I know for people who are not people of color the National Book Award is a big deal,” Woodson said. “But historically people didn’t give National Book Awards to people of color. The Coretta Scott King Award is just as important because people of color need to see books written by people of color for people of color.
—  Jacqueline Woodson at the Hudson Children’s Book Festival

I will hurt you for this. I don’t know how yet, but give me time. A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you’ll know the debt is paid.

I’m done with A Clash of Kings, it took me a whole year to finish it but only because I put it on hold after I read half of it. That being said, by the time I get to A Dance with Dragons the last two books better have been published. #Ihatewaiting 

The Things I Didn’t Notice Before

Chapter 1: That should have been for me

“Hey Internet, so I wanted to share so pretty special news with you today!  
So many have you have been wondering why I’ve not been uploading or tweeting etc. as much recently, and after careful consideration, I thought you had the right to know…I’m engaged! I know right, you weren’t expecting that
! So her name’s Astrid and we’ve been dating for…
Through the wall I could hear Dan filming his new video, announcing his engagement to Astrid.
“What kind of a name is Astrid?” I muttered bitterly into the pages of his new Stephen King book. “Stupid name for a stupid girl.” My thoughts had drowned out Dan talking into his camera, with so much energy and enthusiasm. The last time I had seen him that excited with when we announced the book. God that seems so long ago.
“So I’m not sure how much I’ll be uploading over the next few months, because I’ve got a wedding to plan! Bye guys!” Dan finally finished talking and I was drowned in a sad silence. I had to pretend I liked her, because Dan seemed so in love with her. I remember he’d spent hours choosing that fucking ring which should have been for me. So I’m salty about it. Because yes, I’m still in love with my best friend.
I heard him get up and soon, he was stood in my room. I distinctly remember closing the door, and he definitely hadn’t knocked, but that’s irrelevant, I have to be nice.

I looked up, “What?” as I spoke, I noticed the broad smile on his face and the sparkle in his eyes which was now only saved for her.
“How did that sound?”
“Great yeah, you going to edit it now?” I replied snapping a little too much.
“Yeah,” He seemed taken aback by my abrupt reply. “You okay?”
I almost jumped in surprise at him actually taking notice of me and my feelings, that’s nice of him. “Yeah, I’m just tired, it’s been a long week.”
“Try planning a wedding.” He replied sarcastic as ever. Of course the attention was back on him, of course it was all about him. It had been since he met her, he had become so self-centred, he became a…a diva.
I don’t like to be too mean to Dan, but on days like this, I just want to throw someone off a bridge. “I’m not the one who decided to get married.” I stood up, grabbing a jumper. I needed some air, the atmosphere in the flat was so horrible, and I couldn’t stand it for long. Walking past him I snapped, “But to be honest, the way you’ve been going on about it, I could do this wedding myself.”

I ran downstairs, grabbing my keys and slamming the front door. As I got outside, I ran into Astrid, who was just getting back from work.
“Hey Phil!” She called politely, but I knew she didn’t actually like me.
Ignoring her, I stumbled along the road, finally reaching the end of our street. Living in London meant that there was a constant stream of traffic, so after waiting for a lifetime to cross, I made my way to the tube station.
It was midday on a Wednesday, and the station was packed. People pushed their way around and past me as I walked onto the train and found a glorious empty seat. The train left, but I didn’t really know my destination.
‘I’ll get off when I feel like it’ I told myself, as the train slowed and pulled into the second stop. Not here, the next one.
We were plunged into darkness, and the carriage rattled through the tunnels, the stench of exhaust and sweat filling my nose. Ah the tube, London’s finest.
I felt the wheels begin to slow beneath me, and I stood up to get off as we pulled into Covent Garden. The doors opened and I almost fell out; I double-stepped up the escalator – Dan didn’t like me doing that, not since he grated his elbow on the one in Manchester – and arrived outside, the air was cleaner up here and I inhaled heavily, clearing my lungs of not only tube crap, but also the claustrophobia I got from the flat these days.

It wasn’t our flat anymore, because Astrid lived there too. I was planning on moving out soon, I earned enough money to afford a flat in London, and I had been flat hunting a lot over the past few weeks. There was one I’d found which I just loved, it was so nice and so different to the current one. Dan had had most of the say in it, so I liked it but I never loved it. I like it even less now Astrid’s got all her shit lying around the place.
There’s scented candles everywhere – and not like my shitty ones – actual proper expensive ones (and they’re gross); she’s vegetarian so we can’t possibly have meat when she’s eating at home which is literally every night, so now I eat at a different time, and I have a feeling that she’s turned Dan vegetarian (but then again, I caught him snacking on a bacon sandwich whilst she was out a couple of weeks ago).  She bought all these authentic and handmade cushions covered in beads and embroidery and some shit, which are the worst to sit on because they scratch your back so I moved them into the office and replaced our old ones. We’re, sorry, I’m not allowed to listen to music or watch TV or play video games between half seven and half eight in the evening because she has to meditate. She fucking meditates. And the worst part is, she goes for a run at five in the morning, every morning, waking everyone up with her loud footsteps on the stairs.
I tried to tell Dan how annoying this was, but now he’s joined in. He goes for runs. Dan Howell goes for runs.
To be truly honest, I find it hilarious. But I can’t tell him that.

