On Wednesday, November 16th, we were graced with a wicked triple threat at the Electric Owl featuring Montreal’s Young Galaxy, and Tasseomancy and Austra, both based in Toronto.

It was a pretty perfect marriage of acts; the night went from one end of the Hipster Minstrel spectrum starting with openers Tasseomancy; a bit subdued, a bit Kate Bushy, and just plain weird at times. Next, enter quintet Young Galaxy, with their anthemic, stadium-sized alt-dance sound, which practically burst the 330 capacity crowd at the seams.

Follow those two up with Austra, sliding to the other end of the spectrum with their high-energy, operatic electro beats, and you’ve got one well-rounded bill. By the end, we felt like going on a dance trek through a thick, green, brambly forest draped in velvet and tassels; basically what the scene on stage was.

Austra has such a powerful sound, and trying to take our eyes from the enrapturing presence of lead singer Katie Stelmanis was nearly impossible. She almost didn’t even need to be flanked by the Tasseomancy twins, let alone the other three in the band. To imagine Austra with a drummer that had some real chops would be mind-blowing, but the harmonies, her vocals, and the visual stimuli of the interpretive dance going on for the show was enough to compensate.

Plus, they had one solo fellow (think Beck’s Dancing Dave circa The Information) join them on stage halfway through the set – apparently Grimes’ permanent fixture out to enjoy the show; I guess we’ll find out tomorrow at her show – for the sole purpose of scarf-twirling, hip-gyrating, and cape-spinning to the tunes. The perfect complement. How can you not love a show that has people on stage for the sole purpose of dancing? You can’t.

The hour-long set was the epitome of “The Beat and The Pulse;” it’s all in the name.

Housse De Racket - Chateau (Hey Champ Remix)

To promote their upcoming North American Tour, Winnie’s favourite pop-rock Parisian’s released this banging new remix from Hey Champ.  It’s retro but still upper cool.

Luckily they’re coming to the Electric Owl on April 6th and you have Winnie and Timbre Concerts to thank.  Get ready to participate in some serious French kissing.  Advance tickets are only $13.00 and available online at, at the Northern Tickets box office (located at the Vogue Theatre) and via phone (604-569-1144). You can also hit up Red Cat and Zulu Records.

Housse De Racket - Chateau (Hey Champ Remix)

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French producer LeMarquis will be headlining the first Future Tempo Series at the Electric Owl on May 23rd. Vancouver’s Future Tempo is a “concert promotions team booking the best artists in Future Beats, Future R&B, Nu-Disco/Funk, Indie Synth Pop, and French House.” Local artists Tails and Kinship will be opening the evening.

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The Rentals will be performing at the Electric Owl on May 9th in support of their latest album, Lost in Alphaville. The rock band, fronted by Matt Sharp and a cast of changing musicians, last released the album, Seven More Minutes, in 1999. They will be joined by Rey Pila and Radiation City.

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