aesthetics: the androgynous child from the dark knight rises that could feasibly be both tom hardy and marion cotillard


Favorite actor series | Tom Hardy: [On his approach to acting] “I see myself as a piece of meat, and it’s purely subjective. For me, I know that’s the best I can do. I’m a bit of a micromanager,” he admitted. “In the early days, directors and producers would get nervous about me being in the video village. But to me it really is a tool, just a fucking tool. I need to make sure that my tone is working, that’s not about vanity, it’s about is it working? I’m not saving lives, mate, but a surgeon would look at footage and the video of other people doing surgery, or a formula one racer would watch a lap where someone took a corner, or a boxer would watch another boxer fight, I’d watch a screen and say, ‘OK, that’s bullshit, we’ve got to work on that.” - Tom Hardy  

tom hardy in the dark knight rises as bane was truly unrecognizable like he really did transform himself and i am still so impressed


bouis shit investigation. 4:56am , august 3rd, 2015.

lets start by listing what’s been going on the past few hours, shall we?

1- gemma posted a picture of her and her friend (chloe) and us stellar larries SMASHED it by finding a suspicious photo in the background. its a picture of louis and harry , taken at “harrys” house (larry’s to me but ill take what I can get)

2- radio1d (aka modest) posted a photo (multiple) of louis and briana, out of THIN AIR. they’ve never been photographed together, like ever and they said the photo ((one from “snapchat” above)) was rumoured to be taken taken in may, but her sister, the one taking the photo, deleted it minutes after she posted it, which was recently. its clear that it wasn’t posted on Instagram , considering there IS a snapchat seconds timer thing on the top, so YET ANOTHER fail by modest!!!! not surprised, lol.)

anyway, I find it kind of ironic how after these major larry proofs are dug up, MAGICALLY more shit comes up about louis and briana , the same thing would have happened with eleanor when her beard ass was still around.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: radio1d (@radio1direction) has admitted to knowing/having pictures and proofs of larry, so why do you guys still take their shit????? such fucking attention whores I s2g.

lastly, louis got the dagger and NOTHING has changed with louis and harrys relationship. the more shit we go through, the closer we are to letting larry FINALLY come out guys, so don’t jump off the larrie train now !!!! dark conductor larries liam, gemma, niall, anne, jay, zayn, HARRY & LOUIS have the train going at EXTREMELY high speeds, and its just starting to speed back up so belt the fuck up.

  larry is rising. x

Don’t you guys just love it when books come with little extras? This is the letter Stephen Herondale wrote for Jace just just before The Rising.

Are you guys looking forward to The Dark Artifices and The Last Hours? At first I was torn between “enough is enough” and YES PLEASE, but now I’m starting to look forward to them! I can already tell that James Herondale will bring me pain. I do love myself a Herondale boy. Can’t seem to be able to help it *sigh*

Saturn Turns Direct

I’ve been in my own little world the past few weeks as baby came home and i’m immensely sleep deprived… However can’t help but post about Saturn Retrograde turning direct! Can’t you feel the abrupt change in the air? 

Here’s some info from the wonderful Bairavee Balasubramaniam


The Descent has Ended. We’ve met Ereshkigal, Pluto, Osiris, Anubis - the various beings and psychopomps that cast us through trials and grant us boons in the Underworld. And the Rise has Begun.

As we Ascend through the Darkness of the Cave once more, we look back on the trials we’ve faced - the lessons we’ve learnt - the baggage we’ve let go of - the monsters that we later realized were our allies - the pain of loss - the confidence of re-discovery - and so much more.

We’re now heading for the Mountaintop (Sagittarius).

In astrological terms, this corresponds with the final Saturn Retrograde into Scorpio which ended at 1:52 pm (GMT + 8), August 2nd 2015. Saturn will now be moving forward till mid-September (after a brief stationary period), when it enters Sagittarius and leaves Scorpio for nearly 3 decades.

Over the next three weeks, we’re going to be clearing out the karma of our relationship with the Subconscious, The Underworld, The Dark, The Taboo, The Suppressed, The Forgotten & The Powerful. We’ve been working on this since 2012, but this is really the final stretch, and gains added intensity. Anything unfinished will now require completion, be it through integration or release.

In day to day life, this can manifest as a focus upon shared resources/finances, intimate partnerships and mergers and re/negotiations on contracts regarding the allocation of resources. You will understand where your Core Strength emerges from and where you can, and should, commit your energies to. The decisions we make now, will last us for a long time ahead.

Many facets of life will be consolidating at this time, with other facets that no longer resonate with your deepest sense of sense will simply crumble to dust. Whilst this can be an emotional, traumatic experience - bear in mind that nothing that doesn’t survive a Saturn transit has no real place in your life. Saturn teaches us, after all, what lasts.

Those of you who work with gemstones or do shamanic work, Labradorite will be a powerful ally at this time. The archetype of the Crone-in-the-Underworld will emerge as a powerful ally, guide and facilitator through the Shadow-Working that we do now.

Bear in mind that Darkness - as an archetype - is as Sacred as ‘The Light’ - for we can find our greatest gifts in the soft, intimate, healing silence and space of the Earth-Womb. It’s not all 'good’ or 'bad’, but relative. Be fully open and present, even to things that seem scary and overwhelming. Breathe, and keep moving forward - the next chapter will begin soon smile emoticon

Hope you’re all well heart emoticon

Blessings and Love,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

Image: Saturn’s polar regions. False-color image of Saturn’s north pole hexagon storm. - By NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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The second one is the best because of Heath Ledger

true it goes the dark knight > the dark knight rises > batman begins

In the middle of the show Lima realized that the dark knight rises was filmed here and he started acting out the scene that Heinz Field got blown up


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