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Selfridges sells the Elder Statesman 👀

not to be a larrie but….. i lowkey was thinking about harry buying louis something for the performance when he was spotted there and oasidfjlaksdf fuck i think he did tbh, it’s like a 500 dollar shirt it’s silk and cashmere blend this has harold written all over it 

Obama: once out of office, I’m gonna stop being polite and start getting real

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin has a great new interview with President Obama in Vanity Fair. In the wide-ranging interview, they discuss Abraham Lincoln, Obama’s biggest regrets from his time in office, and how a visit to the pyramids reminded Obama that cable news doesn’t really matter.

But perhaps the most intriguing bit was when, in a brief discussion of Obama’s plans for his post-presidency, Obama hinted that he planned to start speaking out more like an activist than a president.

There are “things,” he told Goodwin, “that in some ways I suspect I’m able to do better out of this office.” He elaborated that because of the “institutional constraints” of the presidency, “there are things I cannot say.”

He went on to essentially say he wanted to use his post-presidential bully pulpit more like an activist than a venerable elder statesman. “There are institutional obligations I have to carry out that are important for a president of the United States to carry out, but may not always align with what I think would move the ball down the field on the issues that I care most deeply about,” he said.

And while vague, this is an intriguing hint that Obama is thinking about being a very different ex-president than we’ve been used to.

Shelgon by cats-grace featuring gold stud earrings

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Erin Wasson’s Impressions at The Elder Statesman

Photo by Amber De Vos

Erin Wasson, the fashion party MVP, was at a presentation Friday night at the Hotel Particulier in Lower Manhattan for the Los Angeles label The Elder Statesman. “I’m a grown-ass woman,” she said in response to a description of her walk during Alexander Wang’s show last season as sexy and confident. She said it like it was a given, like there was no other way for a woman to strut, down the street or down a runway.  For More