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I have so many thoughts! Like what if they start body rolling?? in suits?? *fans self* I can't handle all of that. Whatever B.A.P does I am sure they will send me to an early grave this time for sure...I can barely handle the wait rnnnnn >_< /is going to fail chemistry at this rate lol/

Our dream has been crushed. Forget suits. Yongguk had BEARS on his sweater like some high profile mafia trying to look like your innocent boy-next-door. That swag on his face killed me. Let’s hope our boys are in suits in Noir MV. Because if Yongguk is chasing criminals in his bear-sweater, I might just cave in and send him a no-refund marriage contract, signed and sealed in blood. Just saying.


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You can write as many Rucas AU fan fics as your heart desires. Please if you can just finish Back to Basics and the Boy Next Door? Yours stories are great.

Thanks! I actually just finished The Boy Next Door! I’m super emosh lol it’s going up now. xo

HD - Don’t Breathe

HD - Captain America: Civil War

HD - Suicide Squad

HD - Mechanic: Resurrection

HD - The Boy Next Door

HD - Now You See Me 2

HD - Jason Bourne

HD - Mad Max: Fury Road 

HD - Deadpool

HD - The Secret Life of Pets

HD - X-Men: Apocalypse

A LITTLE “I was supposed to just to get The Rose and The Dagger but broke down at Barnes and Noble” BOOK HAUL

Oh and I went to Target too