So…Alonso is gone.

I know people are saying it was all mutually agreed and shit but…c’mon…Marvel’s sales have been in the toilet and the subject of controversy for a long ass time. I think he was fired and fired hard.

Good riddance I guess, though I am wary of the old adage of better the devil you know.

I’m not overly familiar with Cebulski’s work or his attitude towards stuff. 

My biggest fear is he will initiate a reboot of the Marvel universe but I always have that fear and I guess if they didn’t do it in Secret Wars…I dunno.

All I know is Alonso is out, but most of the snake hive is still there. Maybe Cebulski has a different attitude and isn’t one of the snakes. 

If this was effectively a firing as I suspect it was then Cebulski is different to Alonso in so far as Alonso was essentially CHOSEN by Quesada to be his successor, meaning that in a very real sense, as different as it was, Alonso’s regime was an extension and mutation of Quesada’s (hence endless heroes vs heroes crossovers).

I dunno how this will affect Marvel what with Alonso AND Bendis leaving. Alonso wasn’t a draw of course but he was one of the tent poles.

We will have to wait and see…though Brevoort is still there sadly.

“The devil is a constant enemy to the Christian’s soul. That great, sleepless, and unwearied foe is always laboring to do us harm. It is his constant object to wound, hurt, vex, injure, or weaken–if he cannot kill and destroy. He is an unseen enemy who is always near us, “about our path, and about our bed,” and spying out all our ways, prepared to suit his temptations to the special weak points of every man. He knows us far better than we know ourselves. He has been studying one book for 6000 years– the book of fallen human nature, and he is a spirit of almost boundless subtlety and cunning, and of boundless malice. The best of saints has little idea how many vile suggestions in their heart come from the devil, and what a restless adversary stands at their right hand.”

— J.C. Ryle, (The Devil Knows You Very Well)

Decided to just upload this haha I’ll color it later in the week once I have time. Peridot (Peridiel) from my Lapidot AU “The Devil You Know”. In the au Peridiel is what you’d call a “true demon”.

True demons were once angels and when they fell, some decided to break their halos and carve it into horns as a sign of their defiance and freedom. Powerful and some like Peri hold no allegiance to anyone but themselves.