchor exist on both their hands at the same time. This ended when Milliara forced herself to close a Temporally unsound rift by Redcliffe and the strange magic forced the Anchor out of it’s Quantum state. It was only chance that Milliara ended up with it, or Divine Providence, if you listen to the whispers that follow her.
  • The Advisors
    • Leliana Nightingale - Spymaster and former rival of Milliara’s in the Game.
    • Josephine Montilyet - Ambassador of the Inquisition. Similarly knew Milliara from her days at Court, but not as well.
    • Cullen Rutherford - Commander of the Inquisition, has met  various of the Inquisition members before his current role.
  • Ferelden Ambassador - Rythlen Theirin, Hero of Ferelden and beloved Queen and Media Darling. She’s also an advisor to the Inquisitor on how to handle the pressures and media attention involved in saving the world(s)
  • Olesian Ambassador - Baron Frederic Rousseau, formerly Milliara’s lover, and formerly a Captain of Gaspard’s Chevaliers, Frederic now serves with the Inquisition.


  • Technically the Chantry though this relationship is strained at best
  • Ferelden
  • Parts of Orlais
  • The Rebel Mages
  • Many True Believers that the Inquisitor is Andraste’s Herald come to save them from the devastation of the Breach.

Rivals and Enemies

  • The Chantry, unofficially.
  • Corypheus
  • Red Templars
  • The Venatori
  • The Grey Wardens
  • Parts of Orlais
  • Some Loyal Mages
  • Bears

The Chantry

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With the loss of the senior stratum of it’s society at the Conclave, the Chantry is in disarray. There are no prominent Mother Superiors who will be able to step into the role of Divine and rally the people and nations behind them.

Many Chantry devotees are embittered and afraid of the Inquisition, and while publicly they support the actions of the Inquisitor, all is not well. An upstart elf cannot be allowed to change all that Outer Thedas holds sacred.

Style of Worship

  • heavily ritualized and regulated worship of the Maker led by female priests known as Mothers or Mother Superiors
  • The head of the Chantry is the Divine
  • Worship through Fire and the Sun as symbols of Andraste’s immolation
  • red candles, red and white robes with sun insignias
  • cremation of the dead


  • To maintain the status quo
  • Control mages as they are a danger to others
  •  Guide Andrastians along the true path

Key Actors

  • Most prominent Chantry figures died in the explosion at the conclave


  • Most Thedan nations (except the Qun, Tevinter, Orzammar and the Dalish)
  • They are the True Power in the Thedas system

Rivals and Enemies

  • Rebel Mages
  • The Mage known as Anders
  • The Inquisitor (perceived but not entirely wrong)
  • Corypheus

Rebel Mages

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With the terrorist attack on Kirkwall’s chantry by the mage known as ‘Anders’, the simmering rebellion exploded. Circle after circle saw mages revolt and break free from their prisons. However not everyone agreed as to how to proceed.


  • To free Mages from the oppression enforced on them by the Chantry and the Templars
  • To have basic rights that have been denied to them 
  • To demolish the system of Circles and Templar jailors/enforcers
  • to support the Inquisition

Key Actors

  • Anders
  • Grand Enchanter Fiona


  • The Inquisition
  • Mage Sympathizers

Rivals and Enemies

  • The Chantry
  • The Nights Templar

Loyalist Mages

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  • rebuild the network of Circles that protected Mages and protected the peoples of Thedas FROM mages

Key Actors

  • Vivienne de Fer


  • The Chantry
  • People afraid of magic
  • Remaining Templars

Rivals and Enemies

  • The Rebel Mages
  • The Inquisition

Nights Templar / Red Templars

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The Order of the Nights Templar (not a typo) are theoretically guardians of mages, there to protect them from becoming possessed. In reality, they are guards and jailors both as well as the Chantry’s Millitary arm.

The order’s name comes from the need to be willing to step into the darkness and bring their own light to where Abominations, blood mages and demons reside. Sometimes they were referred to as 'matches’ by rebel mages, referring to both the idealised view of a Templar, and the propensity for hot-headedness and the 'branding’ of Tranquils.

What remains of the Order after the conclave has split between supporting the Inquisition and joining Corypheus under Sampson. Red Templars have been corrupted by ingesting Red Lyrium, and range in disfigurement from minor to horrific crystalline monsters.


