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And… here we go. The beginning of the end of Season 3. The plunge. Hope you are all ready, because Episode 44: Desperate Times is now live!

Part one of two. Still reeling from recent revelations, the crew plans to neutralize Colonel Kepler and the SI-5. But it’s not long before different factions insist on conflicting ways to overcome their enemies - and about the level of force the situation calls for. Plus, clinical descriptions, war crime fuel, different approaches to weasel-popping, situations of absolutely elephantine proportions, and a lovely set of steak knives.

Tonight’s episode was written and directed by Gabriel Urbina.

As always, a very special thank you to everyone who helps us to produce the show and to get it out there to find an audience. An especially loud shout out to all of our monthly backers at the Wolf 359 Patreon campaign. If you enjoy the show and want to help us close our third year in style, please consider signing up for a monthly donation - or at least leaving a review on our iTunes page!  

Stay tuned - there’s two more episodes left before the end of the season, and things are only going to go faster and faster…

anonymous asked:

Do you believe that there was English revanchism after they began to lose most of there lands in France that led up to the invasion of Edward the third?

To quote Wolf Hall:

“I hope he doesn’t think still of invading France.”

“God damn you! What Englishman does not! We own France. We have to take back our own…Mind you, you’re right…We can’t win,” the duke says, “but we have to fight as if we can. Hang the expense. Hang the waste - money, men, horses, ships. That’s what’s wrong with Wolsey, see. Always at the treaty table. How can a butcher’s son understand-”

“La gloire?”

So yes, if you look at English politics from the 15th century on, there was a good deal of revanchism. A good deal of the Wars of the Roses began as a split between the peace faction of the Duke of Somerset, his brother the Cardinal, and the Duke of  Suffolk, and the war party of Richard Duke of York and Humphrey Duke of Gloucester, who blamed Suffolk and Somerset’s military incompetence for the loss of much of England’s territories in France.

And you see the same tensions outlasting the Hundred Years War. When Edward IV went into exile in 1470, he went to Burgundy which had been England’s ally against France and where the Duke was Edward’s brother-in-law. Burgundy gave Edward the cash he needed to return to England when France declared war on Burgundy, making a friendly Yorkist king in England a useful check on French aggression. (Meanwhile France was a major supporter of the Lancastrian claim, due to their links to Marguerite d’Anjou.)

In 1475, Edward IV actually went to war with France and landed in Calais with 16,000 troops, but when Burgundy failed to follow through with military support, the French paid him 75,000 crowns plus a yearly pension of 50,000 crowns to forgo his claim to France and abandon Burgundy. Charles the Bold died two years later at the Battle of Nancy, leading to the collapse of the independent duchy of Burgundy and its incorporation into France. 

Richard III hadn’t been a huge fan of Edward IV’s deal with France, going so far as to refuse the pension that France had agreed to pay him, especially when France renewed its Auld Alliance with Scotland to keep the English busy, leading to war with Scotland in 1480. Richard’s well-known anti-French sympathies led the French government to provide troops to Henry Tudor to overthrow him. 

Henry VII repaid his French assistance with some rather spectacular double-dealing. When France supported Perkin Warbeck the imposter in a bid to keep England divided, Henry invaded Brittany. On the other hand, he was happy to be bought off with the French dropping Warbeck and giving him 742,000 crowns, even if this meant betraying Britanny, since he didn’t really care about regaining England’s lands in France. On a third hand, he allied himself with Spain and signed a peace deal with Scotland (in both cases through dynastic marriages) in an effort to isolate France. His more romantic son Henry VIII was very much interested in regaining England’s lands in France, and went to war with France in 1512, 1513, 1521, and 1544.

Note that the Kings of England maintained their claim to the French throne until 1i902. 

Saw a post saying “I wish I could make fallout 4 mods.” 

And I am on the same page. If I had the skills I would. Now here are some mods I would totally make if I had DA SKILLS! 

Firstly I would create a mod that would basically have the same quest line as Yes-Man in New Vegas.  

I want the Commonwealth to be mine. Fuck the other factions. So building up your own army using whatever equipment you can use. Like your army will have power armor? NCR ranger armor? How about those cheerleader outfits from the Legion? Shit make armor on your own and give them a nice ass outfit. I kinda like the Black Mass Effect suits (so I would totally put them in that e-e). 

A weather mod: Yes. I want more rain and fog. And limit the amount of sun you get. Look here, Fallout is a fucking depressing game, I need depressing elements. So heavier rain and darker nights.  (I think someone made this already but I want MORE RAIN)

Scarier Deathclaws: I want them to sound like they can actually give everyone nightmare fuel. Because after a couple of months of playing they just get kinda annoying and you’re like “Oh there’s one!” But now with fiercer roars from a deathclaw would be a nice change.    

Better children: The only mods I see for the children just makes it looks like they are given make up. Or dolls. Like…..I would take the vanilla children over them. Kinda want diverse and unique children.  As in their clothes and appearance. And different voice actors. Same child voice I fucking swear. 

