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27 and 35 :D

I just did 27 so I’ll answer 35

35: Name a book you consider to be terribly underrated

Probably The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu. He’s better known for his short stories which have won a plethora of awards, but his debut novel is fantastic. It’s high fantasy inspired by ancient China so it’s very different from the majority of the fantasy novels that are out there.

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Tag Game.

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Rules: tag 9 people you want to know better

Relationship status: Single. 

Lipstick or chapstick: Probably chapstick. I don’t think lipstick suits me. 

Last song I listened to (that meant something to me): I actually can’t remember. I had my iPod on earlier so it was probably something of Shinedown or Poets of the Fall. 

Last movie I watched: Cell, based on the book by Stephen King. Not bad; bit of a crappy ending though. 

Favourite colour: Purple

Top 3 shows: Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Breaking Bad 

Top 3 favourite characters: Thorin Oakenshield, the Eleventh Doctor, and so many more could fit the third place so I’ll leave this free. ;) 

Top 3 ships: I don’t do ships. Sorry. 

Tag nine people you want to know better

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