Didn’t have anything to do at work today, so have some Team TARDIS. 

This is my first attempt at digital painting fanart. I’ve been painting my illustrations for years, so I thought I should give this a go. Moderately pleased with the way they turned out, and it was a fun day at work!

All three were painted in Adobe Photoshop, no filter.

finally done with this one! But I’m pretty self-satisfied here rn.

My sweet sweet bby savallah, I’ve finally finished what I had promised! Doctor and his Rose in the Tardis, just as it should be, forever and ever (You heard that, Mr Moffat?!). For You, as always (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 

I’m seriously going down with this ship…

He is alone and thinks, somehow, that he deserves this. And as he wanders on, he decides that no one should stand beside him. He’s got no room, on board his TARDIS. He is a traveller, and needs no other.

But then he finds himself in the cellar of a London shop at closing time, and he grabs the hand of an Earthling called Rose Tyler, and looks into her eyes, and all those resolutions go out of the window! The journey goes on, with a human at his side, and who knows where it will end…


written by Russell T Davies in the Doctor Who 2006 Annual

  • ‘earthling’ lolol
  • 'looks into her eyes, and all those resolutions go out of the window!’ oh my heart
  • the journey goes on
  • until it bloody ends because of those pesky daleks again
  • they always survive whilst he loses everything
  • ow

hi there everyone!

in gratitude and celebration of reaching 4,000 followers (and because i haven’t celebrated a milestone since 1.2k), i’m doing my first tumblr awards!

i also feel like there are a lot of newer d/r and dt bloggers out there that i should be following but haven’t discovered yet and i want some new folks on my dash. this is your chance to introduce yourself! :]

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good luck, and i look forward to meeting those of you that i don’t know!


Here’s your inside look at the making of DOCTOR WHO PARODY by The Hillywood Show®!  This in-depth feature reveals how Hilly and Hannah created this parody in a total of 6 days.  Includes, shooting at Bad Wolf Bay, building the TARDIS, the re-creation of “Partner’s in Crime”, The Doctor controlling a Dalek and more!

Should we play it safe?  NAH!  Let’s make it BIGGER!

fic: deflect, distract, divert

Ten/Rose, set during and after The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit

“Doctor, can you stop pacing for a sec?”

Rose was sitting on the bed in the room she and the Doctor and been allocated by the Sanctuary Base crew. The Doctor, hands shoved into his pockets, had been walking up and down the length of the tiny room with a grim look on his face, but he stopped still at Rose’s request, and glanced over at her sheepishly.

“Sorry.” He sat down next to her with a sigh, running a hand through his hair.

She tilted her head to rest it against his shoulder. “Maybe we should try to get some sleep.”

The Doctor scoffed quietly. “That’s not gonna happen.”

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Okay, so back in May/June my dad was making a room in the basement for him to do his stamps. We didn’t know what color to paint it when it was done, but being the fandom-obsessed people my sister and I are, we were like “We should paint the door to be the TARDIS… Wait no! We should make the whole room like the TARDIS!”

At first, my mom was like “Nah… Let’s just paint it beige”, but my dad being an awesome person was like “Sure, why not!” And so since mid-June to December 29, 2013 I have sketched, measured, and painted for about 500 hours a room sized, self-titled, Superwholock Sanctuary.

I tagged my progress on my blog, the link is here. The first thing I had to do was pencil in everything. This was just for the interior of the TARDIS, the characters were later. There was a lot of measuring, and probably the hardest part of the whole room was making the geometric designs that were around the blue lights. After I penciled in a certain space, I would tape it (I learned the hard way that the extra sticky tape pulled up the paint) and paint it. It took me all summer (minus three weeks off for vacation) 5.5 - 7 hours a day to finish completely the interior of the TARDIS.

Then, after another break for school, I started on the characters. I’d find a good full size picture of each character, (If i couldn’t find one, I’d splice a few together) and then project it on to the wall; which I had to do in two parts, and getting the two to match up could sometimes be difficult.

At first, I wanted to paint twelve characters, but I cut it down to nine. Clockwise from the door I did (Supernatural) Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel, (Doctor Who) Rose Tyler, Amy Pond, (Sherlock) Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, (Doctor Who) Clara Oswald, and Eleven.

