“The greatest triumphs of man were those in which his mind had to free itself from the influence of delusive appearances. Such was the revelation of Buddha that self is an illusion caused by the persistence and continuity of mental images: the discovery of Copernicus that, contrary to all observation, this planet rotates around the sun; the recognition of Descartes that the human being is an automaton, governed by external influence and the idea that the earth is spherical, which led Columbus to the finding of this continent.”

-Nikola Tesla

“Famous Scientific Illusions.” Electrical Experimenter, February, 1919.

There are things that upset Lucifer, just like there are things that upset Sam - emotionally and turning them vulnerable, without anyone noticing. They only notice it each other.

Lucifer always knows how to take care of Sam when it happens, without a word sometimes. It’s just how things go and he can hold his other half for hours sometimes, humming calming melodies and brushing his fingers over his head. Sam can’t say why, but it‘s soothing.

When Lucifer feels like this, Sam will hold him too - nothing could stop him - but he’s doing something no one else ever did and ever will do. With all the affection and love he has for his angel, Sam kisses the scars on Lucifer’s back, one by one. Those scars that once spread the most beautiful wings in all of creation, he can still see them in all their glory and grace and there is nothing more perfect in his eyes.

These, more than anything else, are moments of utter trust and intimacy, where Sam shows Lucifer how much he means to him, even if he sometimes can’t put it into words. Maybe, he sometimes thinks to himself, when his lips brush over the sensitive skin, there are no words to describe such a deep and intense feeling. It’s more than love, so much more. Hopefully one day he will find a word for this…

It’s much shorter than I wanted (or hoped), but I still want to send it to you, simply because I feel like you need it. Especially now…

Just this. Just this, this room where we are. Pay attention to that. Pay attention to who’s there. Pay attention to what isn’t known there. Pay attention to what is known there. Pay attention to what everyone is thinking or feeling; what you’re doing there. Pay attention. Pay attention.
—  W.S. Merwin on Nirvana and the Buddha’s revelation
If you do not find a companion, intelligent, one who associates with you, who leads a good life, lives soberly, walk alone like a king who has renounced the kingdom he has conquered … It is better to live alone; there is no companionship with a fool
—  The Buddha, The Dhammapada