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thin crust or thick crust pizza?

S: All pizza is great. I’m partial to thick crust. Lou Malnati’s in particular. But I’ve got no beef with one of those foldable east coast pies. Ryan’s from California, where all pizza is terrible, so whatever he says here is largely irrelevant.

R: Typical Chicagoan talking down about Cali pizza. Agree that all pizza is great, though. I like a thick crust to bite into. 

48 hours in Greater Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is famed for its retro chic vibe and laid-back beach living, but many miss a trick by only exploring its best-known attractions. Greater Fort Lauderdale, nicknamed the Venice of America is home to 300 miles of inland waterways, plus 23 miles of Blue Wave certified beaches. Get the inside track with our 48-hour guide…

Day one

Settle in

With four flights a week between London Gatwick and Fort Lauderdale, whatever time you touch down, you’ll find something to do in the city. Drop your bags off at the sumptuous Diplomat Resort and Spa in the cool Hollywood Beach neighbourhood. If you fancy a quick sand fix, pop on your flip flops and head to pretty Dania Beach which is just 15 minutes’ drive from the airport. Afterwards head to Jimbo’s Sand Bar island-style tiki bar overlooking the intracoastal for their signature “redneck cuisine” and fresh seafood.

Day two

09.00 – Market vibes

Vintage cars on display, antiques and curio piled high, ripe for the haggling-on; the Florida Swap Shop sprawls over 88 acres and offers an indoor/outdoor mix of farmers’ and flea markets, bargain booths and traditional fairground attractions. Funky food trucks offer an assortment of cuisine spanning Thai to Puerto Rican, and the doors stay open until 5pm daily.

11.30 – Shore thing

Photo by webtop1 on Pixabay

While Hollywood beach is the Fort Lauderdale you see in the movies (such as Marley & Me) if less of a party beach appeals head for quiet, scenic Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson state park beach, one of Greater Fort Lauderdale’s hidden secrets. Take the nature trail and look for adorable manatees in the canals. Snorkellers can explore shallow, vibrant coral reefs just offshore, or go hunting for an underwater geo-cache.

14.00 – Step back in time

See a slice of Old Florida at the 35-acre Bonnet House Museum and Gardens. The estate gives a fascinating glimpse of the Florida of the roaring twenties, when rich Chicagoans and New Yorkers first realised they could escape the brutal winter nor’easter winds and started a gold rush to south Florida. This eclectically-furnished Mediterranean revival house was the home of artist and art collector Frederic Clay Bartlett whose works, and that of his artist wife Evelyn Fortune Bartlett, are on display among pieces by Gauguin and Picasso.

17.00 – Arty Downtown

Photo by davyart on Pixabay

Banksy eat your heart out. As part of a revitalization project, Downtown Fort Lauderdale now boasts more than 20 curated murals from a wealth of artists including The London Police, Evoca1 and Logan Hicks, whose piece is a mind-blowing work of photo realism. On the third Saturday of each month, the Mural Project also offers free ArtWalk tours beginning at 18.00.

20.00 – Feast on this

Broward County is home to over 3,000 eateries meaning you’ll never go hungry. For fine waterfront dining, try Sardelli Italian Steakhouse set in a beautiful Italian country house-style building. Don’t miss the butternut squash mezzaluna pasta with sage, brown butter, and amaretti crumble. For a more casual bite grab hamburgers and a slice of Key Lime Pie at Le Tub Saloon – Oprah Winfrey is a fan.

Day three

08.00 – See you later Alligator 

Photo by patrick_worldwide on Pixabay

Florida wildlife abounds in the swampy Everglades, where native alligators mingle with escaped pet pythons. Just a 45-minute drive inland, Everglades Swamp Tours offers tours in airboats that float over the shallow reeds and picturesque marshland. The more adventurous can also explore by kayak.

14.00 – Retail therapy

Sawgrass Mills shopping centre, North America’s largest outlet mall, is packed to the rafters with chic. It’s the place to pick up designer shoes and handbags at a snip, with discount prices at the likes of Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. Head to the outside Oasis area for Cuban-inspired refreshments at mojitobar once you’re shopped out.