A beginning replacer: Alternate Start is an option, but didn’t you fall in love with your spouse at first? Come on I worked hard on my Nora. And then I had to see my wife die. Like dayum okay. It kinda cockblocked me romancing anyone else e-e. So maybe with a replacer your spouse survives and your spouse is given a good QUALITY voice actor so they act just like a companion but they’re still your spouse. And giving them alot to say in the world of the Commonwealth about your choices and the people you talk to.  

 Better hair for men: Those mods out there that make guys look like they’re in some anime or they belong in that Final Fantasy: BackStreet boys edition needs to go. Immersive hairstyles please! Some hairstyles that look like your male characters were from the 40′s, 50′s, 60′s and there’s plenty of hairstyles come on. 

A family life in Fallout: I want a house. That doesn’t look like complete shit. Right? Sanctuary? So maybe with this mod it’ll have you craft a good looking home…..Good enough for fallout let’s just put that there. But to be fair, t’s been like 210 years, there should be some improvement going around. So the house should look kinda clean and simple. With the family side to the mod you’re able to adopt kids and have more little Shauns, you come home and the kids give you gifts or they chat your ear off about your day as your spouse tells you how well the kids were behaving. And having a family meal will boost your Charisma and playing with your children boosts endurance.   

Better clothing: I want better dresses and suits. Wtf is this potato ass looking dress? What’s that? And no not that mod that adds a dress that’s overly pretty as hell. No I want those 50′s and 60′s dresses. Come on. 

ilitarist  asked:

Why did PoE need 3 different factions in Defiance Bay? As I understand it's the only fork in the main quest. What did it achieve?

While I like the factions we developed for Defiance Bay, I don’t think we used them to their potential.  Defiance Bay has a few structural problems, the first of which is the three-way main quest split that sends you to Heritage Hill, Clîaban Rilag, and Brackenbury Sanitarium.  I’ve never seen the player benefit of “go do these N things in any order” main quest branches (e.g. Neverwinter Nights OC, KotOR 2) if there’s not a compelling motivation for the player to make an informed decision about that order.  They’re also inherently difficult to balance around because you can usually expect at least a 2 level difference from beginning to end.  In the middle of the level range, that’s hard to compensate for.

Faction quest splits at least have the benefit of introducing you to an organization where you can have an ideological (or simply preferential) basis for picking one over the others.  I liked the Dozens, Crucible Knights, and Doemenels, but due to the afore-mentioned split, your involvement with them generally comes later in act II, is compressed, and then abandoned when you head to Twin Elms.  Also, I think people rightly complained that you don’t get enough warning that you’re cutting off other faction paths when you start doing quests for one in particular.

I’m sensitive to the order in which factions are introduced to players, how the player is motivated to work with/against them, and how to best “lock” players into a committed choice.  It’s something I’m paying a lot of attention to for the future.

Zano Vecellio

Species: Human
Age: 26
Faction: Rebel Force

Formerly worked as a mechanical engineer on the human fleet.
After their arrival to Jo’kjou, his encounter with a certain alien rebel leads him to the realization that the alliance is not to be trusted, and he promptly leaves his crew behind.

He has a quiet demeanor, actually a little shy at times, but don’t let that throw you off. While he comes off as docile, he is actually sarcastic, rude and conniving. He’s secretly a sadist.

He is hoping to avoid other humans that would bring attention, specifically to former crewmates, as he does feel guilty for disappearing without a word. //also if any human fleet crew would actually  like to interact with him as such pls let me know i would be grateful

Android SSPC-CA3, “Cesaro”

Faction: Human Fleet

An older android model, has a few cracks and dents, may be prone to minor malfunctions and impromptu reboot sequences. During exploratory missions, his function was to scout ahead and assure that the area was safe to continue into. He’s been crushed under collapsing rubble a couple of times nbd he’s fine :-)

//I don’ t fucking hav e a lot for this fu c ker, I’ve used up all creative energy, im sorry just take the hot robot. ill add to this later or smth

Design by @zombigoast who is the real mvp because i was straight up about to mcfreaking lose it trying to design this shit

I find it insanely ironic that the non-peaceful members of the amedot faction are hating on Zuke when, without them, they LITERALLY WOULDN’T HAVE “TOO FAR,” AKA THE CORNERSTONE OF THE ENTIRE AMEDOT COMMUNITY.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go chill with the peaceful members of the amedot faction. Aka, the ones who aren’t BLATANT HYPOCRITES.
Same goes for all ya’ll members of the lapidot faction who claim to ship something something so pure and yet go out of their way to send DEATH THREATS to amedot shippers. You know who you are.

anonymous asked:

Who are the "lousers" that I have heard Lotus talking about? Are they like the us Tenno? Are they a new faction?

Ah yes, the brand new Lousers Faction will consist of enemies with whiny voices that cause constant damage to anyone within range and an aura known as “Know-It-All” that slowly applies Toxic damage procs the longer you’re around them.


