May we
always meet
in dreams, so
heavenly when
we’re embracing.
—  angels sigh, floss alico long.

imagine like. hiro says “hell” and lighting booms from the heavens. dark clouds circle over the lucky cat cafe. a monotone “oh no” from baymax. disturbing singing echoes through san fransokyo. a voice booms through the sky

“swear jar”

joyofmysalvation asked:

3, 9, 12, 24, 32, 42 :)

Disney ask answers:

3. What is your favorite ride? The Haunted Mansion

9. What is your favorite restaurant? Either Carnation Cafe in Disneyland Park or Carthay Circle Theater in DCA

12. Which themed land (i.e. Frontierland) is your least favorite? Probably Frontierland but I even spend a lot of time there so…

24. Where in the parks do you wish you could spend the night? The Dream Suite above Pirates. I actually got to go inside during my program and it was breath-taking…you forget that it exists in a theme park

32. Has a character ever cheered you up on a bad day? Once I was doing this photo collage thing during my program where I wanted to meet/take photos with all of the Disney park princesses. So I had gotten off of work and had a particularly bad day getting yelled at (almost crying in front of a guest) and wanted to go into the park to spend some time there. Little did I know that Mulan (yes, MULAN) was standing right in front and was taking photos with guests. So I waited and when it was my turn, I guess I just looked a little sadder than normal and she very sweetly took my hands in hers and asked what was wrong. I told her that my day wasn’t going to swell but that I was so excited to see her because she never comes out to greet guests other than very very rare occasions. She wrapped me up in a gigantic hug and I kind of started to get teary eyed when she held my hands and told me that no one was stronger than I was for getting through that day and for being courageous enough to keep fighting for what would make me happy. She was wonderful, and made the interaction with her last at least 10 minutes…I’ve still got my photo here and it’s probably my favorite character meet/greet photo because of the kind words that she said that helped to cheer me up:

❀ Pick One ❀

42. Fireworks or Parades? I was never much of a parade person until my college program (because my family sort of grew out of the habit of watching the parades once my younger brother and I grew past a certain age). I made one of my best friends, Deanna, during my program and her ultimate dream was to be a dancer in a Disney parade so she sat me down and made me watch every parade with her…Soundsational, Christmas…all of them and now parades hold a very special place in my heart because they remind me of her.

Thank you for asking these, remembering that Mulan story really put a smile on my face where there wasn’t one before :)


Yesterday my mother told me about how one of my aunts, who is Romanian language teacher, has found a literary circle and they frequent cafes and other kinds of places. My aunt had a miserable life, really miserable, but now she’s happy and she is a published author. She writes poetry. But my mother had the air that this means nothing for her and doesn’t value a thing in her eyes.
My own mother made me feel miserable twice. First, she tells me about a lifestyle I can’t have, second she’s assessing that it is not worthy. She makes me feel horrible every day. Someone please take me out here.


Part 2 of the food adventure. Pork Bbq, Pork Intestine, Chicken Intestine and Mango smoothie from Mang Larry’s Isawan, Cheese pizza at Art Circle Cafe, and Balut at the MRT stop :)

I lose my head
from time to time
reconnecting these
blurry lines, I still
hear his distant cries
playing like vinyls in
my mind.
—  untraceable, floss alico long.
Mr. Manager

Funny story about a man.
One day, i went to a cafe and wanted to do some projects with my friends. We needed to use camera but we weren’t allowed to. But my friend intented to ask for permission to the manager, so the worker called the manager. And then he came out. A man with tattoos, a ripped-jeans, a casual shirt and vans (i guess). He said that we couldn’t use the camera.
I looked at him and the way he dressed. I’m impressed. End of the story.
Then about a month later…..
I went to that cafe again with inner circles to visit a friend of mine who worked there as an intern, let’s say she’s ms. F. Then suddenly i remembered about that cool man. I asked her without further intentions,“hey i think there’s a man who dressed up so cool here. I think he’s the manager. Does he exist?”
And then ms. F stated a name,“ah! You mean mr. MM? (Just code)”
I said, “i don’t know. But i just happen to know he works here.”
Then ms. F pointed at someone who were sitting at the outdoor area,“is it him?”
YES, it was him.
And then ms. F talked about him to me. And then my friends made some plans so that i can be officially introduced to him. Nuts but fun.
When i went home, ms. F texted me,“i said to mr. MM that you said hi.”
Omygod. But that’s the plan. First mission accomplished.
The next plan is….i have to go there again, sit with ms. F and she will bring mr. MM out of the office so he’ll see me. After that ms. F will say,“ah mr. MM, this is the one who said hi the other day.”
Let’s see. Emancipation. That’s the plan but i don’t know whether i am crazy enough or not. And it’s not like i want to have him. No. He’s too ‘bad’ to be a boyfriend or something. It’s just for some fun so that i’ll feel more alive. Just making my own roller coaster.

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When I read
Sylvia Plath I am
in another world with
nobody else, my eyes read
every single line as if she’s
holding out her hand telling me
I am not alone in my mind.
—  floss alico long.