  • To protect the people of Thedan worlds from Abominations, blood mages and other dangers that mages present
  • To regulate the use of magic and supervise Circles
  • To eliminate threats posed by Mages 

Key Actors

  • Formerly:
    • Cullen Rutherford
    • Theseus Trevelyan
    • Captain Rylen
  • Red Templars
    • Raleigh Samson


  • The Chantry (formerly)
  • Loyal Mages (formerly)
  • Corypheus
  • The Venatori

Rivals and Enemies

  • Rebel Mages
  • The Inquisition

The Seekers

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The Seekers are a whispered name among the Faithful. They’re the secret police of the Chantry, meant to oversee and hold the Chantry accountable for any offenses against the Mages and it’s Faithful.

The problem is, they’re nowhere to be found when Thedas needs them the most.

Status: MIA


  • The Watchdog of the Templars and police of the Chantry
  • to seek the truth and hold the Chantry accountable

Key Actors

  • Cassandra Pentaghast

The Grey Wardens

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The Wardens are legendary fighters, and prominent figures after the Fifth Blight, whether they want to be or not. Unfortunately the Wardens of outer Thedas have gone missing, and those that have been found are worried about a universal Calling on Orlais’s surface.

The Wardens wear Grey and blue armor, often battered and bearing battle scars.

Status: MIA


  • To kill darkspawn and defend the system from Blights

Key Actors

  • Rythlen Theirin (Formerly) - Hero and Queen of Ferelden
  • Alistair Theirin(Formerly) - Veteran of the 5th Blight, Ry’s husband
  • Kalieth Surana - Warden Enchanter
  • Carver Hawke - Senior Warden of Kirkwall/Free Marches

Rivals and Enemies

  • Corypheus
  • The Inquisition
  • Demons
  • Darkspawn
  • Other Wardens

The Venatori

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Not much is known about this cult, other than they wish to see Corypheus made into a true god, and are willing to kill anyone in their way to achieve that goal.

One would imagine it rankles that a base elf, a being good only for slavery, is the main opponent stopping their God from ascending. Worse yet the elf is winning.


  • Tear apart the veil to allow Corypheus to become a true god.
  • Achieve power over the broken remains of the system

Key Actors

  • Corypheus
  • Gereon Alexius
  • Livius Erimond

Rivals and Enemies

  • The Inquisition
  • Ferelden

Legion of the Chevaliers

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Orlais’ most respected and most feared fighting force, the Chevaliers have sided with their General Gaspard in the Orlesian Civil war. The Chevaliers are known to be one of the most disciplined and successful armies in the entire system, even though rumours abound that the Nobles in their ranks don’t always act so noble.

Elves in particular suffer at the hands of the Chevaliers. Any complaints against a Chevalier are found baseless, and unless the elf who is lodging the complaint has a patron of similar noble rank, the complainant goes missing shortly after.

Before the Halamshiral Alienage was purged, every year the graduating class of Chevalier officers would get drunk and descend to the elven slums to 'christen’ their swords. Both the ceremonial swords bestowed upon them at their graduation and their 'metaphorical’ ones.


  • To serve and protect the Emperor/Empress of Orlais.

Key Actors

  • Gand-Duc and General Gaspard
  • Baron and Captain Frederic Rousseau
  • Michel du Chevin (Formerly)

Rivals and Enemies

  • Celene, Empress of Orlais
  • Elves in general

Orlesian Bards

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Orlais is infamous for it’s high stakes version of court. Life and death, and beyond, The Game is a constant battle of wits, politics, and blackmail that nobles uses to jostle for position in the Lion’s Court. However the moves are truly played out by third parties instead of the nobles themselves. Orlesian Bards act on behalf of nobles who prefer to keep their own hands clean.  They entertain the court and their patrons by gathering blackmail, stealing information or occasionally, assassinating a fellow player.

Most outsiders are unaware of the two tiers of Bards, and assume that the nobles who play at barddom are on similar footing as the 'pet’ bards kept on retainer by Nobles and houses.  They aren’t. Although the Game is deadly to all who play, young nobles who act as Bard are seen as less expendable than the 'pets’. 

Needless to say, the life of Pet Bard is short one.


  • To act on behalf of their patron, or to entertain the court by playing the Grand Game.

Key Actors

  • Formerly
    • Milliara Lavellan - Pet Bard of Baron Frederic Rousseau
    • Leliana Nightingale - Pet Bard of Marjolaine
    • Josephine Montilyet - Noble Bard, independent
  • Florianne’s Bards

Allies and Supporters

  • Celene I
  • Patron Nobles of the Orlesian Court

Rivals and Enemies

  • Other Bards
  • Orlesian Noblility

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Dear God, Give us back Leonard And we will give you William.....