I reach our favourite Starbucks, I get lunch and a lemonade. I found my phone and my wallet in my coat pockets, so it looks like I can spend the rest of the day out.
There’s one seat, well two, next to the window in Starbucks that looks out across the road, and into Covent Garden. We always sat here, but I haven’t been to Starbucks with Dan in god knows how long. He and Astrid go to some stupid expensive organic café now, and I think she knows the owner.
As I sit and watch the people go by, I realise how pretty it is here. How light and bright the shops are; how the people walk with a spring in their steps over the paving stones, smiling in the spring sun. I never noticed it like this before, I was probably too busy staring at Dan. ‘Love Eyes Lester’ that was the nickname the fans gave me, and Dan was ‘Heart Eyes Howell’. The thing is, mine were true but Dan’s weren’t.

I finish my lunch and take the drink with me. I walk up along to Seven Dials and then back down the hill to Forbidden Planet. My favourite store, but good lord I haven’t been in a while.
As I enter, I realise how much I’ve missed this store, I’ve missed the vibe everyone has, and I miss the way we would recommend things to strangers if they were struggling to choose. I wander around, picking up an Adventure Time mug (since my old one has mysteriously gone missing) and I go downstairs to the book and DVD selection.
“Hey?” A female voice behind me says.
“Yeah?” Turning around I see a teenage girl, with a nervous smile on her face looking up at me.
“You’re AmazingPhil right?” She still looks nervous.
“Yeah that’s me. You a fan?” I love meeting fans like this, just when they’re casual and it’s a chance meeting.
Her expression softens. “You have no idea, can I get a photo?” She pulls out her phone, opening the camera. “So is Dan around, it would be great to get one with both of you?”
I stiffen at Dan’s name, they don’t know about Astrid, but I kinda hate her enough to want to tell this girl. There’s a strong and angry debate going on in my head, but eventually evil wins out and I tell her.
“No, he’s at home, editing with his financé.”
The girl’s eyes widen and she stares at me in disbelief. “He’s…no…he’s not? Is he?” She stutters.
I nod, “Yeah, now do you want that photo or not?” I turn to stand next to her and she takes a couple of photos.
“Thank you so much! Is the Dan situation public news or not yet?”
Again I think about this, but really I’ve got nothing to lose. Dan’s getting married, and he barely talks to me anymore, I’m moving out and so I say the worst possible thing. “It is now. Put it on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook or Instagram. I want to the world to know before tomorrow.”
“Really? Okay.” She waved goodbye and wanders off, leaving me slightly regretting what I just did.

I can’t really remember what happened the rest of the time I was out, because my head was a whirlpool of emotions. But as I reached home, I began to feel so powerful of what I had done, it gave me a new kind of energy.
I got the front door and unlocked it to a silent flat. No TV, no music, no nothing. That was unusual. Trekking up the stairs, I got to my room, I pulled off my jacket and threw it onto the bed, along with my shopping bags. Everything was still suspiciously quiet, but I ignored it and went to make some tea.
But as I passed the lounge, I noticed Dan sitting in his browsing position and Astrid sat up to the table also on her laptop.
“Guys, would you mind being a bit quieter? I’m going deaf.” I said sarcastically; that’s another thing actually, since she moved in, I’ve been a sarcastic asshole who swears a lot. It’s almost like me and Dan have switched roles.
They made angry eye contact and both looked up at me, leaning on the door frame.
“Was this you Phil?” Dan turned his screen around so I could see it.
I read “@danisnotonfire is it true you’re engaged? @danisnotonfire when’s the wedding? @danisnotonfire you’re getting married?! Looks like someone let the cat out the bag.” I sniggered, it was funnier seeing Astrid’s horrified face more than anything.
“We were going to announce it tomorrow!” She whined at me.
“Well I didn’t know that” I held my hands up in innocence.
“Phil why did you tell someone?” Dan had his angry voice on now.
“Because I’ve got nothing left to lose.” I shrugged and went to make some tea, leaving them in stunned silence.

