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Captain America: Civil War Movie Storyline:
❝ Following the events of Age of Ultron, the collective governments of the world pass an act designed to regulate all superhuman activity. This polarizes opinion amongst the Avengers, causing two factions to side with Iron Man or Captain America, which causes an epic battle between former allies ❞

Movie Details :
▪ Release Date : 2016-05-06
▪ Casts : Chadwick Boseman, Jeremy Renner, Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, Martin Freeman, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Emily VanCamp, Robert Downey Jr., Ray Sahetapy, Daniel Brühl, Chris Evans, William Hurt, Anthony Mackie, Paul Rudd, Damion Poitier, Frank Grillo
▪ Runtime :


The taxi pulled up once more at the BC house. Business was always better when the Bachelor Challenge aired; in fact, the neighbourhood all liked to watch it, and already posters were being placed around town and high schoolers divided into factions based on who they wanted to win. They were like celebrities in this town.

Rhody managed to return to his usual welcoming position before the woman stepped out of the taxi. She trotted over to the host, and reached out for his hand, hers cool in his. “It’s nice to finally arrive,” she said, her voice high and smooth.

“Has the journey been difficult?”

“A delayed change, but nothing too hectic.” She smiled sweetly and turned towards the camera. “Do I…?” she trailed off and pointed towards it.

“Yes, please do introduce yourself.”

So since this has come up a lot lately...

I’ve seen lots of people talking about how Raven and/or Apple were being selfish or problematic during the Royal/Rebel drama, and since I think about this a lot, I thought I would share my thoughts. I also wanted to address the destruction of the Storybook of Legends in WTW because many people think Apple’s change of opinion was too sudden. Keep in mind this is only my opinion of the situation and it’s ok if you don’t agree with me. Keep in mind also that I have yet to read the books, so my point of view is limited to the webisodes and specials.

This is pretty long so it’s going under a read more.

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LFRP - Looking for Role Play Podcast

Attention all role players and those with a general interest in online communities, video games, art, acting, public speaking, character design, and fantasy environments!

A podcast designed just for you continues its second year broadcasting to the masses of role players, gamers, and online community members at large.

This podcast is for anyone interested in the concept of role play, regardless of your experience level or writing ability.

Join Turwinkle the Gnome Mage, Tarcanus Frostbourne (Purveyor of Pink Cakes and Portals) and Dravvie on an adventure through Azeroth, the Interwebs, and beyond!

Episode 51: Legion

Join Turwinkle, Tarcanus and Dravvie as they seek to conquer all topics related to role play, writing and the creative arts!

This week, they talk about the upcoming expansion to World of Warcraft, Legion! From all the role play advice, updates, tips, and lore you can handle to demon hunters, Dalaran, and preparing for new potential faction leaders, our hosts have you covered. They also update everyone on the start of the second year of the show and have more information about Blizzcon meetups and hangouts.

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Tamfrr Kord

age: unknown [ near impossible to determine, best estimate: three centuries ]
race: Feeorin
gender: male
orientation: asexual / grayromantic
birthplace: unknown 

  • retired Cuy’val Dar training Sergeant [ 09 Epsilon ]
  • unaffiliated Mandalorian [ refuses all known factions ]
  • member of the Bounty Hunters’ Guild [ unknown house ]

status: wandering Mercenary, affordable
residence: unknown
identifying marks:

  • – two head tendrils cleaved above the shoulder
  • – numerous scars across chest, back, and legs (usually hidden by armor or clothing) 

What you say is never as important as who you say it to.”

Tamfrr Kord. Old man. No specialty. Prefers to be placed in Medic position, if available. 

How old, you ask? So old. Old as balls.

Old enough to insist everyone calls him ba’buir – grandpa. 

He’s seen some osik in his day, that’s for sure, and he’s got another long couple decades left in front of him to go. That is, if he decides to retire from this dangerous life of hunting and fighting.

It’s hard to tell what he’ll choose to do, really. Sometimes it takes him the kind of time the average human wouldn’t dedicate to deliberation. 

I wish people would chill a bit.

I don’t get why people so VEHEMENTLY hate some of the female characters on Doctor Who. I especially don’t get this in regards to River Song, who is my favorite badass (and yet there’s a small faction who dismiss her as some kind of anti-feminist Mary Sue; can you imagine the character’s reaction if she heard that?!). I’ve read the arguments, and I’ve tried to do so with an open mind, but it always leaves me with the impression that the people arguing against River must be watching an entirely different show than I am. River is perfect and flawed and wonderful and terrible. And the biggest thing, the ONE thing that bothers me more than anything else, is when people use her love for the Doctor as an example of a weakness. Love is anything but weakness. Love is a choice, and the fact that River chooses to love in spite of how much easier it would be NOT to is truly an amazing testament to her character. 

