If your partner is trying to force you to diet- that is abuse.

If your partner belittles your weight- that is abuse.

If your partner throws away all the food in the house to try to force you to diet- that is abuse.

If your partner constantly questions everything you try to eat- that is abuse.

If your partner threatens to withhold sex or cheat on you if you don’t lose weight- that is abuse. 

This type of behavior is an abusive control tactic. Run far away from someone who treats you like this.

We recognize abusive control when your partner tries to dictate how you dress. 

It’s the same concept with food and weight.

If someone is treating you like this, please. Try to get away before they shred your self esteem completely. 

Someone else WILL love you. You don’t deserve to be treated this way. 

When we teach young girls that no one will love them unless they are thin, we are teaching them to accept abusive behavior. 

Fat girls are loved. I am here to tell you that it is real. 

Love will find you. You deserve love and it will come to you. 


Jamie Fraser: Leader of Men

This short little moment gives me all the feels!

Why? Because of the placement of the characters within the frame!

You have Jamie now leading out front with Claire, naturally, by his side. They are followed closely behind by Murtagh and Fergus. The both of who are unflailingly loyal and devoted to The Frasers. Then behind them you have Dougal bringing up the rear. This is such a drastic switch from the first season! Dougal may be war-chief to the MacKenzies but Jamie is a natural born leader.

In just this little moment you see the progression of Jamie’s power and self-confidence. With Claire’s help, he’s come into own and is no longer dictated to by his uncles. I believe, it is with Claire’s love and strength that he was able to really become the man who he was meant to be. You saw it slowly happend in season 1, going from bowing and scrapping to his uncles, to setting out on his own with Claire.

Jamie is the “king of men” and I can’t wait for him to show more of his leadership qualites in season 2!

So I, your beloved king, took it upon myself to wish you all, my dear subjects, a lovely Valentine’s day!

I made up a little card for you all to show just how much I care. Yes, you’ll be delighted to know that your king knows his way around a computer! Hm! I can personally guarantee it’s authenticity. Forgery will be met with deadly force and banishment, of course. 

Have a lovely February 14th, my subjects, with love from your king!

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To Me, You’re A Princess

This is such a beautiful line and has such a beautiful meaning that is often missed. 

During “Girl Meets Friendship” the class held elections. Farkle ran for dictator, Riley for princess, and Lucas for president. Now Maya wanted Riley to win this election and was even willing to stoop as low as gathering dirt on Lucas to win it. They overheard a phone conversation between Lucas and his father where Lucas said Texas was his home. That if he had a choice he would be back in Texas with all of his friends. Maya recorded that conversation on her phone and was going to use it against Lucas. But Riley countered that with her plan. 

If they had used the recording Riley would win princess. But instead she came up with an idea to find Lucas’ friends from Texas to endorse him to become president. Riley knew if she went through with this plan that she would lose the election. But she was willing to sacrifice being princess for him. In return not only did Lucas win the election but he finally felt at home in New York. So in return he made Riley a princess.

They both made each other’s dream come true. Thanks to Riley, Lucas finally felt at home in New York and he also won president and thanks to Lucas, Riley got to be a princess. That was the meaning of that scene. And that is the beauty of their relationship.

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hello! why is the name 임 romanized as Lim instead of Im?

The 이 and 임 Korean surnames (originally 리 and 림 when they were first adopted from the Chinese names 李 and 林) are ‘softened’ due to the 두음법칙 (basically the “initial sound of a word” pronunciation rule, which dictates that syllables such as 랴, 리, 료, 뉴, 녀 are pronounced 야, 이, 요, 유, 여, etc). They are commonly romanized as “Lee” and “Lim” because it’s easier for foreigners. In South Korea they are spelled/pronounced 이 and 임 but in North Korea they are still spelled/pronounced 리 and 림.

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which Mass Effect 3 ending did you choose?