The outside of the room is not completely finished, but I can upload pics of that when it’s done. Also, we were also going to add Circular Gallifreyan unto a ledge in the room, but we didn’t get down with that.

I did 99.5% of the painting and drawing, but you can thank my sister tangerine palm and my friend livinglikelaurenn for insisting I make JohnLock canon (see picture eight).

Feel free to ask me questions if you have any.

Thank you for reading, and have a Super(WhoLock) day! (ugh that was lame, I couldn’t think of a quirky goodbye.),


Chasing a Translation

Rating: All

Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, TARDIS  

A/N: For @timepetalsprompts Ficlet Friday prompt: An unexpected lesson in Gallifreyan || Read on AO3 & Teaspoon

“Where did you get that?” 

That tongue touched smile was going to make him regenerate again, he just knew it. It’d be the death of him. He ought to have rules posted on the TARDIS. No cheeky smiles during interrogations. Not at all allowed, especially when his companion had stolen something from him. It didn’t matter that he hadn’t expressly established what was privately his. It didn’t matter that it had technically been on display. He’d been exposed. And while he was at it he ought to add no teasing and no running away from Time Lords to the list of rules. He could outrun her, easy. But why should he want to when she was giggling in the most insufferably adorable way, waving her prize in the air like a victory flag? If he’d had those rules he wouldn’t be in this dilemma. If he’d had those rules, Rose Tyler wouldn’t bother following them, who was he fooling? 

“Oi! Give me that!” 

Rose tore out of her bedroom, in her pink jim jams no less, and gallivanted down the corridor with her stolen artifact. “Fat chance!” she yelled before jamming her fist on a button lowering a block in the hallway. 

Why on Gallifrey did he have the bloody things? Useless. Not only useless, infuriating. He made a mental note of uninstalling the stupid things the next time he got the chance. Definitely in Rose’s hall that was for sure. He would have loved to give her a lecture on thievery (on his stolen TARDIS) as he chased after her. But his path was now blocked. So he made his way around, quick as a bunny, in an attempt at cutting her off. But the moment Rose caught sight of him she pressed another button with that same precious cackle as she thwarted him for the second time. If she wasn’t so bloody cute about it. 

“I’m blaming you for this, you know,” the Doctor grunted at the coral walls as he stumbled down a staircase and made his way through a thin alley. “I know what you did there with the translation circuit. Sneaky minx, you,” he huffed. “Think I don’t have enough trouble in my life?” 

The TARDIS’s reply was cheekier than Rose’s teasing, a high-pitched chime and rumble. He wouldn’t be convinced the pair of them weren’t in cahoots after this, going around stealing his vitally important sticky notes and sneakily translating them for a precious human’s prying eyes. Okay, this particular precious human. Not that there were any others. Fine, his precious human. There. 

“You’ll thank me later? Is that what you just said? You’re serious?” the Doctor growled at his TARDIS just before he caught sight of a pair of pink shorts. (Only ‘shorts’ wasn’t the word that came to mind). “Haha!” He cheered. “This is a dead end! You’ll have to surrender, Rose Tyler!” 

She paused to catch her breath and looked around. “No! I swear this one goes to the -” 

He pounced on her before she could call him on his bluff. Two heartbeats and four nearly tangled limbs later, he had her pinned to the wall. The thrill of the chase had him devouring the sight of her, a bunny caught in a trap, complete with a wildly thumping heart, a heaving chest, and a pink face. Though the run did little more to him than a brisk walk would for her, he only then noticed the low cut of her spaghetti strap top. Couple that with her wide doe eyes and sweeping her tongue across her lips before trapping one between her teeth, and she had him a bit dizzy. Not that he’d let it show. 

He quirked an eyebrow and grinned, swallowing a growl. “You were saying?” 

Except he’d neglected one tiny detail. Rose didn’t back down when cornered. 

“What’s the big deal, hm Doctor? So it says my name on it. I’m sure there’s other stuff you write down loads of times, all over the console room, yeah?” A little smile peaked through as she tucked a few wild wisps behind her ear. Rassilon, if she wasn’t so bloody cute about it. 

