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Sonic headcanon: After their defeat by the hands of Sonic, the Deadly Six would discover that their robot controlling abilities don’t work anymore. In light of this, they’d go on their separate ways:

-Zazz, still hungering for destruction, would join Eggman’s army and become a new regular enemy for Sonic to face (though his incompetency would be somewhere between Eggman and Orbot & Cubot.) He’d also become a frequent enemy the Chaotix would face.

-Zomom would give up his destructive ways for being a cook for a take out (that makes chilli dogs.) He’d be the first to meet Sonic after the D6 breakup and explain what happened. He’d also still care for his brothers despite what happened.

-Master Zik would retire to a hidden Chao garden and attempt to regain his inner peace. He’s still quite bitter about Sonic and his world, but he won’t actively try to destroy it now, instead focusing on improving his mind and spirit.

-Zeena would decide to go on a quest to discover the lost origins of the Zeti. She wants to know what her heritage is and how they ended up in the Lost World to begin with. While on her travels, she’d gain companions to aid her search, though she won’t admit they’re friends as she’s still rather snooty.

-Zor would be recruited into G.U.N, not to his liking but goes along with it anyways. He gets paired up with Team Dark on occasion, much to everyone’s displeasure. He’d also start a secret poetry jam with Shadow.

-Zavok will go to seek out Sonic by himself, while giving himself the title “The Deadly One” after his old team name. Still with the power boost he had from the end of Lost World, he’d terrorize a city or capture a friend of Sonic to call him out, and even when he loses, he’d get back up and make a better plan to crush him, like right after Sonic fought a really tough battle and is weakened.

anonymous asked:

One thing I don't get about criticism of the deadly six is how much they complain about having one-note the personalities. Don't get me wrong they do have simple personalities, but fans sometimes act like their the only sonic villains that have that problem. Let's be honest beside Eggman and a few others a lot of the other sonic villains have this problem. For example Black Doom is your typical alien overlord you see in fiction. Not to mention all of the monsters of the week that show up.

YES. I’ve been saying this for the longest time.

The Deadly Six may not be that multi-dimensional, but neither are a great majority of other villains in the series. Even without counting the giant monsters, you have Black Doom, SatAM Robotnik, Nega, Mephiles, Scourge, the list goes on. These guys are every bit as flat as cardboard, so you have to wonder why so many fans are willing to harshly criticise the Deadly Six when villains like Mephiles and SatAM Robotnik are incredibly popular.

My only guess is that those guys are considered more “badass” due to not having any intentional comical or whimsical touches like the Deadly Six do… Even though this means the Six actually have MORE of a personality than any of them. Not a huge amount, but definitely more than “I’m evil”.

darklightheart said: Plus, give them some good dialogue and dynamics to bounce each other off, while maintaining the sense of menace they did manage to give, then the potential they have can really be tapped into.

This is why I like them in spite of their simplified personalities. Because I really do think that with a little improvement, you could do a lot with them, and if there needs to be such a thing as a third-most recurring villain in the franchise (after Robotnik and Metal Sonic respectively), I’d much rather that honor go to them than Diet Coke Robotnik Nega.

It’s too bad that Lost World’s reception has made a lot of fans completely averse to them. But I think they deserve a second chance should they be given the opportunity for one (so long as they don’t get in the way of Robotnik’s rightful role of course). After all, if Silver got redeemed in the eyes of some fans thanks to his boss fight in Generations, who’s to say the Zeti are automatically a lost cause?

rollflasher  asked:

Uhm hey Crusher, out of curiosity. Which do you think are the pros and cons of Pontaff's writing regarding Sonic? Don't worry, I do respect your opinion, I just want to know.


-Their portrayal of Robotnik is one of his best, combining his humor with his menace perfectly. All they need to do is have him be more proactive like he’s known for being, and I’m set. (While I agree with the criticisms about how Sonic doesn’t take him seriously, that’s a problem with Sonic’s portrayal, not Robotnik’s. And even then, Sonic by his very nature has ALWAYS had a few problems with this. It’s one of the reasons for why I’m not too fond of him.)

-Also, and I need to stress this, Robotnik isn’t getting upstaged all the goddamn time. And the one time it does happen, he still turns it to his advantage by the end. (I’m only talking about the main series by the way, since I was always apathetic towards the Boom games.)

-I really appreciate that they had Sonic acknowledge his mistake in Lost World and how he did his best to set things right, after how he all but ignored his own fault in the breaking of the planet in Unleashed. While not perfect, I think they did try to improve Sonic’s characterization in Lost World, and it’s a shame that the admittedly lacking execution of Lost World’s setup has made some fans swear off the inherent idea of Sonic doing anything wrong.

-Simple though they may be, the Deadly Six are far more entertaining and memorable than many of the other Not-Robotnik villains in the series.

-Some of the humor can actually be pretty great at times. The public announcements in Colours are a prime example.

-While the tone itself isn’t ideal, their streak has nonetheless been consistent. Consistency has always been one of Sonic’s biggest problems, so I can respect this.


-I agree that they ought to raise the tension a little more towards the end.

-Some of the humor could be improved.

-There could be more use of dynamic scenes (although I think some fans exaggerate how often dynamic scenes popped up in previous games).

-The rest of the cast could do with more utilization.

-Sonic’s tendency to snark too much, though again, I think he’s always had a problem with this. (Like in Unleashed, where Sonic’s reaction to seeing Eggmanland for the first time is to roll his eyes and hypocritically snark about how the doctor is enjoying himself too much, or how he jokes about skydiving to Robotnik instead of being angry with him for being used as an unwitting pawn in his scheme.)

-Lost World’s portrayal of Tails, as it’s not really in-character for Tails to get snippy like he did. That said however, I still think some of the hate directed at Tails in recent years for this portrayal is really ridiculous and way too vitriolic, to the point where I wonder if this is how Shadow fans felt back in 2005-2006.

So I decided to finally get around to drawing something not NiGHTS-related and yet… 

Anyway, I speedpainted Zeena because she looks cool. Also pouty face because cute. :> This was mainly to test how my arm was doing, really.

Also wow, no boobs. Gee, strange that I didn’t draw the things she doesn’t have, right? I swear she has Gardevoir syndrome. :S