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bi guys dont need any sympathy and support they are doing just fine. bi girls need lot more support tbh

they both need support, there’s no need to divide the community like this, i think equal amounts of posts for bi guys and bi girls is fine. bi girls face the stigma that they aren’t actually bi, that they are straight whereas bi guys face the stigma that they aren’t actually bi, they are gay. Both need to be called out because both affect our community???? I dont think you can say one needs more support than the others??????? 


MoreConsole talks about a few things that might have been overlooked in Interviews that no one really watched. This includes more sparrows (this includes FACTION sparrows), and more more swords.

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Romanced companions reacting to Sole returning with a missing limb?(+faction leaders please <3,you're da bestttt 💕💕💕)

No you da best for sending me your beautiful thoughts ;D sorry idk if you even remember sending this since this was like April but HERE WE GO ANYWAY! Also I’m not adding Porter Gage yet because I haven’t finished the dlc yet, nor maxed affinity with him so I don’t have a good base for his character yet

Ada: Remained calm about the whole ordeal. Sole’s shoulder was bleeding where their arm should be and Ada’s first order of business was to wash the infected area and cauterize the wound, with her blade of course. Sole screamed in pain but she remained vigilant for a little pain now would buy them years on the clock. Something Jackson didn’t have.

Cait: She wasn’t there. That thought repeated itself over and over again in her head as she tried to clear her thoughts with exercise. She felt like it was her personal responsibility to bring Sole home safe and this one time she didn’t go, look what happened. The night Sole came home, she just held them tight, yelling at them to be more careful because she wouldn’t know what to do if they had lost their lives instead.

Codsworth: He was so shocked he was immobile as the medical personnel of Sanctuary Hills got to work on salvaging what they could of Sole’s leg. But he had to be strong for his master. He had to remain chipper, even when things looked grim. Even though Sole was incredibly sad the following weeks, Codsworth refused to rest as he made contraption after contraption of everything from walking canes to walking guns all for Sole’s comfort.

Curie: When the bells at Sanctuary rang when Sole returned she dashed to their side only to find them slowly walking with blood pooling down their missing arm. without a second to spare, she rushed them to the emergency table and began operating. In that moment, it was easy to remain objective. It was a process she was familiar with. It was a body part to fix. But when she went home and was left alone with her thoughts without Sole there beside her, she was overcome. She wept for Sole and the terrible thing they had to endure without her by their side. But drying her tears, she knew she had to remain positive. For them.

Danse: He scooped Sole up at the first sight of them and carried them safely to the medical office, where Curie began operating on them. Although he felt his heart fell when he saw that it was Sole whose leg was blown off, he was no stranger to battlefield amputations. He knew the procedure and knew the intense fear and pain Sole must be going through. He had to be strong for them. He wouldn’t let them feel sorry for themselves. That was where the other soldiers would falter. He was strict and soon enough, Sole learned how to walk again. He would never tell them how much he wanted to just scoop them up in his arms and tell them everything would be okay. But he couldn’t. Looking at the progress, he was happy.

Deacon: He was in the corner when Sole stumbled into HQ, bleeding profusely from their bicep, the rest of their arm missing. Everyone in Railroad rushed to their side, catching Sole as they collapsed, and rose them to the slab of stone where Dr. Carrington began checking their vital signs, and everyone held down Sole. Except Deacon. He was frozen. Should he say a joke to lighten the mood? No… not now. But he couldn’t think of anything else. At that moment, he felt so hollow and awkward that he couldn’t think of the right things to say or do so he just didn’t do anything. When things finally calmed down, he went over to Sole and kissed them softly on the lips, whispering “I’m sorry.”

Dogmeat: Was there to cushion Sole’s fall as they tried to step with only one leg for support. When Sole felt like their leg was there and cried in the middle of the night when they realized it wasn’t, Dogmeat was there to cuddle against their side and let them know that he was always there for them.

Hancock: For someone so small, he sure was strong. He saw how Sole was struggling to walk with only a stick and a leg and a half so he ran over to them and piggy backed them all the way to a safe spot. His way of dealing with stress was distant. All while Sole was recuperating, he was there by there side. But he took frequent and more breaks with increasing quantities of drugs. It was his way of coping. He had almost lost the person he loved. He didn’t want to be reminded how how different there life spans were going to be. He didn’t want to think about the future so morbidly.

MacCready: Flashbacks. Over and over. Sole, Lucy, blood. He saw the people he loves being torn away from his eyes repeatedly. It made his skin crawl. As he stroked the shoulder of where Sole’s arm once was, he thought of all the times they would go sniping for fun or competition and how that sweet little moment that brought them together was gone now. The hugged Sole so tightly, just feeling their breath, letting him know they were still alive.