He froze. That minx. Oh, the TARDIS was in for it. See if he’d make those upgrades he promised. Just let her wait and see. He was really on to her now. “You didn’t… that’s not what it says, Rose.”

Rose pushed herself off the coral wall and pushed at his chest, wicked grin returning full force. “You’re blushing.”

“Am not.” He shook his head and put his lips in a doubtful pout. All the same she had him backing up. 

“You are! You’re blushing!” She backed him into the opposite wall and hummed proudly. The rabbit caught the panther. “Think I know what it really says.”

That little hum of hers washed away his cocky facade. And yes, he probably was blushing. Fiercely. He gasped when she took his hand. “Then why did you run?” 

Her voice softened as she caught her breath and brushed her thumb along the back of his hand. Home, he thought as he squeezed her hand. Home was so warm, so soothing. She brought up the sticky note in her other hand. “I’ve had this going on a year now, on my bedside table. It’s always been precious to me, your beautiful alien handwriting. And this one’s been repeated all over the place, so I thought it was important. It’s precious to me. Written in your old hand, before you changed. I didn’t want to give it up. I didn’t know what it meant until today. Just a flicker when the translation circuits came back on.” 

He gulped as she leaned in, weighing down his hand for balance. Thank Rassilon her heart was racing too. “You know what it means?” 

“I do.” 

“Do you know?” he played. Thought he did. Probably sounded a bit more like a knackered frog.

That wicked grin of hers softened to the one that told him she loved traveling with him, and then again to that little smile that bid him goodnight after every adventure. She was whisper close, breathing life against his cheek before her lips met his ear. Relief.

“I love you too, Doctor.”

Did anyone else like SEVERLY underestimate Doctor Who

Like wtf is this plastic shop dummies come to life

Why is that hand trying to eat their faces

Mickey looks weird

Men should not take out the trash


Christopher Eccleston grabbed you by the nuts and whispered “fly you fools” (er, I mean “run”)

Or David Tenant’s hair slapped you into another dimension and showed what it was like to be alive

Or you learned that fezzes are a thing that actually exist

Or maybe Donna showed you that boys and girls can actually be JUST FRIENDS. JUST DAMN GOOD FRIENDS.

Or Martha inspired you to be a doctor

Or maybe you know what it’s like to pal around with your son in law who’s hundreds of years older than you and your childhood best friend is actually your daughter (and you named your daughter after your daughter) and FINALLY A SHOW YOU CAN RELATE TO

Hey There Rose Tyler

Hey there Rose Tyler 

What’s it like in your dimension

I’m extremely far away

But your so great

And did I mention

I love you?

I didn’t think so 

But I do

I swear it’s true

Hey there Rose Tyler

Don’t you worry about the distance

I’m right here if you get lonely

Just you listen for my TARDIS

Close your eyes

You’ve got the Bad Wolf deep inside

I saw your sign

Oh it’s what you do to me

Oh it’s what you do to me

Oh it’s what you do to me

Oh it’s what you do to me

What you do to me

Hey there Rose Tyler

I know we’ve been torn apart

but just believe me, girl

We’ll be able to travel ‘cross the stars

We’ll have it good

We’ll have the life we know we should

My word is good

Hey there Rose Tyler 

I’ve got so much I didn’t say

If every single time I spoke of you

Would whisk you back my way

I’d tell it all

Even more in love with you I fall

We’d have it all

Oh it’s what you do to me

Oh it’s what you do to me

Oh it’s what you do to me

Oh it’s what you do to me

A dimension seem pretty far

But the TARDIS can roam the stars

I’d walk to you id I have no other way

Our friends would all make fun of us

And we’ll just laugh along because we know

That none of them have felt this way

Rose Tyler I can promise you

That by the time we get through

The universe will never (ever) be the same

And you’re to blame

Hey there Rose Tyler 

You be good and don’t you miss me

I know we may never meet again

But keep me in your memories

Like I do

I remember it all for you

I’d do anything you’d want me to

Hey there Rose Tyler here’s to you

This one’s for you

Oh it’s what you do to me

Oh it’s what you do to me

Oh it’s what you do to me

Oh it’s what you do to me

What you do to me

These lyrics were based off of a post for the first two verses (I don’t have a link to the original post)