A lot of people ask me about the actors and actresses I picture for my Boss series, but not a lot of people ask about the places in the books. So I thought, what the hell, it’s Friday night, I’ll make a post about them. Some of these pictures are a little different than they’re described in the books, because you know, imagination and all of that. But these are the inspirations:

The floor plan of the apartment in New York:

The master bedroom in the New York apartment:

The living room in the New York apartment:

The master bathroom in the NY apartment:

The pool in London:

The foyer of the London house:

The house in the Hamptons:

Sophie’s bathtub:

weirdkev27 asked:

Imagine Your Boss finding out that a single bite of a weed-based by products will transform Shaundi back into her stoner persona (She even changes outfits off-screen).

how about instead of changing clothes offscreen she just yells “pot prisim POWER” and bam her dreads are back


It’s really cool that Metal Gear is not a cold hearted war game and can have its moments of love camaraderie and affection