Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall at the hearings of the House Un-American Activities Committee, Washington DC, 1947

HUAC was investigating the suspected Communist infiltration of Hollywood. The investigation resulted in the infamous Black List which kept actors, directors and writers from being able to work in the American motion picture industry for many years. It also destroyed working relationships and long-standing friendships between members of the Hollywood community.

the best lines from this article I read for research:

  • “or in the late-summer bloom of academic narcissism, a postmodern literary critic.”
  • “all one can do is weep”
  • “the same mixture of horror and pride that a father might feel upon learning that his 14 year old son has got a classmate with child”
  • “Huh?”
  • “of course Latin historians frequently failed to tell the truth”
  • “squalls of nonsense from France”
  • “we can scream in mirth at the feebleness of the criteria”
  • “the study of Latin prose authors was traditionally regarded as the province of dullards”
  • “ ‘it wants figs!’ ” 
  • “a little innocent rhetorical gussying”
  • “the result is like the diary of a teenager: riveting only to its creator, repellent to others, and illuminating to none”
  • “the ecstasy of parsing!”
  • “to John Henderson the Annals were - well, as usual with John Henderson, who can tell?”
  • “this sad stuff”
  • “the Annales Maximi, about which controversy will never cease”
  • “as perverse as it would be to read the New York Times as if it were a novel by John Grisham”
  • even the title itself, “historians without history: against roman histography” (keep in mind that this article is found in a compilation called “the roman historians”, as if the overall salt content of the writing was not already high enough)