There’s hatred for all the characters. I like some more than others, but why are people so vicious?

I don’t really care for Rose. I did, way back when she was the only companion I’d ever seen. Rewatching her now, especially in the early episodes, I personally find her shallow and self-centered. And honestly, a LOT of the companions have that element in the beginning. And it’s okay. It’s human. It’s why Donna is my favorite, and I can tell you the exact moment it happened for me: when they land in Pompeii, and she immediately is like, “Okay, we can gather everyone together and save them all!” Donna wants to help people without even thinking twice about it, and she’s consistent with that through her episodes, whereas a lot of the other characters DO have to think twice (although they make the right choices in the end). And a lot of the other characters need the Doctor to teach them to think of other people; Donna is the one who teaches him again. Selflessness and compassion are things I value, so I hold up all the other companions’ levels in comparison to Donna’s, and voila, she’s my favorite. But I don’t absolutely DESPISE the other companions. 

I don’t much like Clara’s story arc (especially not in season 7, though 8 is a bit better), but I still appreciate the good parts of the character. I see people who moan and groan about her and talk about how they can’t WAIT for her to leave the show, and how they hope she gets killed off. Why?! What does it say about rooting for someone to die, even a fictional someone? Especially one of the good guys!? 

I always found Martha boring. Even though she does some AWESOME things. I just didn’t really like her that much. But I don’t dislike her. I certainly don’t hate her. I readily admit that there are plenty of reasons to like the character; she just isn’t my favorite.

But even if I did vehemently hate a character, I really, really don’t understand the energy people put into telling other people why THEY should hate that character, too. Are people that easily offended? Are our sensibilities so fragile that everyone must agree with us? I may not like your opinion, but since when does that negate your right to have it?

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” ~Voltaire (probably)

Gender traitor” is such an amusing insult. Does that mean genders are at war with each other? That womanhood is something like a sacred oath? Or a faction? A Hogwarts house? Have you sworn allegiance to your gender today? Is there a system of faction points, and if so how do you earn them, why have I been kept in the dark about it for so long? So many questions. 

anonymous asked:

Hi, new to WoW. What is "twinking" your character? How can I do that?

Twinking is, sadly, mostly a relic of the past in which people would start low level PvP characters (most common were the level 19, 29, and 39 brackets back in ye olden days).  People gave their twinks the best possible enchants and gear and then just spent the day annihilating battlegrounds.

If you would like to start a twink, you would (of course) level up a character to your preferred level bracket.  As soon as you do that, you can turn off their XP in their respective faction capital.  Start buying up the best enchants (and gems if they have gear for it) as well as farming for the best gear in their bracket.  You’ll more than likely have to have a friend run you through some dungeons for some gear, but most days people take the easy route with heirloom items.


There are so few continuities that slow the Autobots to see all of the chaos and destruction they have caused as well (Trilogy is one lmao), and for as “bold” as these comics are trying to be, I would REALLY love for it to come up for them too. Ugh.

yeah exactly!! i feel like last stand of the wreckers came the closest, but after that, all of the narrative is all about how the decepticons are REALLY TERRIBLE, they’re DEFINITELY the bad guys, and the autobots, even after the war when there are no longer factions, remain the good guys overall

like windblade has done a few things to counteract this (chromia telling ironhide that painting the decepticons as pure evil for millions of years and always treating them that way means that it’s not exactly surprising for them to act so hostile) but it still always ends up with the autobots being the “right” way, pretty much. 

like grit leaving the decepticons in empire of stone. i understand he was disillusioned to their cause after that story but it just. seemed rather abrupt? like the narrative won’t allow a “good” bot to be a decepticon, they have to become a NAIL or an autobot, and that’s how you know, because you can’t be good AND be a decepticon right lmao

no matter what the autobots do, no matter how terribly they treat the decepticons after the war ends (a minor subplot in RID, where all the decepticons are kept in one run down decrepit area of the city while the autobots have power and free range) they’re still unanimously justified and Good. optimus prime literally pulls prowl out of jail to beat the shit out of him but i’m supposed to believe he’s still the ultimate good guy. ok

How to get to know someone:
  • Ask which Hogwarts house they’re in
  • Ask what their daemon is
  • Ask what their faction is
  • Ask who their godly parent would be
  • Ask which fantasy world they would live in