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One day Three, after a round wih the Master, rescues an Ood from his TARDIS. Like he can’t move his own TARDIS and take him back the Ood-Sphere, he just get him to UNIT and tries to keep it hidden for the rest of people.

But one night, it escapes, and, how it’s conditioned for serving, it begins to clean up, and that’s how the Brigadier founds him cleaning his office at the next morning. Lucky for the Ood, The Doctor appears before the Brigadier shoots it (it’s the Brig, of course draw his gun is the first thing he thinks when he founds an alien classifying the files on his desk in alphabetical order).

And that’s how the Ood becomes the unofficial caretaker of UNIT.

Jo loves the Ood, and the Ood loves the nice “Miss Josephine” (Miss Jo, after Jo asks it ten times don’t call her Miss Josephine), and even she knits for it a cozy beanie and a scarf, because it’s a very cold winter.

The soldiers don’t know how to treat it at the beginning, but soon it becomes one of them, and you can see them trying to teach it how to play football on the break time or sharing coffee making skills with Benton.

Years pass, The Doctor comes and goes from UNIT, and one day, meanwhile he’s making a visit to Kate, Twelve finds out that the Ood is still there, and that he’s completely forgotten about it. He offers take it back to its planet, now he can, but the Ood refuses, it’s happy there, UNIT is its home.

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  • Vergüenza - Ska-p
  • Adam’s song - Blink 182
  • Let’s dance to Joy Division - The Wombats
  • All these things that I’ve done - The Killers
  • A place to hide - White Lies
  • R u mine? - Arctic Monkeys
  • My number - Foals
  • Oh my god - Ida Maria
  • Romeo and Juliet - Dire Straits
  • Good riddance - Green Day
  • High hopes - Kodaline
  • U + ur hand - P!nk
  • Laura Palmer - Bastille
  • I see fire - Ed Sheeran
  • Savages - Marina and the Diamonds

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The Musings of a Doctor Who Fan

**WARNING: Spoilers ahead, if you are not caught up past Day of The Doctor**

So, Ten and Donna visit Planet of The Ood in the episode of the same title… where we get to see Ood Sigma for the first time. They warn that something big in returning. But it’s not the master… it’s the Timelords/Gallifrey. Ood Sigma addresses “Doctor Donna” at the end of the episode… The Doctor thinks Ood Sigma is talking about him, but he’s talking about Donna. He sees it as meaning, his time to die is coming soon. We then see Doctor Donna come to be in Journey’s End/The Stolen Earth. At the end of Waters of Mars, Adelaide Brooke kills herself. The doctor realizes he can not pick and choose who lives or dies. Some things just have to happen. He turns and sees Ood Sigma… and says “I’ve gone too far….” “Is this it? My death? Is it time?” He gets in the TARDIS, says “NO.” then flies off.

This is where it gets interesting…. He was supposed to go straight to the Planet of the Ood, but, fearing death, he instead chooses to fly off and adventure. Then we go clear up to Day of The Doctor. Ten has chosen to flee to 1562 England. Where he’s tracking down a Zygone, and inadvertently becomes King. This leads to the three doctors meetings, SAVING Gallifrey, and then he departs. As he leaves, he states “Trendalore…. We need a new destination because, I don’t want to go.” This was the FIRST time Ten says these words. But with the timeline, the audience thinks this is the 2nd time.

Eleven responds to the War Doctor asking if he’ll remember he saved Gallifrey, he states “The time streams are out of sync. You can’t retain it, no.” Only Eleven remembers because the events happened in HIS time stream.

Now we go back to The End of Time. Where The Doctor shows up on the Planet of The Ood, with Ood Sigma saying “you should not have delayed.” The doctor mentions all the things he did in between the time, he mentioned “Good ole’ Queen Bess.” and a few other things… He doesn’t know he saved Gallifrey, so he doesn’t realize Gallifrey is what’s coming.

Here’s the interesting part, though…. BECAUSE They saved Gallifrey, in that pocket universe, it changed the events and allowed the Time Lords the ability to return, through the Drum Beat in The Master’s mind. The Time Lords bring back Gallifrey… but this is not the first time The Doctor has faced them.. It’s the first time the audience has seen them, but this is the second time, because of the timeline.

The Time War was originally Time-Locked. Nothing could get in or out. Time was frozen. But, because they trapped Gallifrey in a Pocket Universe, time was able to progress. Time went on… this is how and why the Time Lords became so evil and war hungry toward the end, which, in turn, caused them to try and return through the master. By saving Gallifrey, The Doctor caused a chain of events that turned them dark and vengeful.

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Omg ily. Why am I like Michael? Jut wondering because I like learning how others perceive me and I'm a Michael girl anyway. :p

ily2 xoxo but omg idk i just feel like michael is a huge nerd and would be so infatuated with the new youtubers you’d introduce him to so he wouldn’t get bored on tour and he’d appreciate that you’d rather have a night in because no matter how much people think michael likes to party i know he’d pick his mancave and his girl over a party any day and lazy day michael sounds so ood and i’m gettin ahead of myself god i love michael!!!!!!

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Backstreet Serenade by All Time LowI
Immortals by FOB
Are We All We Are by P!nk
Nearly Witches by Panic! at the Disco
Kiss With A Fist by Florence
Alone Together by FOB

and also

Good Old Days by P!nk
Internet Killed the Radio Star by Limousines
Love Me Dead from Ludo
Just One Yesterday by FOB
Everytime You Kiss Me by Emily Bindiger

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    “ sev ?  i love sev. he’s  my best friend. he is me before hogwarts, when tuney didn’t hate me and both my parents were alive. he is a part of  my childhood that i still cling onto, when he was my only friend because he was the only one who didn’t think i was weird. i know we’ve grown apart, and maybe we’ve become interested in different things, but he will always be an important part of my life. “


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