Review: Justin Peck’s ‘Decalogue’ Pushes Into New Ballet Forms
Mr. Peck’s latest creation, scored by Sufjan Stevens, seems to be coolly composing a new grammar, and with some largeness of spirit.
By Alastair Macaulay

The score, a company commission, is by Mr. Peck’s colleague Sufjan Stevens, and it is attractive but quite unlike the Stevens scores Mr. Peck has given us before, with their propulsive rhythms and theatrical orchestrations. This is for solo piano (played by Susan Walters): 10 pieces like Romantically modernist études.

“So we wanted to begin each film in a way which suggested that the main character had been picked by the camera as if at random… In the end we decided to locate the action in a large housing estate, with thousands of similar windows framed in the establishing shot. It’s the most beautiful housing estate in Warsaw, which is why I chose it. It looks pretty awful so you can imagine what the others are like.” – Krzysztof Kieślowski