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Astor Ramsay || Warren Avian Lantz ( Waltz )

ref 1 || ref 2

Originally Astor Ramsay ( as an homage to Josh Ramsay of Marianas Trench and their latest album, Astoria ), this is one of my favorite fandom-related OCs, if I’m being honest. Originally, he was a crossover OC from when I was part of a Kingdom Hearts roleplay a couple years back. Basically, he’s a Keyblade Wielder from Shibuya ( TWEWY ), who’s also a Reaper in the Reaper’s Game. I was particularly proud of his fighting style, which was a combination of breakdancing and capoeira, and that complimented the short length of his keyblade, Yangst ( yang + angst, lmao ) really well. He was a close-ranger who made use of his background in music and dancing incredibly useful in his fighting style.

Currently, I’m in the process of revamping his character for an RP blog here ( @dxssonance—HEAVILY under construction ) to make him strictly a TWEWY OC to implement in one of my fan projects, Our World Begins With Us. His new name is Warren Avian Lantz ( a.k.a. Waltz ) and he’s got a much nastier personality than originally intended, with the only major difference in his fighting style being that he doesn’t use a keyblade anymore.

… I still cry because I spent a lot of time designing his keyblade ( in ref 2 ), though.

okay so we went back down to the consular’s office to go look at old yearbooks for our school and first of all, my dad looked funny and second of all




why does he look so mUCH LIKE BRENDAN THIS WAS FROM 1982-

oh and his name?

Eric Peterson.

names of people that Brendan has played: Luke Peterson (The Guest) and “Eric” (T@gged)

what the actual shiTTLEDICKS?????