new dan and phil sims viddy! we transform the howlter house into a family fantasy dream home - DIL’S GRAND DESIGN 🏡✨

dilddy: this is craig we went to college together we were also roommates for a while too



the big day is here! our alien baby is ready to be born - DIL GIVES BIRTH 

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so literally dan and phil’s sims 4 series is

- an alcoholic mad scientist who’s pregnant with an alien baby

- his punky wife who plays with a toy triceratops and colors on placemats

- their artsy, outgoing son who is destined to be with the nerdy boy from across the street

- and the neighbors: a stalker mom, a sad tired dad, and their son (edit: who wouldn’t exist if alcoholic mad scientist dad hadn’t set fire to their house)


new dan and phil sims video! yes this is actually happening. prepare for drama. 


ALRIGHTY Kids strap yourself in it’s time for me to EXPOSE daniel howell for getting Dil abducted

FIRSTLY there are so many comments talking about how if a male sim gets abducted that they might become pregnant:

Also if you read articles about how to get a sim abducted it talks about the satellite:

And how if you the sim is outside between 9pm and 4am there’s a vert high chance

Now as you noticed in the sims Dan and Phil were ‘shocked’ to see Dil had started sleeping outside only - daniel the sneaky little shit he is - actually selected for Dil to sleep outside on the log:

Which doesn’t work the first time so they put him outside on the log and both just joke about how Dil is back outside on the log…. when it was their doing!!!!

Which Dan says to not bother discussing… I wonder why Daniel

And now the biggest proof of all:

We know how Danny boy likes to react to things… I mean just watch this video

And yet when Dil gets abducted Daniel is all like: 

Great acting skills boys - but I’m onto you - and so are people in the comments 


new sims video! it’s wholesome family fun - DILS BOWLING DESTRUCTION 🎳

(definitely no shocking incident at the end)