Drake’s Electric Owl Coffee Brown Ale (Picked up at a nondescript liquor store in the Tenderloin, San Francisco). A 3 of 4. This bottle is a little old, given where I picked it up, but still delivers a nice, lighter brown ale with some great fruity coffee notes throughout. Not as malty as I’d expect, but I’m really happy with this in terms of the brightness of the coffee. Quite good.

Underground Soundtrack: Songs from Season One of Underground.

[on 8tracks]

1. Black Skinhead – Kanye West | 2. Heaven’s Door – Alice Smith | 3. Keep Moving – Great Wolf | 4. Don’t Get In My Way – Zack Hemsey | 5. Paranavigar – Jarina De Marco | 6. Touch – Marz Leon | 7. Last To Know – Electric Owls | 8. Wicked Games – The Weeknd | 9. Jungle – X Ambassadors | 10. Die Alone – Shane Eli | 11. Nothing But The Water (I) – Grace Potter And The Nocturnals | 12. River – Ibeyi | 13. God Will Cut You Down – Robin Loxley & Jay Hawke | 14. Wolves – Rag'n'Bone Man | 15. Nail – Zola Jesus | 16. Down – Josiah Bell | 17. Catch Me If You Can – Shane Eli | 18. Light ‘Em Up – Vo Williams

ON THE SHOOT - A Jesse McCree Fanmix

An electric playlist featuring songs with Americana roots and a driving beat. (x)

1. Dangerous - Royal Deluxe (x)
2. Railroad Track - Willy Moon (x)
3. Bad Man - Blues Saraceno (x)
4. Hey Mama - Big Wreck (x)
5. Trouble (feat. Ryan Levine) - Ethel and the Chordtones (x)
6. Electric Worry - Clutch (x)
7. Last to Know - Electric Owls (x)
8. Bad Things - Rayland Baxter (x)
9. I’m So Sorry - Imagine Dragons (x)
10. Hold On I’m Coming - Welshly Arms (x)

This list is live on Spotify and will likely expand and change!

BEYOND DUSK AND DAWN: a From Dusk till Dawn mix.

01. El Rey - Chingon // 02. Hell of a Night - The Hotdamns // 03. Dangerous - Royal Deluxe // 04. You Don’t Own The Road - The Kills // 05. Young Men Dead - The Black Angels // 06. Last to Know - Electric Owls // 07. AIM - Maudlin Strangers // 08. Mexico - The Handsome Devil // 09. 48 Roses - Mariachi El Bronx // 10. Mosquito - Yeah Yeah Yeahs // 11. Oh No - Goodbye June // 12. 60 Feet Tall - The Dead Weather // 13. No Good - Kaleo // 14. I’m Takin’ It All - Endway // 15. Raise Hell - Dorothy // 16. I’m a Wanted Man - Royal Deluxe // 17. My Brother The Gun - Mariachi El Bronx // 18. After Dark - Chingon

a vikturi playlist because I am one weak son of a bitch




Lets Get Started - Dylan Gardner // Higher - The Ready Set // Just A Little Bit - Kids of 88 // Smiley Face (It’s All Good) - Bowling For Soup // Karaoke - Small Pools // Summertime - The Mowglis // I Can’t Live Without You - Owl City // Electric Love - BØRNS // Talk Too Much - Coin // Young Hearts - Strange Talk

So I was asked all the questions for my recent post for artist asks so here we go. :)

1. My workspace.  It’s a mess. :I

2. Pencil Cases.  I have one for my colored pencils and one for mechanical pencils. I tend to lose them a lot and I find myself paranoid that I will be without a pencil. :/

3. The last thing I drew. Well aside from the sketches I just posted….

4. Lineart or coloring?  I love the sketching part, but I don’t enjoy the process of making it all neat and clean.  So I’d probably go with coloring. :)

5.  What inspires me? All of God’s beautiful creation. ^^

6. Draw something with my dominant and non-dominant hand.

7. Original Characters?  Vera the thresher shark mermaid.

8. Do I listen to music when I draw?  Yeppers!  I really love Owl City, Electric Light Orchestra, and Swimming with Dolphins.  At the moment, I really like the song Pompeii by Bastille.

9. Favorite things to draw.  Hmm, I like drawing things that aren’t often seen as cute or appealing.  I also really like drawing really happy or cute things. :) 

10. Least Favorite thing to draw.  I’m not very fond of drawing indoor backgrounds.

11. How I look right now.

12. Artist behavior. I tend to make the same faces as the characters I’m drawing.  I have been mocked by my sister on several occasions for doing this.

I had to do like everyone else and make myself a witchsona! Yay! I won’t hide it, I just drew myself, but cooler, prettier and also immortal. Nothing seriouz about dis.

Demoness: Madama Lovelace

Forms: Snow leopard, snowy owl, electric eel, dragonfly

Will I ever refine her? I dunno! Lol I think her glasses are upside down.

So, I suppose I should start off by saying, the Bad Suns concert at the Electric Owl in Vancouver last night was cancelled.

An accident involving a power line at the end of the street caused the power to go out - of course, only on the block that the venue was located on - so the 6PM venue entry was rescheduled to 9PM, then inevitably cancelled until further notice. Many people left. Some stayed in hopes of getting to speak to the band for a while. What we got instead was an impromptu acoustic set outside the venue doors with frontman Christo Bowman and bassist Gavin Bennett.

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