Look what a beautiful aesthetic my fantastic friend @jackwhitesgirl made for my first Dramione story! I’m still in total awe and so happy about it! ❤

Thank you so much, luv! You rock! ❤❤❤

Excerpt from the first chapter:

He eyed the little, slightly trembling knobs in the ornate cheval glass he’d conjured.  Twisting left and right, he saw them lined up in a soft curve from his shoulders down to his hips. How convenient for his father to have received the Kiss shortly after the Final Battle instead of having to explain this.

I hope to publish the first chapter soon (maybe even tonight, yay!), so keep an eye out for it on AO3 and ffn :).

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Everyone! What are your favorite foods? c:

Jumin: I prefer to have something simple. Like Tournedo Rossini paired with a glass of Cheval Blanc 1947.

Vanderwood: Something spicy, like Ojingeo Bokkeum or Curry.


Yoosung: O M G, there’s so many to pick from! 

Yoosung: fried chicken and omurice and PIZZA!!! I can’t get enough pizza, oh yes! 

Yoosung: oh, oh! and cup noodles! I love instant ramen!

Yoosung: and spicy rice cakes!

Yoosung: … I am not a healthy person orz

Jaehee: my partner, Zinnia, makes very good bento. They’re very… odd, sometimes, but sweet. 

Jaehee: Zinnia is very sweet, too…

Saeran: I also love candy- especially the kind you chew or suck on. It helps me concentrate when I draw or work on the computer and its something to put in my mouth when I crave a cigarette. 

707: U know u probably could’ve just found our favorite foods on our wiki pages lololol

@velvctmotel // jisoo

      Yejin hates these sort of events that models were forced to suffer through; though, it isn’t so bad because she has some delicious eye candy to ogle while she’s here. She continues to stand off in the corner, sipping from her glass of Cheval Blanc 1947, and seeing two men and a young woman conversing with some press members. Sure the taller of the two men is gorgeous and probably around her age, the young woman catches her eyes. 

      The heiress finishes her wine and pushes off of the wall, straightening out her Chanel dress, she walks over to the trio across the room. Yejin ignores the looks she’s given as she stops behind the couple talking to the trio of beautiful individuals. Thankfully she knows the couple, otherwise this would be awkward in every way possible. 

      I can’t believe my eyes! It’s Mister and Missus Song,” Yejin greets with a smile, giving the couple an embrace, which is returned, and she takes a step back. How have you two been? And who are these guests of yours? I feel bad without a proper introduction.Miss Song smiles at Yejin, happy to see a familiar face and Mister Song introduced Yejin to the three of them; while introductions went on, she sends a wink to Jisoo.


Emery | “The Cheval Glass”


Tonight, I’ll make this bleed light up the sky with my misdeeds.

Cause I hate I hate I hate this, I hate this.

I fell from the first time.


Emery - “The Cheval Glass”

This is how the new Emery is going to sound???? HOLY HELL!!!!!! =D