💫 friendship / pre est. memes 💫
  • " sarcasm is for winners, (insert name of muse) "
  • " look! i drew a giant penis in the sand! "
  • " if you push me off rainbow road, i'll blue shell you to hell. "
  • " excuse you, sharknado is a classic! "
  • " ... and that's why i have this 10% employee discount card for kfc. "
  • " did you just blue shell me you piece of shit? "
  • " i love you, but you're being a shitbucket right now. "
  • " have you ever farted so hard and felt like you broke your sphincter? "
  • [ txt ] iconic.
  • [ txt ] 💃 dances angrily
  • [ txt ] if i find out ur the asswipe that ate the last of the dinosaur nuggets im gonna break ur neck
  • [ txt ] okay you gotta get charming, you gotta flirt. and by flirt i mean eye fuck awkwardly for half an hour until one or both of you leave.
  • [ txt ] he farts whenever he walks into the room, i don't know how long our friendship will last.
  • [ txt ] he tried to be sexy and asked who my daddy was so i said i don't know.
  • [ txt ] i just opee dn up the vodk a le tsgo
The Case for Cruz

The primaries have officially begun, and a lot of voters are at a loss for who to choose. As voters narrow down their options, it’s important that they don’t allow their decisions to be dictated by media caricatures. If I was asked why someone should consider voting for Ted Cruz, I wouldn’t stop talking until the general. Instead, I chose to address many of the hesitations I’ve heard expressed about the Texan senator. If you don’t like Ted Cruz, you don’t have to. But it’s important that you choose or reject candidates based on fact, not misinformation. This will be available as a permanent installment on my blog for as long as Ted is in the race.

Rec: The Cook and the Warehouseman

Title: The Cook and the Warehouseman
Author: Helen Raven
Format: Novel
Published/Free: Free
Length: 180+ pages
Status: Complete
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Not really? Rough-ish sex?
Summary: (by Helen Raven) An A/U science-fiction domestic drama. The year is 1988 and an alien fleet appears in orbit around Earth, wanting to establish a trading base and headed by the royal family, who all wear masks. Bodie is with CI5 and is part of the British security team for the negotiations on board the flagship, when he receives an offer of marriage from one of the alien princes, who he had talked to for maybe five minutes and whose face he had not seen.

Review: Okay, I’m a hard sell for fanfiction. Everybody always tells me “You’ll love this one, it’s an AU and you don’t have to know anything about the fandom to read it,” and it’s almost never true. This time, however, it’s true. But what’s even better is that this story doesn’t bother my science fiction quality peeve. Most online science fiction is embarrassing. The science fiction in this is mostly really reasonable, and it has the uneven technology that rings true. The relationship between these men is really difficult. The wedding is not the happy ending, it is barely the begining of the problems. The superficial similarity between the two species hides an important part of their physiology. The aliens bond in ways that humans can’t really imagine, and the aliens can’t understand or accept the ways in which the humans bond, or even accept that it happens. There are problems with traditional religion as well. It does have its sexy moments, but the real story is in how the lovers attempt to accommodate their deep differences.

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Conservatives are not wrong to be angry at the status quo, or to be frustrated with the members of the Republican establishment who have protected it. But painting with too broad a brush does more harm than good. If we cannot properly distinguish our friends from our enemies, then what incentive will any politician have to try to make friends with us?

Beyond that, conservatives need to look beyond the personalities of politics and instead focus on the rules. Too often, politics is taken as some kind of black-and-white drama that pits the forces of good against the forces of evil. This is just not the way things work. Most politicians are just like anybody else. They have some selfless impulses in them, and some selfish impulses, too. If we want to make lasting change in government, we need to adjust the rules of politics so that the average member of the establishment—the one who is neither particularly angelic nor all that malevolent—connects his own personal interests to the public good.


