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previous ask reminded me of something that happened to me in the past: not long ago, i was playing with a squishy toy to help me concentrate. it wasnt causing any trouble, it was doing the literal opposite, yet my teacher found it necessary to start screaming at me, asking how old i was to be playing with toys and demanding i put it away, embarrassing me in front of my classmates

Ugh, why are some teachers like that? I had a chem teacher who called one of the kids in the class a really ableist name because his last name was one letter off from the word. And once we were lab partners, and he did all the work and I did all the documentation, and then he copied my lab report exactly because he wanted to do well and I always got a good mark on my reports, and he was given a worse grade just because the teacher was like that to him. It was awful. Some people just shouldn’t be teachers.



February 23rd 2016 4:49pm // Get motivated!

It´s the second week of my internship at the hospital, and I am still super-tired every time I return home. However, I need to study for my immunology lab two weeks from now, and I have no clue to what extend I need to know all the facts and methods.

So, I relocated my study space from our study to my room – really needed some cosiness today!

With me I had

- a teapot with steaming hot apple-vanilla-tea and my favorite - though broken - cup from Tallinn

- two juicy halves of grapefruit to get some Vit C

- my super duper green finalizers in all sorts of colors to make my notes look pretty!

- my iPad with the lecture slides

- my notes (I already started yesterday and got so unmotivated, i had to finish that lecture today)

As you can see, I got so distracted yesterday, I rather copied the lab mouse from one of the slides than study – today the sweet little thing motivated me even more!

One Piece Chapter 834 Reaction

That Cover Page.

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Jinbei Got Cold Feet When Big Mom Wanted Him To Lose A Limb.

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Pudding Could Not Help The Straw Hats Because She Got Forced To Try Dresses.

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The Big Mom Pirates Are Really Wellinformed About The Strawhats.

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Capone Got A Son ( With A Cigar ).

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Capone Kills( ? ) Pekoms.

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Big Mom Wants Her Family To Be Giants.

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Big Mom Made A Copy Of Caesar’s Lab And Have Given Him 2 Weeks To Create The Giant Drug.

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Luffy Is Collecting Duplicates Of His Friends.

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yep! the rumors are true! tim tebow is now in a committed relationship…with tivo…as their new spokesman #offthemarket