- Cute Mod

Blood Elf Demon Hunter Corpse Left By Infamous Mercenary

By Dunnedin Stratford

A decapitated Sin’dorei Demon hunter was found outside the Ironforge gates on Saturday. The body had the following attached

“To whom it may concern, Let this body be a warning - the faction the bitch belongs to is of no concern - that I will return and will not disappear again. I would prepare for body counts to start piling up again; both the Alliance and the Horde have plenty of grudges a mercenary is all too happy to carry out. With love, Alixandria Shirley”

For those who don’t remember, Shirley is one of a pair of twin mercenaries and criminals who were infamous for high body counts and constant escape attempts almost 30+ years ago. 

Said twins were also relatives to a recently murdered noble. The pair have not been seen in years.

So is this the start of a new wave of business, or an impostor?

Ironforge investigators are seeking more information regarding Alixandria’s location and activities. If anyone has any additional information, please contact the Royal Courier or IF guard.

anthropolite  asked:

Imperial Guard being the best faction doesn't mean you /can't/ succumb to the word of the Great Powers. Don't tell me you've never daydreamed about doing a force of Blood Pact or Ushmetar Kaul!

Suppressed fact - my first Warhammer 40,000 army was Alpha Legion.

les-lax  asked:

What about Voidlords/void walkers? Are they demons or are they something else?

“Oh they are most assuredly demons. Why they seem to congregate in an entirely separate faction from the Legion for the most part, the fact that I can summon and bind their kind at all is proof enough it is a demon, wouldn’t you say? Now, believe it or not. I was once told of another creature of the shadows and dark called the voidwalker. It was a sentry created by the sacrifice of a then Scourge cultist, and controlled and bound by the remaining Cult of the Damned members in the area. Imagine the confusion of those first students that learned after the Third War, thinking they were bidding a durable bastion of void magic and essence into being, only to die needlessly to call up the wisp of a spy! HA. Oh uh, ahem. I shouldn’t laugh. Yes. Quite grave. Terrible. Really.”

bbckeswrctes  asked:

⎈ [TOBIAS 'FOUR' EATON] - Send for a character sample.

LMAO! You do know that I didn’t even reblog that meme, Katie. And I really didn’t reblog it here, but okay. I guess I’m doing a character sample now. 

Once a stiff, always a stiff. 

It had been a long time since anyone had used that word to describe him, but that didn’t change the facts. There were a lot of things that he could, and had, changed about himself in the last two years since electing to choose dauntless as his faction. But that bleeding heart of his, the same thing that had caused him to wince ever so slightly at the sound of Eric’s voice as he requested assistance in teaching this little initiate a lesson, kept beating away inside of his chest, relentlessly. 

Four couldn’t tell if she was simply a terrible judge of character, if she had a death wish, or maybe she was just plain stupid, but trying to test Eric was not a venture that would end well for her or the initiate she was trying to protect. There was a savage nature about him, that got a little too much pleasure out of inciting fear in these would be soldiers. It was a look that he, himself, was all too familiar with. While he didn’t agree with Eric’s methods, he couldn’t deny that these initiates had a long way to go before they would be cut out to be here, so he obliged. 

She wasn’t like him. They might be cut from the same cloth, and in many ways he could see himself when he looked at her, and even as he watched her train, but she was different. She was loud, fearless, and had no issues with drawing attention to herself, which could be a good or a bad thing. Today it would prove to be the latter as he was sure that the only thing she had accomplished with her bravery was to paint a giant X on her back. 

However, he didn’t have any doubts that she belonged here, and there was a part of him that envied her for that. For him, dauntless had been an escape; a refuge where he learned to adapt. One that he had thrived in, but an escape nonetheless. She was different, she wasn’t running from something, she was running towards something. Something that gave her a fire, a spark, which she wouldn’t have for long if Eric had anything to say about it. Of that he was sure. 

Her heart was in the right place, and he understood what she was trying to do with her noble sacrifice in taking her classmate’s place. Her method just wasn’t as effective as his was. She didn’t have any control, not over herself or the situation. But that’s why he was here. 

Twirling the cool steel between his fingers, he chose his mark as he let the first knife fly, landing exactly where he had intended it to.

rinovarka  asked:

but you know minicons right since every cybertronian building would be rly huge to them do you think the smols would ask for rides around base by the tols?? and it evolved to where big bots races other big bots while covered in smols

(you have to realise though that this would happen during either Pre-Golden Age Cybertron or among the factions during the War or after. this would never happen during the Golden Age; the rules put in place by the Ruling Council would almost certainly prohibit things like this)

absolutely the big bots would carry the little ones around. big bots covered in small bots. minicons hanging off of shuttles, or perching on their shoulders, or settling themselves on a giant pede and hitching a ride.

and the big bots are cool with it. the little bots often repay the easy transportation with helpful little things like digging gravel bits out from between plates of armour, or helping the bigger bots to get something they lost in a small place.