(Doing a little character building with my Sole Survivor, thanks to this awesome mod)

After some time had passed, Cullen Delancey figured it was long overdue for him to try and properly start his new life in the Wasteland.  After meeting up with MacCready, he was inspired by Mac’s surname preference to shed his own first name, thereby hopefully helping him to shed a lot of his painful past in the process.  Took a little while for his other companions to adjust, but he found a new life as Delancey, or rather, “Del” from then on out.

Shortly afterwards, Del helped MacCready access the Med-Tek facility and get that desperately-needed serum for Duncan.  MacCready racked his brain trying to come up with a suitable gift for Del to thank him for saving his son, but kept coming up empty… until one day a group of Caravan traders came across the Red Rocket HQ.  They had acquired some pretty rare gear from a traveler who had trekked all across the country from the west; in particular a rather beat-up but otherwise functional set of NCR Ranger armor.  Though MacCready was briefly tempted to use the armor himself, he realized that such a valuable set of gear would be just the thing to offer to Del as an attempt at a thank you.

Del was pretty touched by the gesture, and decided to finally let go of his vault suit and don the Ranger gear… yet another step in adapting to the Wasteland.
Bernie Sanders Isn’t Interested in Your Bipartisan Solution
The Vermont senator doesn’t want to bring Republicans and Democrats together. He means to tear it all down.

The students of Concord High School had just finished a week of exams but remained in school for an afternoon assembly. The New Hampshire school’s guest speaker was 74-year-old Sen. Bernie Sanders. Rather than groaning about having to stick around for another couple of hours, though, the students were elated.

“It’s so funny, we’ve been bringing some candidates in throughout the year, and everyone’s really excited and been asking good questions and having a great time,” said Chrigus Boezeman, a social studies teacher doubling effectively as Sanders’ hype man on this Friday in January, a few weeks before the New Hampshire primary. “And everyone’s saying to me, ‘Mr. Boezeman, gosh, it’s really great that you’re having all of these candidates come in. But … do you think Mr. Sanders can come in?’ ” The students, who were about to get the candidate they’d wanted to see for months, whooped with approval, breaking out into periodic chants of “BER-NIE, BER-NIE!” while they waited.

A high school student body is never the most voter-rich crowd to address on a cramped two-day swing through a crucial primary state. But for Sanders, whose campaign message rests on expanding voters’ realm of the possible in an age of frustratingly static politics, the opportunity to mold impressionable young minds was too good to pass up. These are the same sort of minds that then-Sen. Barack Obama, the last candidate to successfully inspire voters to look beyond the stale politics of the day and imagine something better, captivated in 2008.

“People sometimes think, and the media picks up on this: Well, Washington’s very bitter, very dysfunctional, and the reason is Democrats and Republicans can’t get along,” Sanders told the assembled students. “That is not the issue at all.”

“Bernie doesn’t want to heal, he wants to upend—and his voters love him for it.”

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Fixed at Zero

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger

Setting: Canon-divergent, post-war AU

Word Count: 1,426

Written For: @abarricadebae [fic giveaway #5]

It’s half past nine in the morning.

Crisp-cold drops of rain are streaking the ivory-curtained picture windows in the downstairs study.

The Wireless is turned down low, static crunching against a backdrop of hushed, fuzzy silence.

A cut-crystal decanter of brandy is resting on the padded leather corner of a desk, un-stoppered and mostly empty, and a scone, gleaming with flakes of candied orange zest and buttery dabs of clotted cream, is lying forgotten on an emerald-green linen napkin.

Somewhere in the house, an antique mahogany grandfather clock is ticking darkly while a brand-new pack of imported French cigarettes is being chain-smoked.

It’s placid.

It’s normal.

It’s ominous.

Draco had always thought the end of the world would be a bit more exciting, truth be told.

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((all dressed up with nowhere to go (yet)))

You know… when you said you didn’t want to wear something like your prom dress I thought you were going to wear something LESS fancy.

I changed my mind.

Aren’t you cold?

I am always cold. Your jacket will suffice until we get to Muffet’s.