The World of Warcraft Expansions, Summarized

Vanilla: was better
The Burning Crusade: [FEL REAVER NOISE]
Wrath of the Lich King: Local man sits on ice for several years, never learns how to chill
Cataclysm: How To Ruin Everyone’s Favorite Characters 101
Mists of Pandaria: Not Kung Fu Panda oh my god just shut up I swear to christ I have to hear that dumb joke one more time I’ll fucking shove a cactus up your
Legion: Mountain Dew: Asgard Edition


Did another few iconic world of warcraft weapons in Hexels! Threw in Frostmourne from the last time as well because I like things in even numbers.

Went for a heavy Burning Crusade inspiration this time - BC had all the glowy space weapons and if there is one thing hexels does well, its glowy stuff! Used the new halftone mode to add a bit of sparkle!

I hope you like them.