Day Twenty Seven || Biases Eyes

Jongdae has the most beautiful, breathtaking, gorgeous eyes. Like imagine gazing into them for hours….. *melts* And his eye smile. That shit should not be legal ♡ (Despite the fact the gif i’ve used isn’t great - leave me alone)

“What I hate is ignorance, smallness of imagination, the eye that sees no farther than its own lashes. All things are possible. Who you are is limited only by who you think you are.”
Egyptian Book of the Dead

Does it ever hit anyone how incredibly young mikleo must seem to the other seraphim? I get the feeling that anything below 100 is young to them. Mikleo’s 15-17. He’s the same age as sorey which would be a bit young even if he was human, but he’s not? Essentially, he’s a seraph infant. I mean he’s got the maturity of a human teen but experience wise? He’s got actually nothing. Him and sorey were both raised in a mountain village and never left. And on top of that, he’s so young for his people??? Just imagine all the lowkey babying the other seraphim in the group do. They keep it within limits ofc but just imagine them subconsciously giving him a bigger meal than the others or just keeping a general eye on where he is during fights. Imagine mikleo gets hurt and they all just feel inordinately guilty because to them it must feel like they’ve been dragging this little kid around and now they’ve let him get hurt.

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OMG! Your genderbends are on point. Could you bend X Drake, Shanks, Perona and Mihawk please?

I’ve already done Perona!

Genderbend Headcanon:

X Drake

  • She’s a badass while being super polite.
  • Actually, she’s a bit shy.
  • And doesn’t like her freckles. 


  • The nicest girl ever. 
  • That one friend who always knows how to have a good time.
  • And has many stories to tell.


  • Not very talkative.
  • Her eyes can hypnotize. Please imagine they’re golden.
  • She believes in love at first sight.

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I have this HC that Luke left Rey on Jakku after something terrible happened to mom Skywalker. He wiped her memories beforehand, and he retreated to Ach-To waiting for her. She's been dreaming with her dad's location as Luke dreamed about his little one, awaiting for the day the Force brings his daughter back to him. Luke imagining how she looked, of her mother's eyes on her, of her bubbly smile and her courage and will.

Okay I feel I should apologize in advance here, it grew very long and passionate. The thing is, I have feelings and thoughts on this subject. Many of them.

The only thing that will provoke something longer and more passionate is, well anything at all about Finn.

Personally I have a very hard time seeing Luke leaving Rey on Jakku for any reason even briefly and certainly not abandoning her there for years. While I agree she may have been left there to protect her I think it was meant to be brief, though it didn’t work out that way, and that it wasn’t Luke who left her there. I simply can’t see Luke being that callous with any child.

As for Rey not having any real memories of her family, we don’t have to resort to space magic. She was what five, when she was left, that alone would explain very few and sketchy memories and the experience was obviously very traumatic - see how she reacts after the Force vision - which would have made her further repress what little she did remember.

Now here’s what I think might have happened based on what little we know of the time line.

Rey was born 11 years after the Battle of Endor (ABE) and was left on Jakku approximately 16 ABE.

Now here’s where I’m straight out guessing. We don’t know when Snoke starting getting active - or even what the guy is up to really - but it might have been about that time. He does seem to want a Skywalker very much and who better than a small, impressional girl?

Maybe Luke sends his wife and child away to protect them? Maybe Skymom sees an approaching danger and takes thing into her own hands, grabbed Rey and ran? Whatever precisely happened, it didn’t work out as intended.

At some point Skymom and Rey were spotted and followed. She dropped Rey off at Jakku, either intending to come back for her when she’d shaken the pursuit, or maybe getting a message to Luke. Neither happened. Instead she was intercepted and killed, either by Snoke or more likely by his cronies. (What’s a powerful Dark Side user without a few cronies? It’s one of the best perks of the job.)

Luke may have felt his wife die in the Force, the way Leia did Han, maybe he learned some other way. In either case he would have had good cause to think Rey dead too and continued to do so until she confronts him on Ach-To.

(Side note. You brought up the erasing memories and I don’t think that was done with the Force. But if Skymom and Rey went into hiding with Luke’s knowledge - or Skymom was a Jedi too - they could have repressed Rey’s presence in the Force making her harder to locate. That would explain why Luke wouldn’t expect to feel her death too, she was already “gone”, and why she wasn’t fully “awake” on Jakku. It was the trauma of the combined Force vision and Kylo Ren Force interrogating her that prompted her full awakening.)