Nick Valentine: “Don’t you go falling apart on me now. You can’t be put back together as easily as I can.” He joked to try to lighten the grim situation. Sole was going to live from this. They had people they loved working very hard to save them. He had complete faith in everyone. Sole was too much of a fighter to let go. He was also trying to not think about their differences in timeline. How he would be living much longer than them. Well dammit, he was gonna keep them around as long as they possibly could. He was going to cherish every last minute, leg or not.

Piper: She hated how useless she felt. She wasn’t a doctor. She didn’t know the right words to say. She didn’t know how to calm someone down. No, she was a reporter. She couldn’t do anything but wait while the doctors worked on the love of her life. Every minute felt like an hour. Her frustration turned to anger as she threw her newspapers across the room. How useful were they now? All her snooping and she couldn’t even save a damn life! She wiped away her hot tears of futility as she impatiently waited for her hell to be over. All she wanted to do was see Sole again.

Preston: He tried to be strong for Sole, he really did. All while carrying Sole with the help of other citizens to the med room, he was trying to give them pep talks. He really started caving when he was wrapping Sole’s leg in gauze bandages. He couldn’t even choke out coherent sentences anymore through all the tears. It was scary to see so much blood from the person he loved. It made him think about death and how he could have been without them and that scared him so much.

Strong: For once, he was silent. No loud words of how weak humans were. Just silently carried the limp Sole to the rest of their humans so they could share their medicine with them. Strong sat unmoved from outside the house, morning through night, until Sole was strong enough to walk out again.

X6-88: He was silent for a minute, almost horrified at Sole’s missing arm. That arm that had held him softly, that had made him understand what companionship felt like was gone. Life was fickle like that. However, X6 never dwelt in the past. He immediately made arrangements for a prosthetic limb to be made at the Institute and scheduled time in to bring Sole every day for physical therapy to make sure they could get to the same level they were before. Sole wouldn’t have it any other way.


Maxson: No one on the Brotherhood had seem him assert his authority as strongly as he did when that fateful vertibird landed on the Prydwen. He wouldn’t let anyone else touch them as he personally carried them in his arms, blood pouring over his leather jacket and all, to the med room. His booming voice echoed through the blimp as he barked orders to make sure everyone was out of his way. Before then there were only rumors about the affair between the Sentinel and the Elder but it was if no one was in their world that day. All he cared about was them.

Desdemona: She blamed herself for sending them out on that stupid suicide mission! She’d wanted Sole to take it but was hesitant when they wanted to go alone to remain low key. She should’ve said no. Why didn’t she say no! Now their best damn agent lost their leg and it was because of her call. Since then, Des would hold back on giving Sole missions, to the point where it became annoying for Sole even when they recovered.

Father: He’d seen so much death first hand this shouldn’t have fazed him. His whole life, he hadn’t cared much for others but never really understood why that way. He never formed attachments or developed deep bonds. However, when his mother/father came back with a missing arm, it struck a chord in him. Sadness. Even though he knew he had the power to make everything better he still felt sad and couldn’t make it go away.
Hillary Clinton shouldn't rehabilitate Republicans

“So I’ve got no problems with that portion of the speech. The emergence of this ugly lunatic fringe needs to be combated, and though I don’t think talking about them on TV while a guy shouts "Pepe" is the kill-shot we need, it’s a step in the right direction.

No, my issue is the distinction she drew between this faction of the right wing and mainstream conservatives. To be more accurate, my problem is that she drew a distinction at all. By tying this group to Trump in an effort to win endorsements from "moderate” Republicans, Clinton is giving them an out when they’re equally culpable. Decades of segregationism, the gutting of social services, the ever-ballooning carceral state — to say nothing of political maneuvering like the Southern Strategy and "welfare queen" sloganeering have made the Republican Party of the last 60 years the party of white terror and fear. This didn’t happen overnight with the ascendancy of Donald Trump. Present-day Republicans have a lot to answer for, and they now have the cover they crave, thanks to someone who should be holding their feet to the fire.“

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Any insight on the seemingly nature of people needing to seek out things that are negative and to totally go into depth in defense of their beliefs vs those of their opposition? I think THAT is what's driving me away from social media as far as fandom is concerned. It didn't happen so much here on Tumblr, and I tried to follow blogs that keep my dash a happy place. But S5 has made things worse. I can't escape the right-fighting, the spewing of hate, etc. (cont)

I connect my own CS fandom to that of white privilege. We have everything, so it’s hard to see and empathize with the “minority groups”. Now, everyone is smaller factions aren’t perfect, but it’s so easy to lump other parts of the CS fandom into one group and need to express so loudly why they are wrong/we are right, and even laugh at their expense. As someone who doesn’t have white privilege in the RW, it’s made it more difficult to deal with on this level. Any insight on chaos?? Thanks!


To be quite honest, I’ve gotten some hate for commenting on issues like this, but I don’t really care anymore. 

