Prelude/Outer Space/Radar
  • Prelude/Outer Space/Radar
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still
  • The Day The Earth Stood Still: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Bernard Herrmann - Prelude/Outer Space/Radar (The Day The Earth Stood Still: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

“[Herrmann’s score for the sci-fi classic The Day The Earth Stood Still] was another scoring milestone that anticipated the era of electronic music with its then unheard of instrumentation for electric violin, electric bass, two high and low electric theremins, four pianos, four harps and a ‘very strange section of about 30-odd brass.’…What the film needed was an extraterrestrial strangeness, a sense of the bizarre and unsettling; this Herrmann achieved through his wisely sparse electronic soundtrack.

If the music’s impact is lessened today, the reason is not the score itself but the host of inferior imitations its success spawned.”

-excerpted from A Heart at Fire’s Center: The Life and Music of Bernard Herrmann by Steven Smith