Music Monday: “Danger! High Voltage” By The Electric Six

I know it’s only been a month or so since I chose an Electric Six song. I don’t care.


gay bar by the electric six.

Music Monday: "Pink Flamingos" By The Electric Six

Music Monday: “Pink Flamingos” By The Electric Six

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I almost picked “Build High” by the Pixies for today–as I’m still dealing with replacing my backyard fence–but instead I thought I’d take a different route to a song that might reference home improvement… (And I would totally do this in my yard, given opportunity and my own dinosaur.) Anyway, I  hope your Labour Day is labour free, and enjoy some Electric Six!…

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Danger High Voltage- The Electric Six

speculation on whether the other voice in the video is jack white

i’ll let you decide.

Rae and Archie drabble

Hi Guys! I wrote a really short drabble for a good friend of mine Lola who’s awesome at singing Gay Bar by Electric Six (here’s the link, it’s really awesome!) and then I figured I could easily transform it into mmfd fic. @bitchy-broken thank you for all the tips xx

I hope you enjoy this!

“You’re next, guys” a lad with shabby hair smiled at Rae and Archie as he  rushed past them waving at someone.

Rae glanced at Archie who was biting his bottom lip. “We’ll smash them, right?” She chuckled nervously, “We’ll smash them and they’ll be begging for more!”She nodded once as if to make sure she was still on board.

“I can’t do it” Archie admitted looking everywhere but her.

“What do you mean you can’t do it?” she shot her eyes to his looking for any hint of amusement but didn’t find any. “Archie stop being such a prick, you were the one who challenged me and you were part of a deal, you can’t expect me now to do it on my own!” She fumed throwing her hands in the air.

“Sorry, I just can’t… they all know I’m gay, it would be so awkward… I’m not that bold.” He replied shyly and started biting his cuticles.

“Archie…” she sighed knowing well in that case she couldn’t force him to do it. “But…”she raised her eyebrows studying her reflection in the nearest mirror, “look how ridiculous I look… I can’t go and show myself like that being on my own!”

“Nonsense, you’ll be brilliant! I know you can and will rock out!” he smiled thinly at her and quickly pecked her cheek “I’ll be watching you with the gang”, he shouted and fled disappearing into the crowd.

That’s how Rae ended up standing in the corner of the pub on a small step during an open mic night in nothing but freaking high heels, ridiculously short skirt and tighter than a camels arse in a sandstorm corset that was making her jugs almost spill out.

‘You’re going to fuck this shit up… no biggie’ she scoffed rolling her eyes and spotted Archie’s embarrassed face. ‘You left me here all alone. I’ll make you suffer’ she thought and took a deep breath.

“You ready?” the same shabby-haired lad asked.

“As I’ll ever be” she nodded letting out the air from her burning lungs.

Once Rae heard the intro she focused her eyes on Archie and put the mic close to her mouth

You!” she smiled sarcastically at him then smirked singing the next part

I wanna take you to a gay bar,
I wanna take you to a gay bar,
I wanna take you to a gay bar, gay bar, gay bar

The whole pub cheered and started to clap their hands trying to be as much in the rhythm as all the snakebites, vodka and other lemon hooch’s in their veins let them be.

Rae was swaying her hips singing the song never taking her eyes off Archie. The fucker was uncomfortable as hell but it was a good thing. Fucking amazing actually! He was the one who made her sing that particular song in that so-called sexy outfit so a little bit of awkwardness was welcome as fuck!

The music stopped for a bit and Rae grinned at Archie who was crimson red; they both knew what was coming next. She lowered her head a little and smirked looking at him through her eyelashes.

I’ve got something to put in you” she sang and Archie looked at his hands blushing more even though it seemed to be impossible.

I’ve got something to put in you,
At the gay bar, gay bar, gay bar.

Rae spun around and took a deep breath to ease her nerves a little; well, as deep as she could in this sodding corset.

You’re a superstar, at the gay bar

She finished the song and took a bow making sure her cleavage stayed in position.  She took a deep breath  and finally dared to look up at the audience before leaving the stage; they were giving her standing ovation, cheering and catcalling. Some of them were openly and unashamedly ogling her. Jesus! She needed to change her clothes like right away!

