kaiyofuriku  asked:

July, October?

JULY: favourite song/band

Oh man my current song changes all the time but I’ve been really into Gay Bar by Electric Six lately and then AJJ and Dead Kennedys are tied for my fave band ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

OCTOBER: favourite game

Fuck dude uh I think I’d have to say Stardew Valley because that game is just absolutely perfect and everything I want out of a game

Imagine your same-sex OTP are trying to decide where to go on a night out around town. A suddenly burst out singing “Gay Bar” by Electric Six, to which an exasperated B covers their face, muttering “Oh dear god, please don’t/not again.”

Reverberation #204
  • Reverberation #204
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Reverberation #204

1. Las 4 Monedas - Buena Suerte
2. Ernesto Djédjé - Zadie Bobo
3. Bittersweet - Hurtin Kind
4. Electric Six - Can You Feel It
5. Evie Sands - Run Home To Your Mama
6. Frank Frost - My Back Scratcher
7. Henri Salvador - Pauvre Jesus-Christ
8. Roddie Joy - The La La Song
9. Loft - Why Does The Rain
10. The Human Expression - I Don’t Need Nobody
11. 김민기 (Kim Min-Kee) - 바람과 나
12. The Motels - Counting

brendon’s apma pre-scope 7/22
  • brendon partied with a lot of bands last night and now he’s getting ready for the awards
  • brendon saw river cuomo and he wasn’t sure if he would remember brendon, but he did 
  • jokes about going shirtless and just wearing his jacket, but he doesn’t think he can pull it off
  • “six thousand-five hundred people watching me shave” 
  • “super excited for alex and jack. supposed to be hilarious.” 
  • sarah shaves the back of brendon’s neck and beebo is all smiley and wants to show her
  • to sarah: “your hair is on point” 
  • “am i nervous about the apmas?” hell no. it’s gonna be a fun time.” 
  • “do i think i’m gonna win anything tonight? that would be nice. but i don’t know.” 
  • brendon sings “gay bar” by electric six and proceeds to smack himself with a towel
  • “i love being naked”
  • brendon’s cuff links are custom made, just like his ring that matches them
  • brendon is amused by the fact that you can see his “nips” through his white button up
  • he’s scared that everyone will be in t-shirts and jeans and sarah assures him they won’t. “i don’t mind. i love to dress up. any excuse.”
  • brendon’s going to be “on the red carpet, talking some shit” 
  • brendon helps sarah pick out shoes 
  • “of course i like cheetos. i’m american.” 
  • what brendon is excited for tonight: “fucking weezer is playing. and taking back sunday. that’s teenage shit. actually weezer was when i was like 10.” 
  • brendon is singing a panic song and then a cover tonight. “that’s all i’m going to say about that”
  • they were out until 3 am drinking last night. “it was fun but i got hammered.”