18.30 – All aboard

Photo by MemoryCatcher on Pixabay

An all-day pass on Fort Lauderdale’s water taxi system costs $26, but if you purchase a “moonlight madness” pass after 17.00, it’s just $16. Hop on and off along trendy Las Olas Boulevard and browse clothes, contemporary art and one-off pieces of jewellery, with prices geared to the owners of the smart canal-front mansions nearby.

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Words by Ann Ridley and Ianthe Butt

Header Photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash

“The Shooting Star Of The Windy City”

I didn’t really wanna put an incredibly similar (okay, the same) design up twice in a row, but I stumbled across this photo while looking up resources for another project and it was just too good to pass up! One more again to all my Chicagoans, with love. Hope you all like. Bless!

my great grandfather immigrated to chicago from germany & the place he was staying when he first arrived was on goethe st but he had a hard time finding it bc no one seemed to know where the street was and eventually he realized that’s because chicagoans pronounce it gow-ee-thee street and that was when he realized that america sucks

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local gay spends the night at his crush’s house, what happens next will warm your heart

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The one thing Keith knows is that Lance smells amazing.

It’s first thing Keith had noticed about him. He smells like lavender; it’s his shampoo, Keith found out after spending the night at Lance’s in freshman year. The sweet smell reminds him of those Lush stores Shiro used to drag him to. Shiro’d ask him which conditioner he should buy for Keith because yes, Keith, you should take of yourself. Keith would point to whatever and try not to stare at the gorgeous employees. He likes the loud ones, with nice bright smiles and lips that aren’t chapped, pretty boys with–

“Hey, Keith-a-roo, are you listening to me?”

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Chicagoans talk about Mississippi as though they had no South Side. White people in New York talk about Alabama as though they had no Harlem. To ignore what is happening in their own backyard is a great device on the part of the white people.
—  James Baldwin
RPDR Season 9: Pre-Show Analysis


Also, it’s impossible to tell how far someone will go without knowing their edit. This is based on their skill sets and what’s been released on the net. 

Aja: America’s favorite new fashion queen, Aja certainly has potential (raiding Violet’s wardrobe helps a little). She’s gorgeous and knows how to work a look. Acting, comedy, anything else? Not so much. Might not last long.
Prediction: Molly, you in danger girl.

Alexis Michelle: TRADE. If seasons 6-8 have taught us anything, being a pretty boy helps. Yet she’s not resting on face: she’s a theatre queen who can sing, dance and act. Add a penchant for strong looks and you’ve got a dark horse that could steal the season. And your panties.
Prediction: She’ll make it past Snatch Game, and possibly top 4. 

Charlie Hides: Charlie is a renowned queen, known best for her impersonations. She’s done Michelle to Michelle’s face, held her own with Bianca Del Rio, and been namedropped by CHER as her favorite impersonator. However, her youtube videos are incredibly hit and miss, with rumors abound that she’ll suffer early. Eh, they said the same about Bianca.
Prediction: Wild Card. She’ll either finish strong or fizzle early.

Eureka: She can dance! Yup, that’s her big schtick. Eureka is a big girl who can stunt in a lipsynch, which means her first time in the bottom won’t be her last. A pageant vet, she’s got a rivalry with Trinity Taylor, meaning she’ll be in as long as she is. Otherwise, not sure what she’ll offer.
Prediction: If she stops throwing shade, she sashays.

Farrah Moan: She’s cute! A showgirl, a hostess, and an impersonator by trade, Farrah has caught a lot of attention so far. Time will tell if she’s able to rise above being a pretty blonde and showcase some personality. One to watch.
Prediction: If she makes it past snatch game, she could do some serious damage 

Jaymes Mansfield: Ay yi yi…girl. Jaymes is gonna have a rough time of it.  Her entrance is the weakest in the show’s history. While she does have a strong knowledge of drag and queer culture, this doesn’t always translate to a good performer. Add a grating character to that mix and you have a ticking time bomb of TV fallout. 
Prediction: Pending a miracle, she’s going home early. 

