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i'm cracking up imaging yoda and ben's ghost meeting luke's small stabby son

…………..yoda is not tall enough to be stabbed in the knees. Oh no, he is stabbed in the waist, and the thigh, and around the second stab he stops being stunned and starts fighting back. He lands two good blows on the things before it wheels away, screes Daaddyy in binary and Luke (who does not, as yet, speak Stabby’s strange bastardised binary; but understands that wail of pain and outrage.) “Hey!” he says, tucking Stabby safely behind one boot and glowering down, and in that moment Yoda thinks of Anakin, and CP30, and droids who pick up humanity like the contagion it is. Luke sets his jaw and glowers and tries to look imposing. He is not very good at it. Not yet. He could learn to be spectacularly good at it, and that is what frightens Yoda.

Yoda rubs his injured hip. The second stab had got tangled in his (filthy) toga, but the first has nipped, and though he’s not bleeding, his pride is wounded. His eyes narrow. Luke glowers back. 

“I need to see Yoda,” says Luke.

“To see a great Jedi Master, you desire,” says Yoda, “and yet a stabby droid, you bring.”

“I made him,” says Luke. R2 whistles in the background – 

He did! I like Stabby, he’s a little fuck, and Stabby coos happily at the praise. 

“Tape a knife to a cleaning droid, you did,” says Yoda, sounding wholly unimpressed. “A Skywalker, you are.”

“To the bone,” agrees Ben Kenobi, wavering into vision. Stabby rotates to the location of the voice, brandishing his knife.

“You knew my father?” says Luke, bright-eyed with excitement. Yoda sighs. 

“Yes. A Jedi, he was.”

“And – and –” Luke stammers. Ben cuts in:

“And taping a knife to a cleaning droid and calling it Stabby is exactly the sort of thing that Anakin would do.”

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'As a former terf' lmao. We should make a meme out of this.

Men in suits “as a former terf” it would crack me up every time tbh lol

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Honestly I'm not gonna lie, between your art and the fic you wrote up I am super inspired right now. You wouldn't mind if I took a crack at writing up some stuff for this little idea you've got going on, would you? I will totally bring up your blog and all the awesome shit you've been making because it's a treasure that should be shared. (I just would really love to make some stuff for this while we wait for a Markimoo update and I love writing some good Mark torture myself.)

Go right ahead! :D I’m actually really suprised that people like this stuff honestly ahha.


Magic Alex singing Walls of Jerico during the filming for Magical Mystery Tour. 

I’m not really a fan of Magic Alex’s. I think he was a fraud who took advantage of the Beatles (particularly John), but this film is still interesting. And Paul crack me up! 

Magic Alex passed away recently at his home in Greece. 

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Where do u go to school

I’m often asked for personal information such as this, and its monotony has gotten to me. So, let’s play a game, shall we? 

Decode the following encrypted text:


Then, once you’ve done that, you’ll need the encryption key as well, but I can’t just hand that out! I’ll give you a hint, and it’s the only one you’re ever going to get, even though I doubt you’ll get this far.

The encryption key is one of the most infamous quotes from a long dead serial killer who died at some point in the 20th century. 

Regards, 21st century Zodiac. Oh, I crack myself up sometimes, ha. 


So my friend @cmiad has the weirdest cat. Whenever she pets him or touches him at all he makes the most hilarious sounds😂 Brrrp!!!