Dear Star Trek fandom,

It seems your village idiot has lost his way. I’m sure you all noticed. Please collect him ASAP, as we’re all full up in these parts and his presence has become… Tew. Murch. Please and thank you kindly.

Outlander Fandom, all sects and factions.


Vitus history- The Faction wars



“I want to achieve… Immortality.”


You can count me in as being very, very intrigued by Mei and Ling. The plot thickens!

We’ve been looking at a “Military vs. Homunculus” story so far. Might we be seeing a third faction added to the mix? Who will they side with… if at all?

Looking for Contact

Marlis Starling

Alchemist | Fleshcrafter | Teacher

Marlis is currently looking to start her Back-alley body modification business. Looking for those interested in changing their character’s appearance. Marlis can change things such bone structure, eye color, hair color and beyond. Of course these services don’t come free, though she doesn’t only accept gold.

Looking for all types of RP partners! OOCly I can be shy at times, so I see that putting a little notice like this helps at times.

Types of RP I’m looking for : Mad Scientists, Experimentation, Gorey, Dark and even some fluffy dark humor. I give full consent to any interactions that may be dark or borderline. Though a heads up is greatly appreciated before engaging. That being said I would appreciate if those who were engaging in mature themes be of legal age. I’m also completely open for cross-faction and AU rp.

Places where I prefer to RP: Discord (Wirt#6985) and In Game (Character name is United) Also…here! Though my replies may be a little slower on tumblr! Do be warned!

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Do something kind of unsettling I realised back when Chris Sims was doing posts about reading IDW for the first time is that in a lot of continuities the war is kind of racial one. Like the Decepticons are evil because they are Decepticons as opposed to being Decepticons because they're evil, if that make sense.

Well, that’s how it starts. But violent movements attract violent people, and that’s where it starts coming apart. The Decepticons might have held certain views about how their planet worked that they wanted to fight against that were laudible, but never forget that that eventually evolved into a full-on anti-organic stance that the vast majority of them were happy to go along with because, largely, they were bad people. Megatron acknowledged this himself in All Hail Megatron when he observed that the Decepticons had strayed far from the original purpose he had created them for, and had become full of killers and monsters, and that he would have to destroy the faction and rebuild it again once the war was over to eliminate such undesirables.

  • Karamel: *binges show about geopolitical royal and military factions who vie for the throne, many of whom hide their identities for years to stay alive in hostile territory*
  • Kara: Six season in and winter still hasn't come.
  • Viewers: *look at the camera like they're on The Office*
  • TV: *hostile aliens appear demanding Mon-El*
  • Karamel: *go to the alien ship to talk with hostile aliens*
  • Mon-El: These are my parents the King and Queen of Daxam.
  • Kara: Which makes you.... *don't say it*
  • Mon-El: The Prince.
Upcoming Faction Transmogs

Every weekend I will continue to post transmog sets based on an in-game faction. Some of you have requested faction-based mogs, which I took into consideration when deciding the order in which to posts these. The main pattern for the next few months will be a set of Alliance mogs, followed by Horde mogs, followed by Dragonflight mogs. Here is the schedule for the near future.

3/25 - Blue Dragonflight

4/01 - Darnassus

4/08 - Thunderbluff

4/15 - Bronze Dragonflight

4/22 - Gnomeregan

4/29 - Bilgewater Cartel

5/06 - Red Dragonflight

5/13 - Exodar

5/20 - Silvermoon

5/27 - Black Dragonflight

I will also, of course, still be working on all the great requests I’ve received, and posting them as soon as they’re ready. I hope to soon reopen my request page so everyone can have a mog they love!


[OOC] I realized. After reading Gal’s post. I NEVER OOCly introduced myself on tumblr! D: -Points Up- Dat dork ish me. Unfortunately, that’s the most recent thing I have 3: –And err yes, I MAY have had a dubsmash problem. I’ve gotten help. -Cough-

Anyway! For OOC note. My name is Samantha! I’m one of two GMs of Chatterskull Inc. I main Olivia Daaé. I’m former Horde. Was Horde for FIVE YEARS without EVER making an alliance toon. </3

ANYYYYWAAYYYY. If you wanna RP I’m a bitch Icly, but super nice OOCly. Add me on btag Silhouette#12190 <3 I Cross-faction as well for those interested. 
I’ll probably never post another pic/vid of myself–sooo enjoy the Kim Possible theme song! 