Kimora Blac: Sex on a stick! Pretty is a plus. But like Aja, it’s unknown if Kimora offers anything else. She’s a solidly working Vegas girl who could end up surprising us all…or going the way of Kandy Ho. 
Prediction: Not enough info, not a good sign. 

Nina Bonina Brown: An Atlanta girl with animated style. She may come across as intense, but she’s going to give some memorable runways…if copyright infringement doesn’t cripple her. She’s already gotten in fights with the viewers, and we’re guaranteed at least one critique from Michelle on blending. Can she take the heat?
Prediction: Attitude adjustment puts her middle of the road or true contender.

Peppermint: A NY favorite, she’s bubbly, quirky, talented and versatile. A successful singer/performer, she’s also the first openly trans queen from Day 1, so the show could play that up to quell recent backlash or play up her diversity and send her packing. Not likely, pending a misstep.
Prediction: She’ll go far.

Sasha Velour: The freakshow is in town! Sasha is a performance artist and glamour goblin who radiates UNT. The C? Might be in danger. She’s the first to read Jaymes in the confessionals and already gives an impression of not suffering fools gladly. Her success will depend on her softer side, and whether the judges (and the world) embrace her insanity. It worked for Sharon…
Prediction: Will kick ass competitively, fan vote is up in the air

Shea Coulee: The hidden gem of the Midwest, every gay Chicagoan worth their salt reveres Shea Coulee. She can act, sing, lipsynch and serve looks for DAYS. All she needs is a solid personality edit and she could snatch that fucking crown.
Prediction: A winner, baby. Maybe.

Trinity Taylor: A well known pageant girl with an ass, and as the show points out, it’s not the only one. Allegedly a fantastic seamstress with a wide range of styles, so she could survive past episode one. Her comedy and singing? Meh. She’ll need something stronger than a rivalry with Eureka to stay competitive.
Prediction: Middle of the road, at best

Valentina: Talk about an unknown! Valentina has only ten months of experience going into this, which is already a huge handicap. However, she seems sweet enough and she can turn a look. Points against her include her lack of tact with Michelle Visage and the self admitted inability to do comedy.
Prediction: Top 7. Possibly. 

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Sam, as a Chicagoan, have you ever been down into something called the Pedway? The Guardian just ran an article on it and it seems fascinating, if a bit surreal.

Oh yes! I used to go exploring there when I worked downtown. Did you know there is no fully accurate map of it? Even the rare maps posted in the Pedway aren’t a hundred percent. There’s been too much construction, and buildings don’t have to notify the city when they make minor changes to their areas. But the thing is, when you’re actually in it, realistically it’s just a series of hallways and underground retail areas – it’s a loosely-connected network of corridors, and it does get Very Weird at times, but mostly it’s just halls between basements. 

The Pedway is one of those aspects of Chicago that if you don’t use it daily you might not know it exists. I still use it quite often to get between train stations or to get access to Macy’s, and I use it in the winter to walk from the north loop to where I live in the south loop (via a series of underground parking garages) but it goes on forever. There’s at least three secret food courts in the Pedway, a DMV, a gym….and a vending machine on the landing of an unlit stairwell in the middle of nowhere. 

That’s the kind of shit that goes down in the Pedway. 

Winter is coming, maybe I should start pedwaytripping again. It does keep you out of the cold. And with the fitbit app tracking me, mapping it might be easier. 


ATSF0008 Train No. 12 “The Chicagoan” was scheduled to leave Dallas at 8:30 pm and arrive at Chicago the next day at 8:00 pm. In the lead is E6 No. 14 built in 1940. Followed by 80A an E8B on this 26th day of April 1966 in Dallas, Texas. (Lt.Col. D.A. Woo


Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe


Train No. 12 “The Chicagoan” was scheduled to leave Dallas at 8:30 pm and arrive at Chicago the next day at 8:00 pm. In the lead is E6 No. 14 built in 1940. Followed by 80A an E8B on this 26th day of April 1966 in Dallas, Texas. (Lt.Col. D.A. Woodworth Jr.)

Apr 26, 1966

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