But back to the story.

Now if it was Snoke’s cronies who killed Skymom they may have convinced him that they’d had to kill Rey too for some reason. Or maybe Snoke knows that Rey is alive - whether Skymom’s death was by his hand or not - but he can’t find her and have no real idea where Skymom left her. So rather than search for the proverbial needle in the haystack, he turns his attention to the second young person with Skywalker blood. Ben Solo.

(As this is before him turning to the Dark Side I feel referring to him as Ben is the most correct thing. It’s about the only time you’ll hear me refer to him as such.)

Ben was probably already showing Dark Side leanings, which is why Leia sent him to Luke, trying to protect him from that. Luke despite grieving agreed to take the boy, if he could not protect his own child at least he could do his best to protect Leia’s.

At some point between here and 23 years ABE Snoke got to Ben. How, when, where and why is a very good question and I have absolutely no reply.

But I can see Luke dreaming about Rey, about her being on a desert planet, watching her grow up and just thinking that his dreams are a mix of his own wishful thinking and memories from his own upbringing on a desert planet. So it’s no wonder that he looks so conflicted and emotional when he sees Rey and realizes that all those dreams were in fact real.

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you talk about being monogamous then you talk about being dedicated to many overwatch girls. the irony xD

I’m well aware of the difference between fantasy and reality xD

In my fantasy-land I’m poly and fucking all the everyone. In real life, not only am I waaaaaaay too lazy to do any of that, it would involve a lot of shaving and moisturizing I can’t be bothered with, plus keeping that many women happy would be lots of work. It’s hard enough for me to find enough time for one relationship, let alone maintaining many! 

Plus, if I was really, truly in love with any of the Overwatch women I’d only have eyes for her. As much fun as it is to imagine being with them all ;)

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I've seen people talk about Jasper & Amethyst bonding, but I haven't seen anyone talk about Eyeball & Amethyst bonding. Eye & Ames have a lot in common, Eyeball could confide in Amethyst when Jasper isn't around especially if Jasper isn't healed yet.

You’re right. I think they’d get along pretty well. Amethyst is a quartz, so Eye would already have some respect for her. Though I imagine she’d be more blunt about the defective thing, but unlike Peridot, talk about it like it’s a bad thing. Which I’m sure Peri would scold her for. Now that’s an image …

I like to think that Jasper overcoming her corruption would be a time-consuming thing. If Eye was saved from the depths of space before then, she would bond with the Crystal Gems while waiting for Jasper to heal. Amethyst, Peridot, and Lapis in particular. Amethyst might even bring Jasper’s bubble out to the barn so Eye can watch over it instead.

I bet Eye would carry her bubble around everywhere. Much like Steven carried Pearl’s gem around when she poofed. She just keeps it on her lap and pets it like a James Bond villain pets a cat.

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Okay listen but Jily married and everyone says how many puns Sirius would say about Prongs being a stag but also I imagine he'd say a lot of puns about their relationship too, especially since it's not so conventional and accepted by society(1/2)

And he’d be subtle sure but it would be a lot and james and lily would try not to laugh too obvious and lily would face palm. And everyone else excepting the marauders would be like “aaaah so much love so cute"Remus’d roll his eyes & Peter’d snicker

OMG like imagine a just-a-little-tiny-bit-fuck-off-prongs-im-sober drunk Sirius go..

 ‘I’ve seen more of you two than my own dick, *gasp from audience* so i guess its inappropriate to say that i will miss you two idiots” or

“Lils, honey, hands off- James is still my husband” or

“James I have been seeing you watching Lily’s arse for the whole evening- and I admit it looks really good today- but pay attention” 



character portraits >> percy jackson + annabeth chase

Even though Percy had a similar description to Harry Potter, with the messy black hair and green eyes, I’ve never imagined him to look anything like Harry. Annabeth could easily be mistaken as weak if you’re the kind of person to stereotype blonde haired light eyed girls as weak, just like people think of Fleur Delacour (which I disagree!) But to me, both of them are the fiercest in every thing they do, whether it’s love or war. I tried to find the right pictures that captured that intensity, ferocity and vulnerability that comes with having the world on your shoulders. Twice. In my opinion, the eyes say everything.

hazel + frank