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Everyone! What are your favorite foods? c:

Jumin: I prefer to have something simple. Like Tournedo Rossini paired with a glass of Cheval Blanc 1947.

Vanderwood: Something spicy, like Ojingeo Bokkeum or Curry.


Yoosung: O M G, there’s so many to pick from! 

Yoosung: fried chicken and omurice and PIZZA!!! I can’t get enough pizza, oh yes! 

Yoosung: oh, oh! and cup noodles! I love instant ramen!

Yoosung: and spicy rice cakes!

Yoosung: … I am not a healthy person orz

Jaehee: my partner, Zinnia, makes very good bento. They’re very… odd, sometimes, but sweet. 

Jaehee: Zinnia is very sweet, too…

Saeran: I also love candy- especially the kind you chew or suck on. It helps me concentrate when I draw or work on the computer and its something to put in my mouth when I crave a cigarette. 

707: U know u probably could’ve just found our favorite foods on our wiki pages lololol


Emery | “The Cheval Glass”


Tonight, I’ll make this bleed light up the sky with my misdeeds.

Cause I hate I hate I hate this, I hate this.

I fell from the first time.


Emery - “The Cheval Glass”

This is how the new Emery is going to sound???? HOLY HELL!!!!!! =D