A few minutes later, I heard Astrid yelling “I don’t know why I bother!” Followed quickly by the front door slamming. Oh good, me and Dan can have a proper argument now, when I won’t get Astrid barging in with incense sticks or a fucking crystal ball.
“See what you did?!” Dan yelled at me from behind as I poured the hot water into the mug.
Placing the kettle down carefully, I turned around, crafting my reply in my head. “What I did? So it’s my fault you’re engaged to a bitch.” I wish I had taken a photo of his face.
“What’s your problem with her?” He shouted again.
“She not the right person for you! You don’t suit each other!” I yelled back.
“And what does that mean?! She makes me happy!”
“You’re not right together!”
“Who cares? We’re getting married!”
“She’s not the right person for you!”
“And who is? You?” At Dan’s final remark, silence falls in the kitchen. The intensity of it drowns out the sounds of the city.

anonymous asked:

I remember reading something about Cillian and Rufus Wainwright awhile ago, but I don't remember what it was or where I read it! Was he rumored to be playing him in a movie at some point? Does this ring a bell to you or did I just dream it up entirely? PS, as a lover of Rufus my heart is thrilled by this idea but my brain thinks it may not be a smart move for Cillian. What do you think? PPS, this blog is a thing of beauty

Thank you!  Hadn’t heard about Cillian playing him in a biopic. Enda Walsh was working with Rufus Wainwright on a biographical musical a few years ago, The Great White Way. Not sure what came of it, but Cillian wasn’t involved.

Here’s what came up in google. Cillian’s a fan of his music, at least he was in 2005:

On His Must List Music — the Books, Kings of Leon, Wilco, Rufus Wainwright. (X)

There’s this story from when Rufus was performing in Manchester in 2005 and went on about an actor from 28 Days Later:

Rufus Wainwright is the most comfortably unrehearsed frontman I have ever seen. He begins by announcing that he “love(s) Manchester, and that great film… 28 Days Later. God, that guy is so hot!  What’s his name?”, mishears various shouts from the audience, and proclaims, “Yeah, I love that Aaron”, before launching into the first song. (X)

BTW, here’s what Cillian said when asked whether he’d ever do a music biopic:

I’m not really interested in that, but I’d never say never. The problem with those biopics is that they’re very reductive. It’s very hard to compress a musician’s life into an hour and a half, unless you pick a particular section of their life. I also think that, generally, a documentary is much better. I adored the Scorsese documentary about George Harrison that came out recently. I mean, it was three hours long and it talked to all the people who really knew him, not some actor poncing around pretending to be George Harrison. If you really want to know a musician, go and listen to his music, you know?

Although saying that, now I’ll probably be popping up next year in one of these things. (X)

That’s all I got. If anyone knows anything else about the Cillian/Rufus connection please reply to this. Thanks!

rosepetalrevolution asked:

Haruka 7 (does this mean her favorite fictional character? like from other media? or just her favorite person within her canon? because if the latter, then that's too obvious and instead how about 15?)

No, I meant characters in media when I wrote it! 

I think Haruka would find so few characters that remind her of herself at all, so she would absolutely cling to any small representation of herself she found. Which is basically no one ahahhaah *cries*. But Asha Greyjoy from the Song of Ice and Fire books, Nan King from Tipping the Velvet, Ymir from Attack on Titan.

It’s not even that she thinks she’s LIKE these girls, but its enough that they look like her and so get her on some level. 


~ The Book Of Kings ~

This is my book cover design (Shahnameh)

The Shahnameh or Shah-nama “The Book of Kings” is a long epic poem written by the Persian poet Ferdowsi between c.977 and 1010 AD and is the national epic of Iran and related societies. Consisting of some 60,000 verses, the Shahnameh tells mainly the mythical and to some extent the historical past of (Greater) Iran from the creation of the world until the Islamic conquest of Persia in the 7th century.

It has been two years that I’m working on my project (research & illustrating Shahnameh Ferdowsi) and today I was informed that the permission to publish this book is finally granted. I hope that it would be published by June 2012. This book contains more than 60 color photos of Shahnameh’s characters which are performed three-dimensional (very realistic indeed). The size of these photos is 35*25cm. I may add that I’ve been very meticulous about the clothing styles of the Shahnameh’s characters, the tools and utilities that were used back then and also the locations in which stories happened. And I need to add that, my project is the first of its type to be performed in a style other than Iranian traditional drawings and miniatures. This book contains maps for all the lands of Shahnameh’s myths and also an archive of the weapons that were used back then. In fact I had two goals in mind: first, to perform my project based on researches and the facts in hand and second, to perform it in a modern style considering the interest of today’s society. I wish to share some parts of this project with you in near future, although absence of the copy right in Iran might cause some problems.

The work is of central importance in Persian culture, regarded as a literary masterpiece, and definitive of ethno-national cultural identity of Iran. It is also important to the contemporary adherents of Zoroastrianism, in that it traces the historical links between the beginnings of the religion with the death of the last Zoroastrian ruler of Persia during the Muslim conquest.

By Aidin Salsabili