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isn't kya a southern water tribe person with a betrothal necklace...?

Yeah, but we don’t know who gave it to her. Or it could be that she’s following in her mother’s footsteps and pointedly wearing it as a fashion statement because she’s not a fan of the NWT’s “stupid customs” (Katara laying down the law to Pakku).

Senna doesn’t have one…that’s what’s telling.



It’s back.

The Blow Up// Warisfoughtwithallies


Things were tense around the Foundry. Every night resembled a live wire the past few weeks, one that hung over their heads waiting for the right moment to snap and obliterate everything around them. Friendships, partnerships, and family hung in delicate balance. Oliver would cycle through angry and calm on a pinpoint, poor Roy was getting the brunt of it due to sparring sessions. Felicity had no idea what she did wrong but she knew most of his snappy comments had been directed toward her lately. 

The blonde had taken a hit to her pride after being pushed away by her rebound, which is what she dubbed Palmer to be. Right place right time after one straw too many broke her back. She was vulnerable and reacted, but nothing was there. On both sides obviously. This didn’t deter her from working alongside both her bosses and giving her all for both projects at hand. Recently it had left little time for sleeping and as a result her eyes and brain were rebelling in the form of a migraine. She took some Excedrine and prayed it kicked in soon. Currently she was tracking the movements of a elusive drug ring leader. 

“Gotcha. He’s at a warehouse on the outskirts of the Glades. From the looks of it pretty stationary, Street cameras show the vans parked for about two hours now.” She turned in her chair looking at Oliver for some kind of emotion or indication that things were ok. She found nothing. 

To new J. Cole fans

Don’t preach on how he is your favorite artist, or one of your favorites if you do not have The Come Up mixtape, The Warm Up mixtape, The Blow Up mixtape, Friday Night Lights mixtape, any given sunday tracks, or the good friday looking for trouble track with good music. Know your artist. And alot of people on tumblr blog J Cole, lets see how many buy the album