Simply put, yes, sometimes I think that people go out of their way to belittle the interpretations of opposing shippers—and I personally find it really off-putting to sit there mocking people who obviously will infer a scene or a spoiler differently than us. Like what are people expecting? 

And this is a really complicated discussion, because it’s also not realistic to expect someone to like everything put in front of them, or to ask people to not feel upset by ships or people they think are toxic. Like me for example; I really hate Rumbelle, and don’t hesitate to talk about that. 

But we’ll come back to that. First lets talk about canon/fanon. 

I think you’re right in that, as fans of a straight, canon couple, we have a lot of privileges in spoilers, interviews, and within the show itself. But more so, I think we’re all just lucky that the story they’re telling is the one that resonates with us. 

If anything, I think it’s straight privilege. And there is absolutely room for a discussion on heteronormativity in media and how there’s a lot of straight privilege in fandoms, but that’s a different post. 

Anyway—as CSers, we follow canon, so that does make us “right” in a sense…but fandom and shipping are personal experiences. In a lot of ways, the truth doesn’t matter. What you experience does. 

I’ve talked about this before, but there’s this book that totally reshaped the way I think. It’s called the Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien, and there’s this one scene where he’s describing his encounter with a water buffalo. He goes through this whole narrative about this water buffalo—and at the end of the story, he tells you that it wasn’t real. That none of it happened. But what you felt, what you experienced while reading it—that did happen. 

It’s a war book, so that’s what he’s saying war is like. But that motto applies to more situations—especially fandom. It becomes even more relevant, because so much of fandom is headcanon and fan fiction, fans filling in the gaps, expanding on a character’s story, putting them in AUs. Is it what will happen on screen? Very rarely. But we still enjoy it, and for some people, especially for those whose ships are not canon, fanon means so much more. 

Do I think a lot of SQ (or back in the day, SF) fan theories are unrealistic? You betcha. Sure, sometimes they make me roll my eyes, but that’s not the point. The point is—of course they have bias. Of course they are looking for ways to involve their ship. It’s not cute to point out how wrong they are, because it’s their experience.

Really, they’re just looking for ways to enjoy something. 

But Sarah! I hear the nonnies say, What about the attitude of entitlement and bullying of actors/writers after the fact that those theories do not become canon! 

That’s why I said this is a complicated discussion! These are valid issues that reach through the screen. The bullying has a real felt presence. And I commend those who stand up to it, report, and get receipts on those assholes. This post in no way argues that people shouldn’t call out actual harmful behavior. 

But there are bullies in EVERY ship, guys. I’ve looked at twitter. I’ve seen harassment coming every which way. I don’t want CSers whining about being ignored by Adam or accusing Jen and Colin of an affair to represent me whatsoever, just as I’m sure there are SQers who want to distance themselves from the bullies in their ship. 

And while like you I don’t enjoy or see the point in launching into a deep defense of how we’re right and they’re wrong, there’s a big difference between that and genuinely ranting about a ship you disagree with. Everyone is ABSOLUTELY entitled to their own feelings. There are a lot of people who think SQ is toxic and unbalanced and want to talk about that. 

For example, as I said, I hate Rumbelle. I love talking shit about it. But I also understand that RumbellERS get something emotionally gratifying out of this ship. What they feel and what they experience is their own and my interpretation is not a personal attack on them. When I talk about hating the ship, that’s all I talk about. 

I think the key to fandom harmony—and not even on a widespread level because I doubt we’ll ever get there—but for individuals who are trying to have a positive fandom experience—is to separate our experience from someone else’s.  

Anyway, wow, the length of this post has gotten away from me, so in summary—people are free to talk shit about whatever they want, but in the case of fan theorizing, it should be pretty obvious that people of opposing ships are going to have opposite ideas of what’ll happen. That’s part of their fun. It doesn’t have to do with us. It’s not going to effect us. So what’s the point of ragging on it? 

I don’t want to join a team yet because I’m worried when trading/adding friends/other social stuff is implemented Pokemon go is going to pull that “you cannot even breathe in the general direction of anyone not on your team” shit that other faction based games do

Submit Your X-Position Questions for Cullen Bunn

With “Apocalypse Wars” behind them, Magneto’s team of cutthroat mutants have jumped into a whole new conflict involving the Hellfire Club. And that’s not all! “Civil War II” has widened the ideological chasm between Magneto and Storm’s factions, with defections having happened and ex-X-Men like Rachel Grey pulled back into the fight. Writer Cullen Bunn’s behind both of those series, and he’s also the mastermind behind two Deadpool series: “Deadpool and the Mercs for Money” and the upcoming “Deadpool: Back in Black.”



Decades ago, our ancestors realized that it is not just political ideology, religious belief, race, or nationalism that is to blame for a warring world. Rather, they determined that it was the fault of human personality - of humankind’s inclination towards evil, in whatever form that is. They divided into factions that sought to eradicate those qualities they believed responsible for the world’s disarray.”