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Watching Evil Empires Fall Apart - Electric Six


(click for detail!!)

omg so. i downloaded firealpaca and decided to try colouring something digitally for honestly the first time in about 7 years and the result is….. good?? surprisingly? this is a bit scruffy i know but im feeling a lot more confident about the whole thing and im gonna try and do this more often. i listened to a lot of electric six while drawing this and it was a good choice

lmao i couldnt choose a background so!!! have both!!

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1) Spell your name in songs.

L - Lenny Kravitz - Electric Six (My ring tone right now)

E - Egyptian Cowboy - Electric Six

E - Every You and Every Me - Placebo

2) Why did you choose your URL?

I love Mixed Martial Arts and I’m a Tekken fanboy for Martial Law

3) What is your middle name?


4) If you could be any mythical creature what would you be?

Already a dragon tbh

5) Favourite colour?


6) Song you like right now?

Anything by Electric Six

7) Top 4 fandoms.

Not sure about fandoms but I’ll go with these

@nojillnolife gif and video fan club
Electric Six nerd
PC Master race
High Kick Appreciation Society

8) Tag people.

Don’t feel like you have to my friends. Just burning a little time :)

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Electric Six- Gay Bar

from Fire (2003)

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nodamncatnodamncradle asked:

electric six of course 😁

‘k going to go into detail ‘cuz almost 6 years of love deserves more & i havent gushed in a while

/10: 9 - like even now probably about 85% of their stuff is still extremely fun to listen to, even after largely rejecting rock music. Probably the main reason they’re not a 10 is the three consecutive kickstarters makes me want to denounce them. (also, tbh, I didn’t like their latest album that much, but i’m not about to hold that against them)
Favourite album: I’ve had phases with all of them. It’s hard to say. Probably Senor Smoke. But then there’s Mustang, and Flashy, and Kill, and Zodiac (my favourite for years), and all of them
Favourite song: Currently, “Boy or Girl?” (i randomly got it in my head this week and it hasn’t left since)
If i’ve seen them live (and if so, how many times): Twice (and a Dick Valentine acoustic show once). All three were amazing, and I still having to regret passing the last time up.
Time/place/person they remind me of: Again, each album takes me back to a different time, cuz of how long they’ve stuck with me. Human Zoo, though, reminds me the most of moving here and being a naive freshman, but maybe cuz that’s quite recent.
How I discovered them: I remembered their hits, of course, from when I was small, and for some reason also loving “Dance Commander”. I decided on a whim to check up on what they’d done recently in 2010 (at the time, Zodiac) and instantly fell in love. That album blew me away.

Thank you!

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Directions: Put your music on shuffle and answer these questions. Tag 10 people.

1. The title of the first song will describe how you’ll die:

Tool “Euolgy” (definitely not, ahahaa.)

2. The second song describes your love life:

Presidents of the United States of America, “Kitty” (ACCURATE SOMEWHAT LOL)

3. The third song will be played at your wedding:

Tenacious D, “Fuck Her Gently” (Oh my god…)

4. Add “in my pants” to the title of the fourth song:

Jill Tracy, “Evil Night Together” IN MY PANTS. Of course it would be evil.

5. Fifth song will be played at your funeral:

Electric Six, “Feed My Fuckin’ Habit” (lol nice)

6. The sixth song is your theme song:

Seventh Wonder - “Unbreakable” (…Nice!)

7. Seventh song will be played when you think about someone you love:

Ghost “Depth of Satan’s Eyes” (HAHAHA WELL…I do love Satan, and his dreamy eyes…)

8. Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title of the eighth song:

Creature Feature, “A Gorey Demise” with a shovel and a screwdriver.  Ew.

9. Ninth song will describe your week:

Paula Cole - “Road to Dead” (Paula Cole is amazing and if you disagree, FIGHT ME.)

10. Tenth song will be played when you miss someone:

Tom Waits, “Little Drop of Poison”  (Weird.)

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