Primarily this was because I felt that the Catalyst was an utterly untrustworthy source of information, and given the circumstances, it would probably be much easier for galactic society to try and repair the damage done via Destroy than to try and deal with the potential consequences of any other option. Plus I honestly couldn’t see my Shepard taking a chance on the other choices. Control and Synthesis both rely heavily on complex technology doing its job right in some very unpredictable fields, as dictated by a machine that was made by people who only hoped it could be used as a weapon against the Reapers, and had no actual idea what it would do.

Utilizing the ‘weapon’ function just seemed much likelier to achieve manageable results from that perspective, really.

PSA: Keep Calm

Nobody has to stop being friends because of this. Friendships are above things like whether one is in a particular RP network. People worrying about losing friends, about losing relationships, please don’t. 

Nobody has to leave Skype chats just because they’re leaving the MHGW.

And for fuck’s sake stop sending @motherfuckingishtar and @motherfuckingkingofheroes hate.

Everyone in and outside of the MHGW should respect their decisions.

They’re doing this because the MHGW isn’t a happy or comfortable place for them anymore, and nobody has the slightest right to dictate their happiness or comfort or what they can and can’t do with their blogs.

For fuck’s sake @motherfuckingkingofheroes was the first blog with motherfucking in the name, we all just emulated him.

He didn’t ask for an RP network to form around him, and that all of you people are holding him responsible for us, for it, for anything involving it, is wrong.

He is a wonderful and sweet person, and so is @motherfuckingishtar, so for the love of God stop sending them hate for focusing on their happiness.

You can’t presume their circumstances, or the outside stresses in their life.

Advice for all the Young/New Goths out there

Dont be discouraged. I know getting into the scene can be a little rough and no matter where you go, there will always be people who try to ruin it for the rest of us. Dont listen to them, they arent worth it. The scene is different than what it was 20, 30 years ago and you cant do anything about that. I know that there are a lot of groups and pages especially on Facebook that put down people for not being “goth enough” or for listening to bands like BVB. And i will let you in on a little secret I learned. Most of the people who run those pages are less than 25 years old and werent even around for the original scene so they really have no right to dictate how the scene should be run or how all goths should act. As a goth in my early 20′s i am still young enough to understand what its like to be a young goth without much direction and guidance but i have also been active in the adult scene long enough to tell you that most Elder goths are not assholes. Because most Elder goths are old and mature enough  to understand that things change. A lot of them are parents and wont bully you because they have kids of their own your age, so most of the elitists who will call you a poseur or bully you are probably your age or not much older, so dont take it to heart. Never force yourself to like a band or not like a band because some goth told you to. Not liking The Sisters of Mercy does not make you a poseur. Forcing yourself to like them and listen to them does. Dont do that. Listen to whatever music you want. It doent make you any more of a goth if you know the life story of every member of Bauhaus so dont feel bad if you dont. As long as you show people that you are genuinely interested in learning about the old scene and music, thats all that matters. Seriously dont feel bad about pages like Poseur Patrol. Real elder goths who were around in the original scene think Poseur Patrol is a bad joke and a poor reflection of the subculture, so i cant stress this enough, DONT LISTEN TO THEM. They arent in the position to be judging other goths. Now when it all comes down to it, it is important that you know enough about the old scene and music but dont let that stress you out. Take your time learning and make friends with older goths who are willing to teach you. There are plenty of friendly goths out there and it can be really fun to be a goth. So dont let people get you down. Take your time and enjoy yourself.

In the past, having often thought with terror that a day must come when he would cease to be in love with Odette, he had determined to keep a sharp look-out, and as soon as he felt that love was beginning to leave him, to cling to it and hold it back. But now, to the diminution of his love there corresponded a simultaneous diminution in his desire to remain in love. For a man cannot change, that is to say become another person, while continuing to obey the dictates of the self which he has ceased to be.
—  In Search of Lost Time, Volume I: Swann’s Way (À la recherche du temps perdu, Du côté de chez Swann)

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To my fellow young women who aren't sure what they are: if you only want to date women, then do that. Even if you turn out to be bi, you're under no obligation to date men. You're under no obligation to date anyone, in fact. Labels aren't there to dictate to you who you can date, only to understand yourself better and have a word for your feelings. Attraction to a group of people doesn't mean having to date them.

