Kim Mingyu

Category: Smut, Fluff

{Word count: 1.2k }

Description: When your parents turn out the lights, that’s when Mingyu visits. Your secret relationship is risky because your father has a burning hate for boys, especially Kim Mingyu, your next door neighbour and because of your arranged relationship with Choi Seungcheol.

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Parents: what do you want for your birthday?

Me: books

Parents: anything else?

Me: books

Parents: something other than books

Me: novels.

The Boy Next Door

South Korea // 2017 // 15 episodes

Series based on a webtoon about two 25-year-old neighbors: game production major Park Kyutae (Room 301) and animation major Sung Gijae (Room 302).

If you liked The Lover you’ll be probably be into this, it’s the same type of comedy and “misunderstandings”. But don’t expect The Lover’s ending, this is strictly bromance.

I've come to that stage in my life, where I'd rather spend time with books rather than with people

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers.” -Charles William Eliot

Good morning all! Here’s a #bookishrainbow to brighten up your day! Tag by @paperfury, thank you! 😊❤️📚


A small doodle of sangwoo ( killing stalking ) and yonah ( the boy next door) !!
Finished chap 14 of Killing stalking rn and i’m super thrilled!
Their stories are very similar which makes it even more nostalgic and fun for me to read!
I have been waiting for something like this and super happy to have found it //// my love for gore,BL and psychos is just too big ///

one of my all time favorite trilogies of a sort, even though they can each be read as a standalone. anna’s story is still my favorite of the three, though isla is my favorite character, and… i like all thee of the guys so i couldn’t possible choose one of those!