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for your bulking phase.

Gally Imagine #2

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Imagine Gally betting on you in the wrestlingring.

Y/NN = Your Nickname

Warnings: swearing, (light sexual innuendos)

(Not my gif!)

“Told you.” 

Alby stepped forward into the ring and as you knew what was coming now, you started stretching. “Next up, it’s Y/N against Aiden.” Oh no. You thought. Not the big one.

Nervously you looked first at Aiden, a huge bearded guy from the Bricknicks, cracking his knuckles, then over to Gally who was standing next to the others around the ring, nodding encouragingly.

In your mind you quickly recapped what Gally had told you to do in a case like that, when you entered the ring. Aiden looked at you with a mocking smile, seemingly content about the opponent’s selection. Alby continued. “Once again: No hitting, no lifting.” You tried to push your growing fears aside, but the Gladers made it hard to. “Don’t go too hard on our wimp, shank!” Someone whispered behind you:  “I never understood why she was chosen to be a Builder.” “He’s gonna eat her shucking alive!” In the corner of your eye you saw how Gally unobtrusively crossed his fingers underneath his folded arms.

“And… Fight!” Abruptly Aiden lunged out towards you not being ready yet. Quickly you dove into the sand next to him, trying to bob up immediately after that, but Aiden was pretty quick for his cumbersome, muscular appearance. He grabbed your ankle forcing you onto the ground again, just to pick you up by your shirt and put you back on your feet. As he took a step back without tossing you out of the ring, you suddenly understood what was going on. He was going to draw the fight out, maybe trying to embarrass you. Maybe to savor the moment.

“Come on, girl, play with me!” he grunted smirking which just confirmed your theory. In an attempt to intimidate you he leaped forward, and just to make sure he wouldn’t grab you, you flinched back. Gloating laughter filled the air, but you didn’t care. Now you knew what to do. You took a step to the left when he wasn’t looking, but posing to the crowd, to shove him to the side. More laughing occurred, since Aiden didn’t do anything but stumble a little. You remembered Gally saying:  As wolfish as this may sound, try to piss off the shank you’re fighting with. Make him attack you.

“Come on, Slinthead, fight me.” You growled defiantly. “Isn’t that the only thing you can do? Fighting? I guess you’re just too stupid to do something else…” You kept moving around him in anticipating precaution. “Whatcha say, you little bitch?” he asked, threateningly  planting himself in front of you.

You played it cool as if your heart wouldn’t have just dropped into your gut and continued teasing. “That’s probably why you’re a Bricknick… Too dumb for a Med-Jack, too big for a Runner…” Then you took the cake. “Too soft for a Slicer…” You knew it was the most foolish and daring thing to say to him, so you prepared yourself for being tossed. You backed out to the rope which marked off the wrestling area. One mistake and I lose. You soberly thought.

As you had planned, Aiden sprinted towards you with his face being taut with anger. This could go wrong so easily. You temporized the moment he was close enough, then you leaped under his upper body, causing him to fall over you. His own momentum catapulted him right out of the ring, forcing some shanks to jump aside.

As he hit the ground the Glade broke out into cheers and applause.

Alby approached you, grabbed your hand and held it up high, roaring “We’ve got a winner!” proudly.

You turned to look straight into the eyes of Gally, who was giving Frypan a fist bump and then turning towards him with a proud but reserved smile, saying two words “Told you.”  

“I did it!” You cheered still startled by that. Gally came towards you pulling you off your feet, into a long lasting hug. “Yes, you did.” He whispered, then chuckling. “Nice tactics, babe, good footwork…” You raised your mouth so near to his ear that your lips touched it, mumbling: “Yeah… My teacher’s the best.” He caused shivers running down your spine, by placing a small kiss on the side of your neck and you were looking forward to what was going to follow to that later.

As he put you back down, Minho, Newt and Thomas came up from behind him. “What the shuck happened out there?! I wouldn’t even dare to talk to Aiden like that! You’re the bomb, Y/NN!” Thomas chimed. “Gally and I had a little bit of training… That helped a lot.” You said, happily looking up to the tall Gally who smiled down at you, putting his arm around your waist.

Minho smirked suggestively, raising his eyebrows. “Sure… Training…