The Photographer: gripping graphic memoir about doctors in Soviet Afghanistan, accompanied by brilliant photos #7yrsago

FirstSecond, one of the great literary comics presses of the modern world, has topped itself with The Photographer: Into war-torn Afghanistan with Doctors Without Borders, a collaboration between photographer Didier Lefevre, graphic novelist Emmanuel Guibert, and designer Frederic Lemercier.

The book is the memoir of Didier, a photographer who accompanied a caravan of Medecins Sans Frontiers doctors into war-torn Afghanistan to staff a clinic in the middle of the Soviet-Mujahideen war. Didier dictated the memoir to Guibert (the graphic novelist who also produced Alan’s War, a stunning memoir of post-war France) before he died of a heart-attack, and Guibert and Lemercier worked to turn this into The Photographer.

Visually, The Photographer resembles nothing so much as a Tin Tin adventure, except that it is liberally sprinkled with Didier’s photos and contact sheets, dropped in among the drawn panels, incorporated seamlessly into the action. Didier was a powerful, naturalistic photographer, unflinching and unpretentious, and between the finished drawings and the annotated contact sheets, you get a sense of a real artist at work.

The story is in three parts: first, there is the journey to the clinic, which begins in Pakistan where Didier meets all manner of intelligence operatives, pathological liars, adventurers and NGO workers, and then follows the MSF crew as they meet up with escort of Mujahideen guerrillas and arms-smugglers, buy their horses and donkeys, and are smuggled over the border into Afghanistan. After this, the caravan proceeds through the towns and mountains of Afghanistan, dodging Soviet helicopters, losing pack animals over sheer cliffs, and watching in horror as the discipline in their escort is brutally enforced. The caravan is led by an unlikely and charismatic woman doctor who commands the Muj’s respect through sheer competence and force of will.

The second part of the story tells of Didier’s time at the clinic, as all manner of war-wounded, ill and orphaned victims are processed and treated by the doctors, tales of horrific woundings and incredible bravery and sacrifice and nobility. After a while, it becomes too much for Didier, who decides – unwisely – to return to Pakistan alone, with just an escort of Afghani farmers with whom he does not share a common language.

Finally, Didier tells the story of his voyage home, a gruelling trip that gets worse after he is abandoned by his escort. After coming close to death, he is rescued by grifters who rob him – but get him to safety. After more misadventures, he arrives home, finally, in Paris.

The story is very well told, a gripping adventure that sheds light on subjects as diverse as faith, photography, art, love, nobility, Soviet-Afghani relations, pride, masculinity, racism, and bravery. As I said, the photos are magnificent – worth the cover-price alone – but the story makes them so much better. This isn’t just a great photography book, it’s a great novel, a great comic, a great memoir, and a great history text.

The Photographer: Into war-torn Afghanistan with Doctors Without Borders

the school system not only removes our ability to actually learn, but it takes away our freedom to determine whats best for ourselves. why should a bumass guidance counselor whos only known me for like 2 minutes dictate what i get to take to prepare for my future like where in the fuck does that make sense ?? and why are colleges so dependent on the s.a.t. as if one score determines a student’s worth at ya school let alone a student’s worth at all

New World Order, 2011.

We will succeed in the Gulf. And when we do, the world community will have sent an enduring warning to any dictator or despot, present or future, who contemplates outlaw aggression. The world can therefore seize this opportunity to fufill the long-held promise of a new world order - where brutality will go unrewarded, and aggression will meet collective resistance.”
   –George H. W. Bush, 1991 State of the Union Address

Print available here.