Just called my Republican congresswoman. When I asked if she’d decided how she was voting on the new healthcare bill the answer was “she hasn’t made a public statement” which probably means she is still being pressed from the various factions surrounding this fiasco of a bill. I told the staffer that I am from the congresswoman’s hometown (I am) and urged her to vote NO.

I’m hopeful, because in the past she’s introduced bills to help poor women get access to free/inexpensive birth control, which is opposite of what so many of those “conservative” white men want. *fingers crossed*

Small Update

This probably happened when I was organizing things elsewhere, but a m

small update occurred. I didn’t get a good look at it but I noticed something about fixing a Conq bug and fixes for the invite system on Xbox.

I also got a set of “Legacy” skins for each hero. They all have the same cholor scheme of green/white, but each faction has at least three-four new emblems/tattoos for their heroes. Unfortunately it states that you only get these by pre-ordering the game…a month ago…(but if you did get these if you didn’t pre-order than ignore this)

EDIT: You actually get three new color schemes: Knight Attack, Defense, and Neutral. Attack is Red/White/Black, Defense is Blue/Black/White, and Neutral is Green/Black/White.

If Edmure did use the Ford defence strategy you suggest and managed to bottle up the Lannisters, and thus stopping the riverlands from getting run through and wrecked, long enough for Robb to arrive with reinforcements and thus leaving the Lannisters stuck in the west, what is the Lannisters’ next moves? What does each of Tywin/Kevan/Jaime/Clegane, Tyrion/Clansmen, and Cersei/Joffrey do instead as their next move? Likewise, what does each of the other factions like Stannis, Renly, Varys, and Littlefinger do differently?

Well, I imagine Tywin, Kevan, Jaiime, and Tyrion would re-orientate their armies to get down the Gold Road to defend King’s Landing from both north and south.

As for the other factions, well, Renly might walk more gently with the Starks since they’d have more troops in the field/be less bogged down in their own lands. But otherwise I see stuff happening close to OTL - Stannis still needs Renly’s army, etc.

Favourite bits of Gallifrey lore from assorted actual Who stories (with varying levels of obscurity)
  • Gallifreyan dreams can seep into human dreams when they sleep together skin-to-skin
  • There are brothels in the Capitol lowtown
  • Rassilon stole regeneration from the Great Vampires
  • The Great Vampires may or may not also have been a living ophidian timeline multiform from outside the universe tearing its own time-flesh to shreds whose tainted neverwere Gallifreyan descendants make for really cool bone masks if you try hard enough 
  • Omega called Rassilon “Raz”
  • There’s at least one timeline where Rassilon and Omega were lovers
  • Say you’re a Gallifreyan and you accidentally end up investigating your own gruesome suicide on your first day at a new job try psychically melting into your President for a bit
  • The Doctor played lead perigosto stick for the Gallifrey Academy Hot Five until the Faculty closed them down (the Master was on drums)
  • Regeneration can be messed with so if you kinda want to be a bird or a worm or an H.P. Lovecraft character or a sentient patch of haze that can become an entire planetary ecosystem go for it
  • Gallifrey has a whole lotta cults on it and kicking them off the planet never quite works 
  • This one time the Corsair’s TARDIS and this one other TARDIS eloped and the Doctor had to step in and forcibly drag her back out of the Vortex again
  • This one time the Great Houses went and time-cloned Chris Cwej into an army
  • This one time Rassilon took Borusa and stuck a bunch of tubes into his flesh Junji Ito style to connect him directly to time itself 
  • TARDISes can eat each other
  • There’s something inside one of Gallifrey’s suns
The Truth’s Never Been this Hard

Request: Please could you write a Four/Tobias x reader where (Y/n) is best friends with Tris and is in love with Four, but refuses to admit that due to her friendship with Tris. When Four requests the three of them be put on trial in Candor using a truth serum, (Y/N) is nervous, but believes nothing about her feelings will come up, but they do.

For: Anon

Word Count: 1342

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Everything was so complicated.

Tobias was in love with Tris.

Tris was in love with Tobias.

Not that hard right?

At least not until someone realizes that you, Tris’ best friend, was also in love with Tobias.

Then things got wonky.

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